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The Singles Scene 

by Sarah Smart

Q.  I am losing sleep because I’m currently seriously involved with two women.  One is pregnant.  However, I’m in love with the one who is not pregnant.   I’m ready to marry the one I love, but my conscience is really bothering me about not marrying the one who’s carrying my child.  Am I wrong for not wanting to marry her just to give my child a name?

A.  You need to MAN UP and do the right thing!  Marriage should be based on love, not an obligation. You should marry for the right reasons, not out of a guilty conscience.  You should also make a commitment to take care of the child and be honest about it if you decide to marry the other woman.  Tell the truth and get some sleep.

Q.  I live in a high-rise building and I’m dating a guy who lives four floors above me.  I suspect he’s seeing someone else and it’s driving me crazy.  The other night I saw him through the window as he got out of his car with another woman and walked into the building.  But when I called him, he didn’t answer his phone.  Should I confront him or leave him? What do you say?

A.  Leave him.  It seems the relationship is too close for comfort.

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