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I need advice. I’m currently involved with two women.  One is pregnant, but I’m in love and ready to marry the one who is not pregnant. 

by Sarah Smart

May 12, 2019

Q.  I am losing sleep because I’m currently involved with two women.  One is pregnant.  However, I’m in love with the one who is not pregnant.   I’m ready to marry the one I love, but my conscience is really bothering me about not marrying the one who’s carrying my child.  Am I wrong for not wanting to marry her just to give my child a name?

A.  Marriage should be based on love, not obligation. You should marry for the right reasons, not out of a guilty conscience.  You should also make a commitment to take care of the child and be honest about it if you decide to marry the other woman woman.  Tell the truth and get some sleep.

Q.  I live in a high-rise building and I’m dating a guy who lives four floors above me.  I suspect he’s seeing someone else.  The other night I saw him through the window.  He got out of his car with another woman and walked into the building.  But when I called him, he didn’t answer the phone.  Should I confront him or leave him?

A.  Leave him.  It’s too close for comfort.

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