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My boyfriend is white and I believe he loves me, but he refuses to be seen with me in public. I resent that our relationship is totally hidden from the world.

by Sarah Smart

June 12, 2019

Q.  My boyfriend is white and I believe he loves me, but he will not be seen with me in public.  Our relationship is totally in the dark from the world.  My friends know of him, but he refuses to meet them.  I love him too, but I’m tired of the secret affair.  I want people to know who he is.  I have accused him of being ashamed of me, which he denies.  He says, he just cannot bear the stares of a disapproving world.  What would you do in my place?  Would you sever the relationship or continue hiding in the dark for the sake of love?

A.  I would continue hiding in the dark for the sake of love. If that is your only complaint, you’re doing great.  Who cares if others never see him?  Your relationship is a personal thing.  And time may bring about a change.  Be patient and worry about the big things.  In my opinion, you shouldn’t be tired, you should be happy to have someone who loves you.

Q.  I love a man who loves another, but I can’t seem to let go of him. When he told me he was marrying someone else, I considered ending my life.  How can I get him out of my mind and my heart?

A.  I’m dumbfounded.  Why isn’t the fact that he doesn’t want you enough to get him out of your mind?  Where is your self-esteem?  Frankly, I think you’re being a brat.  You lost, and you sound like a poor loser.  Pray and ask God to move him off your heart.  You can’t always win, or have everything you want.  Get over it!

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  1. I am sorry, but, Sarah Smart’s answer to the Black/White question was NOT very Smart at all. It was Unbelievable. I have to believe it was written as a joke just to see if anyone was reading it. How is she in a “relationship” totally hidden behind closed doors, The fact “he doesn’t want to deal with disapproving eyes” is crap. I could say more, but,
    I am so disgusted with your ridiculous answer I have to go and punch my ‘Smart” phone.

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