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by Sarah Smart

Q.  I’m getting married next month, and my fiancé`wants to invite his ex-wife to the ceremony because their children will be there.  I say no because I think he should leave the past, in the past, and I don’t wish to be reminded of all the drama I went through with her when he and I were dating.  The children are threatening not to come if their mother can’t attend. What do you think?  Everyone is accusing me of being petty.

A.  I think both parties should agree on who comes to the wedding. If one doesn’t wish to have a particular guest in attendance, their wish should be honored. If the children refuse to come…that’s on them. 

Q.  I just found out that my best friend’s girl is cheating on him with his ex-wife, and he’s about to give her a ring. My question is, should I mind my own business, or should I tell him?  He really loves this girl, and I hate to see him get hurt.

A.  If you’re certain that she’s about to trick him, showing him is far better than telling him. Make the evidence plain and then present it to him.

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