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by Sarah Smart

Q.  I recently went out on a second date with a woman whose looks and personality made us stand out in the crowd.  She was vivacious and very pretty, but the odor of her breath could kill a moose.  I want to ask her out again, but I can’t unless I find a way to tell her about her breath. I offered her a mint, but she refused it.  Any suggestions?

A.  I’d send her an anonymous note in the mail, detailing the complaint, along with a package of mints. Then I’d wait a few days and ask her out again…

Q.  What should I do when a guy tells me after four wonderful dates and two consecutive nights of incredible sex, that he’s just looking for a friend with no strings attached?  I really like him and I know he likes me, but I’m looking for way more than what he’s offering.  I think he’s afraid of commitment. Should I plod on and take my chances that he’ll come around? What would you do?

A.  I wouldn’t. I would take him at his word.  He wants “friendship with sex,” but he doesn’t want to be chained to a relationship, which automatically comes with some expectations.  I would avoid getting attached.

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