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Your Convo:
Drab Or Desirable?

by Kay Mendel

Sharnie ended the call and let out a long sigh.  Don was attractive but boring.  She had lied to get off the phone, but she decided to tell him the truth…one day soon.  She was lonely, but not enough to date a guy whose conversation was so trite.

Whenever most of us have had the occasion to be rejected in a relationship, we often wonder what it was and seldom give credit to chemical mismatch.  It should not be surprising to learn that the exchange of dialogue plays an important role in the selection process.  What we say lends insight into who we are and how we think.  A ringing phone is seldom heard by the person who dominates the conversation with self-directed chatter, which includes an ongoing list of current achievements or what’s going on in their lives only.  When we attempt to add hype to our personality package, it is safe to assume that others will resist the opportunity to be in our company.

For most of us, it is common to want our name, when mentioned, to be associated with warmth and respect.  However, this is not an easy accomplishment when our conversation succeeds in having us viewed as picky, self-absorbed, small-minded, insecure, envious, status-conscious, boastful, boring, and one-dimensional.  When you’re in the company of the opposite sex, you’ve got to be more than gorgeous…you should also be funny, interesting, interested, and somewhat unpredictable.  Then and only then, will you call the shots as to when the game will be over.

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