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Story Of The Week

A Dream Encounter

by Dani Stone

            The music was blaring and I was bored out of my mind.  I had been sitting at the party for over an hour trying to look alert, but my eyes were beginning to droop.  I had came alone reluctantly.  I hated going alone to parties and putting myself in the position of making chitchat with strangers.  I figured if I were with a friend, we could at least entertain each other until someone interesting came along.

            However, on this night, I was glad I was alone, because I was ready to leave, and I didn’t wish to have my decision challenged.  I had been there long enough to size up the room, and I didn’t see anyone who could possibly interest me.  The attractive men were either too young or being held onto tightly by other women.  I was really disgusted.  It was the third party I’d been to in a month that was dull and uneventful.

            However, when I stood to bid goodbye to the host, I was suddenly struck by the fine looks of a tall guy coming through the door.  Our eyes caught each other and for a moment I felt like I knew him, though I had never seen him before.

            As others greeted him, I stood motionless as if in a trance.  I was afraid to sit down for fear that I wouldn’t be able to see him.  My legs were locked in a standing position, as I saw him heading in my direction.  Across the room, his eyes stared straight into mine, as I stood frozen in space.  When he reached me, he took my hand without a word, and led me out to the patio in the back.  I followed as if in a trance.

            “What’s a beautiful girl like you doing here by yourself?” he asked, as he peered into my eyes.  I felt as if I were the only woman in the room.

            I was speechless.  How did he know I was alone?  I felt embarrassed, and excited at the same time.  But when I opened my mouth to reply, he excused himself to speak to someone.  It gave me a moment to pull myself together.  I had never been so overwhelmed by a stranger before and his smooth manner made me feel awkward and inexperienced. When he returned, I had gained my composure.  He took me by the hand and led me out to the enclosed garden.  We ended up sitting on the patio and talking until the wee hours of the morning.  When he invited me to join him for breakfast, I was spellbound and not ready to leave him.

            After breakfast, he insisted on buying me a gift to commemorate our meeting , and took me to Tiffany’s, where he bought me a silver bracelet.  He had it engraved with the date and our initials, and when he kissed me, I didn’t want to let him go.  I had fallen in love before breakfast, and by lunchtime I was ready to propose.  After lunch, he dropped me back at my car, asked for my number and promised to call the next day. 

             Unfortunately, I never heard from him again and in all the excitement, I forgot to ask for his number.  To this day, I often wonder what happened to him, but I still hold the memory of a delightful evening…and I still cherish the experience.

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