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Take Our Valentine QuizYour Love Journey So Far…

by Sierra Silverspoon

Recently, while on a weekend retreat with over 40 men and women, we got into a discussion about our romantic pasts, and I was surprised to learn that many of them in the group had never experienced certain romantic episodes that to some would seem basic.  One guy in the group stated he had never received flowers from a woman or walked on the beach with one, though he had traveled all over the world.

What about you?  Take a look at your romantic past.  Has it been rewarding or regrettable?  When you finish, count up the No’s, and if you have 5 or less, consider yourself lucky. If you don’t… you have something to look forward to.  Here are 18 Acts of Endearment.

Have You Ever Had A Lover…
  • give you clothes as a gift?                   yes                   no
  • send you a romantic card?                   yes                   no
  • send you flowers?                    yes                   no
  • propose marriage?                   yes                   no
  • invite you to a getaway weekend?                  yes                   no
  • give you fine jewelry as a gift?                       yes                   no
  • take you on a picnic for two?                          yes                   no
  • say, “I love you”?                    yes                   no
  • spend Valentine’s Day with you?                   yes                   no
  • walk on the beach with you?                           yes                   no
  • take you to an amusement park?                     yes                   no
  • hold your hand in public?                   yes                   no
  • behave possessively toward you ________yes___________no
  • make you feel important to them                    yes                   no
  • display pride in being with you?                     yes                   no
  • join you on vacation?                          yes                   no
  • be there for you when you had a need?                       yes                   no
  • make you feel cherished?                    yes                   no

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