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Tanked By Text

by Cheryl Lakes

No one wants to talk anymore.  To talk is almost passé.  I must admit that I too had a deep appreciation for having the less burdening option of responding to someone electronically rather than by phone.  I viewed texts as quicker, to the point, and more convenient.   However, I became disenchanted with the whole electronic medium, when I began dating a tech junkie, who preferred texting to talking on the phone.

We rarely spoke on the phone and when we did, he was seldom relaxed enough to enjoy a conversation.  When I expressed this to him, he told me that he was not a phone person and perhaps we weren’t suited for each other and of course I was notified of this by text.

I decided to investigate further to see if others had experienced “electronic dumping,” and I discovered a number of men and women who have been the recipient of crushing news via the text method.  Here are their stories:

Tanked By Text:

Tom: – “My girl and I made love on a Tuesday morning and when I got home that night, she had moved out.  I couldn’t find a note, and was shocked beyond belief.  She wouldn’t answer her cell phone, and I spent the whole night sleepless and puzzled about what happened.   The next morning she sent me a text and explained “regretfully” that she had met someone else, and she could no longer live a lie.”

Sheri – “I was at work sitting in a conference meeting half-listening to the dialogue around me because I was horribly distracted.  I had been texting my boyfriend since early that morning and he hadn’t responded.  Texting each other had been routine for us for the nine months we had been seeing each other.  Then finally, my cell vibrated, and I looked down to see a text message from him that read, “Please don’t send me another message, I will call when I feel like talking !  I’m tied up!”  I was so shocked.  We hadn’t had an argument, so I didn’t understand the tone of the message.  I was devastated. Later, he sent me a text saying that he was just too busy for a committed relationship.  I never sent him another message and I haven’t heard from him since.  I couldn’t get out of the bed for two days.”

Donna – “I am a surgical nurse, and I had just come out of surgery when I got a text message from my husband telling me he wanted a divorce.  He hadn’t been home in two days and I was worried sick.  I fainted in the hospital corridor.”

Edward – “My girlfriend sent me a text telling me that we could no longer date because she had slept with my cousin.  She said she sent a text because she couldn’t face me.”

Tina – “My ex-husband sent me a text message that said, “I want a divorce now!”  The odd part is that we had only been married two months, and we’d had a huge argument the morning he sent the message.  I thought he was just upset until I got home and saw that he had moved out.  We never talked about why, and I no longer care.”

Ervin – “I sent my girlfriend an email to end our relationship because I didn’t want the drama of a confrontation with her.  I was through and I didn’t really want to discuss it all night long, which was the common way we dealt with our issues.  I also didn’t wish to encounter the tears or the tantrums.  I think using electronic communication to break up with someone, though impersonal, is the civilized way to end something peacefully.  I think a lot of singles see it as a non-confrontational way to communicate their true feelings.”

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