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The  8 Guys Women

Run From Often…

by Cheryl Lakes

Tommy Tone Deaf – Tommy is basically looking for a listener. He spends all your time together bragging, complaining, and opinionating. He does not hear or listen because he’s not really interested in your thoughts or views.  He is usually very attractive, (which can stimulate the interest factor for at least three dates) but a bore to be with.  Result: You know everything you need to know about him, and he knows nothing about you.

Gorgeous George – George is a knockout to look at.  However, he is capable of bringing a mirror to the table, and a need to visually assess every female glamour puss that crosses his path.  He is not as attentive as he could be, because he works too hard to gain attention.  When the two of you dress to go out, he looks better than you.  Result: The relationship usually flounders because his focus is off.  You’re mesmerized with him, and he’s mesmerized with him.

Awkward Arnold – Arnold does not have a lot of experience with women and it shows.  He trips opening the door, gets on the elevator before you do, and always asks permission to touch you.  Result:  Unfortunately, this type gets used a lot.

Clammy Calvin – is all over you.  Sex to him is more important that eating.  He acts like a guy recently released from prison.  He breathes heavy on the phone, and he stares at you as if you’re edible.  Result: You lose your appetite for him real quick and in a hurry.

Frightened Freddie – has been hurt by some previous female and he’s determined that it won’t happen again.  He’s suspicious, paranoid and demanding.  He doesn’t give up any tenderness or display even mild affection.  Everything and I mean everything with regard to feelings has to come from you.  Result: A high maintenance effort with little return.

Shallow Sam – repeats meaningless rhetoric over and over again.  He runs from dialogue designed for intellectual exchange.  You have absolutely no idea who he really is, because intimacy to him is bedroom action only.  Result: He’s good to have around when you just need a male presence to offset a momentary blue spell.

Mad Melvin – is still living in the 60’s.  He can take a trivial issue and turn it into World War III.  He will not eat in a white-owned restaurant, but he drives a BMW.  Result: You’d rather nap than debate.

Weird Wayne – has no idea what he’s doing.  He’s confused and confusing.  He runs around with his head in one hand and his phone in another.  He invites you out and doesn’t show up, then greets you warmly when you run into him.  He’ll ask the same questions over and over again because he doesn’t always remember who he’s talking to.  Result: You end up refusing his calls.

The One Guy Every Woman Wants…

Elusive Edward – really knows how to treat a woman and is very comfortable with who he is.  He is kind and gracious to all.    He is sincere and unpretentious.  He’s hardworking, honest and fearless.  He treats others like he wants to be treated.  He expresses his feelings naturally, without feeling awkward about the exposure  He gives without thought of retribution, and wherever he sits is the head of the table.

He no longer experiments with sex, for it must have meaning and purpose now.  His presence commands attention and he goes after what he wants.  Wisdom, understanding, and sensitivity influence his daily behavior, and his relationship with God is the most important thing in his life.  He also understands that fun is indigenous to him being well balanced and he seeks it regularly.  He’s decisive, directed, complex, and moral   But Man! ..is he hard to find!!!!!!!

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