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The Bachelor

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Week 6: The Witch is Dead!

by Jakub Dulak

February 7, 2018

Another week of broken hearts on the Bachelor. After a wild, roller coaster of an episode, we’re back to bring you the good, the bad, and the ugly.

February 6, 2018

The Good

  • Paris is actually an exotic location for once. The B-Roll shots this episode were a nice escape from the usual American shots.
  • The outfits worn at the Moulin Rouge were somehow both sexy and hilarious.
  • Bekah M. in blond was ridiculously attractive.
  • Bekah comparing Krystal to Trump during the double date is somehow an amazingly accurate comparison.
  • Kendall immediately calling Krystal out on her B.S. and leaving her completely speechless was priceless. She did it with such class, and when she approached Krystal with kindness and empathy, It was amazing watching as Krystal’s brain spazzed and malfunctioned.
  • The editing of Krystal’s elimination was so amazingly done.
  • The moment between Arie and Jacqueline was actually very sweet. They’re aware of what their future lives might entail, but are willing to work through the difficulties without holding one another back.
  • Arie’s unexpectedly evil laugh at the end of the episode was delightful! It wasn’t meant to be evil, I don’t think, but it certainly sounded that way.
  • Lauren going full on dark at the end of the episode might be alluding to her being the next villain of the season. She has certainly piqued my interest.
  • With Chelsea and Krystal going home, the winner of the season just became very hard to predict.

The Bad

  • The low light shots are terrible quality. For as popular of a show as this is, they could really invest in better camera equipment
  • One of the girls called a speedboat a gondola. HOW?!
  • The girls’ squealing is the most annoying noise in the world. Well, maybe the second worse to Krystal’s fake, attempting-to-be-sexy-but-failing voice.
  • Krystal calling Kendall patronizing is the pot calling the kettle black. And then Krystal claiming she doesn’t have trouble connecting with people?!!
  • Jenna is yet another person voted off after an almost invisible edit. I seriously didn’t recognize her face in this episode.

The Ugly

  • “I am super attracted to Lauren. She is so beautiful….and I don’t know much about her.” Dude, Arie, we’re at the final 10, and you STILL don’t know anything about some of these girls? The guy is seriously shallow.
  • Even in ultimate defeat, Krystal remains as delusional as ever, painting herself as a tragic victim.
  • Chelsea seemed liked the best match for Arie after last week, and I really think he messed up by not giving her the rose. While I certainly enjoy many of the other women a lot more, she was exactly what Arie was looking for, and I think he overlooked her for younger, more attractive women.

Wow, I’m actually not going to have a chance to write about Krystal anymore… I guess that’s a good problem to have. The girl was pure aggravation every time she was on screen. I think it goes without saying this week’s MVP was Kendall.   That girl rocked the double date and single handedly banished the wicked witch of The Bachelor to the depths from whence she came.  I’m super pumped for the next episode and will be back next week bringing you more of the good, the bad, and the ugly.


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