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The Beauty Beholders:

Men Have Their Say

About Our Hairstyles

by Candice Miller

We all know how important hair is to a woman’s beauty, and most of us spend a lot of money to make ourselves look good, feel good, and be appealing to the male eye.  Not too long, I got my hair done in braids, and I was very surprised at how verbal my boyfriend was about his disdain for my new look.  My feelings were hurt even worse when I mentioned it to my brother and he made a similar comment of disapproval.  This got me thinking about how important it is for a woman’s hairstyle to be accepted by the men around her.

Though I was pleased with my braids initially, their reaction gave me second thoughts.  Two weeks later, I got rid of them after a very blunt male friend at work told me that the skintight look that the braids formed around my face was very “unbecoming.”  After that, I felt compelled and curious enough to do an informal poll among my male co-workers, and all other men I could talk to about their opinions regarding the various styles women wear and how they felt about our hairstyles in general.    In the end, I spoke to over one hundred men.  Here are some of the most interesting responses.

  • John – 29 – “I like hair that’s soft.  I don’t care what length it is, as long as it feels good to the touch.  Personally, I like loose hair… hair that can blow in the wind.”
  • Bob – 37 – “I don’t mind weaves if they’re not overly obvious.  I’m more into what looks natural.  I believe a number of women think that men are far more into long hair than we really are.  I personally don’t care what length a woman’s hair is, as long as she looks good!”
  • Tad – 35 – “I like short hair cuts on women.  I find short hairstyles to be sexy.  It also portrays a woman with confidence in her beauty.  For me, the less hair around her face, the more prominent her features are.”
  • Mel – 41 – “I love long hair on a woman, but only when it’s hers.  I am definitely not a fan of braids.  I think women of all ages have gotten carried away with twists, braids and what I call “the unkempt look” where the hair is wild and looks uncombed.  It seems too many women are more into convenience than a real  feminine look.”
  • Jack – 31 – “The first thing I notice is a woman’s hair.  I don’t care what length it is, as long as it’s soft and becoming.  I don’t like long flowing hair that’s not real.  To me, it’s deception.  I don’t mind braids on a woman as long as she’s on another man’s arm.”
  • Greg – 28 – “I enjoy women who change their hairstyle from time to time, and this seems easier to accomplish with long hair, weaves, hair pieces and wigs, which is okay with me as long as it looks good on her. “
  • Trent – 36 – “I love a woman with lots of hair, and I don’t mind extensions or braids, as long as she looks good.  I think women are lucky to have so many options available to them when it comes to their hair, but I don’t particularly care for the wild unkempt look. 
  • John – 33 – “I don’t like wigs or any hairstyle that’s looks fake.”
  • Steve – 40 – “I like twists on women.  However, I think too many women have gotten carried away, and have substituted the ease of care for a pretty look.”
  • Terry – 32 – “I prefer short haircuts on women if their features can handle it.  I don’t like weaves, but I don’t mind braids and twists.  Some women are very attractive in braids.  For some, it gives them a younger look.”

Here Are The Poll Results…

51% did not like weaved hair that looked fake.

64% liked only certain styles of braids.

57% preferred long hair to short hair.

64% preferred a woman’s natural look with no enhancements.

43% liked short haircuts

64% liked women who changed their hairstyles periodically.

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