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Story Of The Week
The Advice

by Sierra Silverspoon

Laila was tense and nervous.  It was her first time in a fancy restaurant and she was thrilled to be with Tom, who was the boss’ handsome son.  As she sat there, she mused over the events of the day. She knew her co-workers were just as shocked as she was when he invited her to one of the most exclusive restaurants in the city.

However, she regretted telling them when she overheard them talking in the ladies’ room about how she was too unpolished to merit such an honor since he was the most desirable guy in the office. She listened as they made a plan to coach her on the do’s and don’t of fine dining.

She listened quietly on the day of the date, as they coached her on what to say and how to act over dinner. She was told to pretend as if she often went to such places and to be sure to order lobster because she was expected to order the most expensive item on the menu.   She had never tasted lobster, but she was anxious to try it.  She was also instructed that ordering white wine would show her lack of sophistication and that red wine would denote class.

However, by the time they arrived at the restaurant, Laila decided to just be herself.  “I have never been to such a beautiful place before, would you mind helping me to order? What would you recommend?” she asked, as her stomach began to settle.  Tom smiled, as he looked into her beautiful face.  To him, her manner was so refreshing.  “How about a glass of white wine to start,” he said, as he motioned for the waiter.  “Have you ever tasted lobster?”

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