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The Dating Chronicles

In Unspoken Terms

The ride had been silent since they left the party.  No words had been spoken between them.  Maria knew he was proud to be with her, but she had been embarrassed but said nothing. She hoped he would make a good impression, but he had not.  Her friends had been polite, but their disdain was apparent.  It had been obvious that he’d had little or no exposure.  She glanced at him as he drove along.

He was void of expression.  She wondered about his thoughts. She thought about how humiliating it had been when he mentioned that he had never been to college or out of the country.  She had tried to hide her disappointment.  She wished silently for better choices, but they’re just didn’t seem to be any.  She had been seeing Steve for over two months. 

His striking good looks were maintained only by his silence.  This was the first time she had taken him around her friends and her fears had been realized.  Her friends had high expectations of her, and it was important to her to fit in.  As the silence continued, she made a decision to keep him as a hidden companion.  She needed a man and Steve was a “showpiece” she didn’t want to lose.  She would find a more “polished substitute” for social occasions and Steve would be tucked away in the background.

As her apartment complex drew near, she began to relax and look forward to the rest of the evening.  After all, he was at his best when they were alone.  He pulled up in the driveway, as usual, to let her out, while he went to park the car.  “I’ll be right back,” he said softly, as she closed the door.

As Steve drove away, he released the pain he had been holding all night.  He mumbled angrily to himself as he mentally recalled the events of the evening.  He had never felt so humiliated.  It was obvious that Maria was embarrassed by his lack of social credentials as her friends quizzed on his credentials.  He rolled the window down slowly as he headed his car toward home.  He sighed in disgust when he saw her standing in the lobby as she always did, waiting on his return. He knew he would never call her again.

  1. I don’t blame him for leaving, but I think he should have told her how he felt before he got out of the car just so she would be perfectly clear.

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