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The Dating Chronicles

The Plan

This was a classy place and Beth had been sitting at the bar for what seemed like hours.  She was bored, but she was determined to meet someone. She had been told that this was the place where the men of the black elite gathered regularly. She had practiced the secretive smile for over a month now.  As she sat there, Aunt Josie’s words echoed softly in her ear.  “It’s important to look content when you’re alone.  You must not appear to be hungry for company.  The expression on your face sets you apart, especially if you look good.  The secretive smile denotes an obvious satisfaction about something, which could arouse someone’s curiosity.”

Beth’s smile broke as her mind became distracted by the sight at the door.  In the mirror behind her stood a fine figure of a man, tall, handsome and bundled snugly in a very expensive suit. She watched as he moved slowly through the crowd with a searching look. Her heart thumped wildly in her chest as she followed his smallest movement through squinted eyes.

This was the kind of man she was there to meet.  She could tell a great deal about him by the way he walked and the manner in which he greeted people. “My type indeed,” she mumbled, as she shifted to get up from her seat.   He was moving closer to where she was seated and her heart beat faster as she planned her move. The place was crowded and she was certain he would miss her if she didn’t act now.  Aunt Josie’s words again rang in her head, “When you see the one you want honey, waste no time in getting his attention.”

She was standing now and he was inches away.  Suddenly, she “fainted” as he walked within arm’s reach.  She lowered herself slowly to the floor at his feet and he moved quickly to catch her as she planned.

 “Joel” he yelled at the bartender, “get my wife out of the back room quickly…..Something’s wrong with this lady!”

“Don’t worry miss”, he whispered as she stared blankly into his handsome face. “My wife is coming and she’s a doctor.  “She’ll help you!”

Beth opened her eyes wide and suddenly regained consciousness.

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