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The Dating Chronicles

The Reunion

Mel shuddered silently when he saw his ex-girlfriend Beth enter the gate at the outdoor party. It was the first time he had seen her since the breakup, and the sight of her unnerved him. She was known to cause a scene, and he knew she still wanted him.

Out of all the women he knew, Beth was the last one he wanted to run into with a woman on his arm and to make matters worse, he was with one who practically pinned herself to him when they were out together.

As he stood watching Beth greet other guests with that trademark smile, he began to plot how to leave the party without being seen. Beth had been jealous, possessive, and combative all during their relationship, and Mel had felt like a bird let out of a cage when they broke up.  As Mel struggled to keep an eye on her, he began to make his way to the exit with his current “love” in tow, but as they neared the gate, Beth suddenly appeared in front of him with a gun in her hand.  She pointed it in his face.

The woman with him dropped his hand and ran out the gate.   Mel’s eyes bucked in fear as he broke into a sweat. When he fell to the ground on his knees, Beth began to squirt him furiously with what turned out to be a water pistol.   As she walked away to hoots of laughter, Mel felt humiliated but relieved.

As he stood to wipe himself off, he noticed an unattended bucket of ice on the grass.  He picked it up and walked up behind Beth, who was engaged in laughter with friends, and emptied the entire bucket on her head.

As she screamed in shock, he grabbed her by the arm, spun her around, and kissed her full on the mouth. They ended up reuniting and leaving the party together. The girl he came with was long gone.









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