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The Dating Chronicles
The Seductress

Jill closed the door quietly and leaned her back against it.  What she had feared most, had finally happened.  Steven had come to say goodbye and had left without looking back at her.

Though they had dated for a long time, she had never felt the intensity of romance that she so longed for.  He had always emanated an aloofness that forged an implied distance between them.

It seemed that while she labored hard to establish a bond of commitment, he inched farther back into a wall of mystery that blocked her efforts.

Now, as she heard his car pull away, the tears rushed forth in a stream of anger as she heard herself scream out in anguish.  She dropped to her knees on the plush carpet, as flashbacks of all the times she had worked hard to make a man love her flashed before her eyes.  She had cooked, cleaned, washed, and bought for every guy who crossed her heart and they had all ended up leaving her with a broken heart.

However, Steven had been the one she invested the most in.  She financed the pursuit of his undergraduate degree and had underwritten his child support payments when his divorce had become final.  And now he was gone and she was alone again and for the fifth time in a row…she didn’t understand why


Steven lay on the horn longer than was his norm when a motorist cut him off, but he was frustrated to no end.  He had just left Jill’s apartment and he regretted the scene with a passion.  Jill had been in his life for the last three years and he had tried to love her…but he couldn’t. She had used everything in her power to seduce him with money, gifts, and acts to the extreme. As he drove along, he recalled how he first got hooked, when she paid his rent as a birthday present and he ended up spending his birthday with her, instead of Cheryl, whom he had made plans with.  He had been dating her for two months when she bought him a diamond ring with her initials on it.  His mother often referred to her as the most manipulating woman on earth, because it seemed that she would do anything to win his affection.

However, after he met Julie, he could no longer stand to be with Jill with his mind on Julie.  So he did what he had to do.  But as he neared Julie’s house, he made up his mind to never do it again.  The pain on Jill’s face would haunt him for a while.


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