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The Dating Chronicles


Glenda had been watching the house now for over an hour.  She had first seen her boyfriend’s car there two weeks ago on a night when she had followed him.  She hated it when he took time away from her to be with those stupid friends of his, whose only care in life was which team was winning what.

She had begun following him months ago, when she suspected he was seeing someone else.  She was a emergency room physician by day and a detective by night.  She had never caught him with anyone, but she knew it was just a matter of time, because he seemed to be pulling away from her.  The building was dark and she couldn’t tell which apartment he’d gone in, but she was determined to sit outside until he came out.

As she stared out into the darkness, the lights from an oncoming car suddenly shone brightly in her face.  She ducked to avoid being seen.  The car slowed and stopped next to her car.  She couldn’t see it because she was crouched low in the seat.  The car turned off its lights, but kept its motor running.  Her heart was in her mouth.  Her hands trembled in fear.  She reached over to make sure the door was locked.  She was afraid to look out the window.  Minutes passed, but the car did not move.

Suddenly, there was a tap on the window.  She looked up into the face of her boyfriend, who was staring at her as if she had been declared insane.  She rolled down the window meekly.  “What are you doing in front of my uncle’s house,” he screamed.  “When Bobby called upstairs and said your car was here, I thought he was lying!  Are you crazy! How did you know where my uncle lived:  Have you been following me?”  The questions came so fast her head began to spin.  She couldn’t answer, because she had no explanation.

She had never been so embarrassed.  Without a word, she sat up in the car and turned the ignition on.  He was still yelling and his cousin Bobby was staring from the car parked in the middle of the street.  She pulled off and thought of heading for the river, but drove home instead.  She stayed in bed for a week.

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