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The Dating Chronicles

The Turnabout

Hank stood out in the crowd because he was tall, handsome, and well-dressed. He saw himself as a serious catch and he wasn’t shy about it.  He hated the thought of going on another blind date, but he was intrigued by all he’d heard about this woman.  Before, he vowed to never again subject himself to an evening of not knowing what to expect. 

He hated wasting time, and on the last two blind dates, he pretended to be ill to cut the evening short because both women were totally undesirable.  But this time his friend Sam had assured him that he would not be disappointed.  “Man, if anybody gets sick, it won’t be you,” Sam said jokingly.  “This woman is past fine.  If I wasn’t married, I’d check her out myself.”

Two nights later, Hank sat in a restaurant across from a woman whose looks, smarts and manner had rendered him almost speechless.  She was all Sam had said and more.   For a change, he sat wondering if she was as impressed with him, as he was with her.  Her teeth sparkled, as she talked about her divorce, politics, and future goals, and Hank was mesmerized.  Then suddenly in the midst of conversation, she covered her mouth with her hand and bolted from the table.  The table shook as she grasped its edge for support.  Her voice was muffled as she explained that she suddenly felt ill, and had to leave.  Hank stood to accompany her outside, but she waved him away while mumbling that she would be fine.

Hank sat back down in shock, as he beckoned for the check.  She hadn’t eaten a thing on her plate, and he had lost his appetite.  He wondered if she liked him, or if he’d see her again.  He made a decision to call her later to check on her.  He noticed that she didn’t even say goodbye.  When he paid the check, he suddenly realized that his antics in the past had come back on him.  As he left the restaurant, he began to slowly chuckle to himself as he realized he was now a victim of his own prank. 


Karen was excited as she dressed for her blind date.  She had heard a lot about Hank and knew of his reputation as a womanizer, but she wasn’t intimidated.  She knew she was impressive mainly because of her attitude.  She saw herself as a prize, and viewed men as toys until the real thing came along…and at this moment, she was looking for the real thing.

When she later walked in the restaurant and saw Hank, she was impressed.  Physically, he was all Sam had said he was.  But as drinks came and went, she began to fidget in her seat, because Hank wasn’t talking.  He hadn’t been able to get out much since he’d said hello, and Karen couldn’t stand a man with no conversation.  Plus, she hated to waste her time.  So after an hour of Hank staring at her, while she did all the talking, she pretended to be ill and left him sitting in the restaurant.  She prayed that Hank would get the message and never call her again.

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