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Single Sketches


Hank – “Avoid the hookup when you’re not on the same playing field.  I got involved with a woman, who was too nice for me, and what I had in mind.  She was hoping for marriage or at best a serious relationship and all I wanted was fun and sex.  I felt really bad when I learned that she suffered a nervous breakdown when I stopped seeing her.”

John – “You really don’t have to lie. This year, I was seen out with one woman by another woman I was dating, and when she approached me in a confrontational way, I told her the truth…that she was not the only person I dated.  Not only did she accept it…we continued dating.”

Jake – “I would never marry another woman with children.  I had the roughest year because I married a woman who had two teenage boys and my life was made hell every time I spoke in my own house regarding their behavior.  I’m in the process of a divorce, and it’s all because I followed my heart instead of my head!”

Steve – “Nice guys are lesser appreciated.  I am never late, thoughtful, and accommodating, but every woman I’ve met recently seemed to be looking for someone with rough edges and calloused intentions.  I went against my gut on too many occasions and lived to regret it. “

Marcia – “I’ve come to realize in relationships that women are not the enemy. I used to avoid befriending women because I saw them as catty competitors for the affection of men.  But last year, I finally became a “sister.”  Now, I have several female friends and I realize that my life was empty without having a female shoulder to lean on.  I also learned that I had to choose friends like I would choose a shoe for fit and style.”

Karen – “I now am certain that you can’t buy love. Last year, I loaned money, bought gifts and scarred my soul forever by allowing guys to come in and out of my life at will and perform any way they wanted for a little companionship.”

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