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The Great Summer Hook-Up

The Best Places To Meet…

by Cheryl Lakes

Summer makes unattached singles the world over dream of romance with that special someone to enjoy this wonderful season.  Here are a few suggested places and success stories…

Biking:  Susie bought a bike and met her husband to be (a dentist) the first day she rode on the bike path in her city.  Tom met his fiancée when he stopped to help her fix the broken chain on her bike on the bike trail.

Skating:  Most skating rinks host an adult night where many professional singles come out to skate and mingle.  Cheryl bought a pair of skates and discovered a world of fun, excitement, and interesting people.  She said she met more guys in an hour than she’d ever met at a party. 

“Hook-Up Heaven” – The local softball game in a neighborhood park can be a great spot for women to meet rugged sports types.  The men are usually in abundance here and an attractive woman can have a field day.  Look your best and become an interested spectator.  You’ll also have a great time.  Joanie met the man of her dreams on a Saturday afternoon after stopping to watch a local game at a makeshift ballpark on a whim.

The Intellect Exchange:  Visit the local museums alone.  Museums and observatories are great places to meet scholarly and accomplished men and women.   Sara went alone to a history museum and met a handsome professor in front of the dinosaurs.  They ended up talking for two hours and going to dinner together.  They married six months later and honeymooned in Monte Carlo.  Gina met a banker on break from a meeting at an art museum.  She was there waiting for a friend who never showed up.  They began dating and were engaged a year later.  Here are two other great places to make a match-up.

Night Classes.  If you’re a woman, learn more about the workings of your car and take an auto mechanics class.  If you’re a man, take a cooking class.  You’re guaranteed to stand out and feel special.  Ed took a computer class and found the “dream girl” he had been looking for.

The Local Supermarket – Make your next trip for grocery shopping a fashion statement.  After leaving church one Sunday, I stopped in a local supermarket and I literally stopped traffic in the aisles with a simple elegant suit and high-heeled pumps.  I got so many flirts by the time I got to the checkout counter, my head was spinning.  One guy even offered to pay for my small purchase in exchange for my phone number.  The key here is to look good and be friendly when spoken to.  My brother met his wife-to-be in the supermarket when they struck up a conversation about the best steaks to eat at the meat counter.

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