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Is There Power In The PreNup?

Yes Or No?

by Cheryl Lakes

So many people are under the impression that when two people decide to marry, a pre-nuptial agreement is only necessary if you have huge assets, but that’s not true.  Prenups are very necessary if you have any assets, such as savings accounts or property, but everyone doesn’t agree that this is a smart move before you walk the aisle.

Carl:  “Two years ago, I married a woman who fought hard against a prenup.  She broke up with me twice because I refused to budge on the issue.  I loved her, but I had been a witness twice to buddies with serious assets, who married without the benefit of a prenup and paid dearly for it.  She claimed she found my demand for a prenup to be insulting to her character, but I ignored her protests and I’m glad I did.   Two months after a huge wedding, she slipped away on a yacht voyage with an ex-boyfriend after claiming to be pre-booked on a college reunion cruise.”            

Stephanie:  “My best friend married a guy, who had nothing, and she owned a multi-million dollar business.  Everyone told her to get a prenup agreement, but she was too starry-eyed and excited about finding love at last.  A year later, her new husband had quit his job, ran up her credit cards, and stolen money from a joint bank account.   She’s still trying to re-coup.”

Casey:  “I think if you have to get a prenup, you shouldn’t get married.  What happened to trust?  Why marry someone you don’t trust?  If I have money, I want to share it with my intended.  I personally don’t think a prenup agreement between two people is a good foundation for marriage.  I think it sets the stage for distrust throughout the marriage.”

Beth:  “I think if a person has assets, it’s intelligent to institute a prenup agreement, especially if the other party is void of similar assets.  My cousin got married a few years ago and it was smart that she insisted on a prenup agreement because her husband left her after three months and took everything out of their joint bank account.  I shudder to think what would have happened if she hadn’t had one.” What do you think?     Do you think a prenup agreement is necessary?                                                         

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