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The Relationship:
8 Things To Do
When It’s Not Good

Don’t Play …

by Dani Stone

  • Speak out openly about what’s bothering you. State what it is you don’t like.  Stop accepting what you don’t like.
  • If you’re doing a lot of complaining and nothing changes, then you must change. Move away in the active pursuit of happiness.
  • Remember, if you continue to settle for less than best, your partner will have no motivation to change. Don’t be afraid of a “time out.”  Sometimes being missed works wonders.
  • Only seek advice from people involved in working relationships.
  • Review your sense of being reasonable. Are you expecting too much?  Are your demands or comments reasonable?  Are your complaints legitimate?
  • Don’t argue. Speak calmly with meaningful dialogue that explicitly states your feelings and subsequent action if things don’t improve.
  • Don’t use comparisons as a verbal weapon. It is unfair and does not reflect maturity.
  • Pull out if you’re unhappy. It’s much more fun to be alone and not bothered than to be with someone and be miserable.

Believe it or not, joy can come from a source other than your current partner.  He/she is not the end of the road as it relates to an ideal relationship.

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