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The Rush To
Marital Mishaps…

by Sierra Silverspoon

May 16, 2019

A recent poll showed that 87% of single women of all ethnic groups in America are dying to be married for reasons that vary, i.e.,…love, companionship, parental escape, loneliness, stability, financial gain, status, etc.  Unfortunately, too many are “jumping the broom” haphazardly and paying a dear price.  These women shared their stories…

Elana M. – Detroit:  “ I got married at the age of 18 to escape my father’s rule and I lived to regret it.  For five years, I was afraid to leave my husband because I didn’t want anyone else to have him, and I didn’t want to be alone though he treated me like trash in private and in public.  He slept with my best friend’s sister and bragged about it in front of my family. I stayed with him because he took care of me financially.  I finally left him when I came home and caught a naked woman under my bed.

Freda K. – Philadelphia: “My sister continues to be involved with a man who abuses her in public and she’s hoping to marry him.  She’s afraid to leave him, because she doesn’t believe that anyone else would want her, and she isn’t alone.  There are many women out here, who are afraid to be alone and will accept anyone to become someone’s bride.  I know because I was one of them.  I married a man who was verbally abusive as a boyfriend because everyone of my friends were married except me.  I stayed with him until he slapped me in front of my child.”

Celeste Q. – Kansas City:  “Six years ago, I wanted to be married so badly that I said yes to the first guy who asked me.  I was thirty five and ready to have children.  I married a man after only knowing him two months, and he made my life a living hell.  He told me everyday during the first year, that he made a mistake in marrying me.  But I couldn’t let go.  I was determined to make him lose his regret.  We passed one another in the house like strangers, and though the sex between us was plentiful before we married, we never consummated our marriage.  But I hung on for dear life, until he finally moved out.  I have since learned that it’s better to be alone and content than to be with someone just to have someone.”

Nicole J. – Chicago:  “I watched three friends in the last two years make horrible choices (just to be married) and they ended up regretting them.  They lived to snag a husband, and they ended up picking the worst of the worst.  One chose one who was an unemployed “entrepreneur,” who was waiting on a big contract that never came.  He moved in, and stayed home while she went to work every day.  Another chose a guy who was still legally married to someone else and ended up going back to that wife…and the last one married a guy who sneaked away on the night of their wedding to rendezvous with an ex-girlfriend.”

Tara J. – Boston:  “Every year, for the last four years since my divorce, I would sit by my Christmas tree and mourn the loss of a husband, who had left me for another woman. I felt unhappy and alone because I didn’t have a man by my side.  Though, he was unfaithful several times before I married him, I was thrilled when he proposed because I felt I had won him away from the other women.   As I sat there crying, I imagined that every married friend I had was the luckiest woman alive because she had a husband.  Then last year, I decided no more pity parties, and came to the realization that first you have to be happy with yourself and then you can be happy with a companion.”


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