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The Secrets To
Beautiful Skin And Hair

by Gloria Gibson

Everywhere I go, I get compliments on my skin and hair and it’s usually from women.  Remarkably, five years ago I had serious skin issues.  I spent a lot of money on skin crèmes trying to achieve better skin, and it turned out I was just whistling in the wind.  I had break-outs on my face that you couldn’t imagine, and I was always crying about a new blemish.

Now, the skin on my face glows under my makeup, my hair has never been more beautiful and lustrous and I owe my success to one fateful encounter. I discovered the true way to beautiful skin and hair by accident.  Several years ago, I was sitting in the lounge of a local spa, waiting to get a facial when I noticed a woman sitting across from me.  She was very attractive, but her skin and hair were magnificent.

When I complimented her on her skin, which looked as if she bathed it daily with milk and honey, she blushed.  She wore a long ponytail, (hers) that hung midway her back.  After a lengthy conversation, she disclosed that she was 60 years old…but she looked 35.  I was in awe, and after I finally closed my mouth, I invited her to join me for lunch, so I could learn her secret, and she accepted.

After talking to her, my entire perspective about the way I treat my skin and body took on another dimension.  As I listened to her, I was ashamed at how I had allowed my busyness to take precedence over the way I cared for my skin.  The facial I received that day was the result of a year old gift certificate that was about to expire, which is the only reason why I was there.  It simply had not been a priority.

As I sat across from her over lunch, I marveled at her girlish figure, which was further enhanced by her teenage curves, and I listened carefully with a pen and pad.  Here is what she called, “an essential formula for youthful skin and a beautiful body.”  As she chomped on skinny carrots, she spoke softly, “the way to beautiful skin begins with what you eat.  You are what you eat, and there are certain foods that enhance the appearance and texture of your skin.  They are Spinach, Peaches, Eggs, Broccoli, Bananas, Okra, Cabbage, Green Peppers, Lettuce, Yellow Turnips, Brussel Sprouts, Zucchini, Carrots, Peas, String Beans, Apricots, Corn and Potatoes with the skin.  No white rice and no white bread.  Cut down considerably on flour products, and use corn products.  Absolutely, NO RED MEAT!”

She also talked about discovering the good taste of vegetarian meat, and how a green vegetable a day does wonder for your skin.  She claimed that along with a good diet, she had never let a day go by without drinking six 12 oz. glasses of water, and taking the following vitamin supplements:  Grapeseed (1), Calcium Elemental 600mg (2), Vitamin C-500mg (1), Omega 3 – 1200 mg (2) and Folic Acid – 400mg (1).

Essentials For Beautiful Skin

  • Get a professional facial at least once a month, and do a facial scrub at home at least twice weekly – A mud scrub is the best scrub for your skin. Washing your face alone will not get out the impurities in your skin.  You must exfoliate the skin regularly to prevent clogging of the pores.
  • Learn how to massage your face gently with exfoliates.
  • Use an astringent daily to finalize the cleansing of your face. It picks up dirt the residue that your face cloth doesn’t get.
  • Use a Turkish towel for all facial cleansing. Give your face a treat and throw away all those face cloths that are not thick and cushy.
  • Apply pure cocoa butter daily directly on the skin for any discolorations, and give it at least six weeks to work.
  • Once a week, use a body scrub on your body to get rid of the dead skin. The emphasis with this scrub should be made on knees and elbows.
  • Bathe in the tub more, and shower less. Use water softener in your bath, and it will keep your skin soft.
  • Buy a good moisturizer for your skin. If your skin feels dry two hours after you’ve put on a moisturizer, you have applied the wrong kind.  Your moisturizer should last all day and your skin should feel moist.  Lotion your entire body at least twice a week.  Be sure to wash your face at bedtime.  Never take a dirty face to bed and never sleep in makeup.
  • Splash or spray a fragrant body oil on wet skin before toweling off. Your skin will feel like silk.  Use all over your body daily.
  • Be sure to use a rosewater spray to set your makeup once applied. Spray at least 7 inches from your face.  It gives your face a glowing look, and your spirit a lift before you go out to meet the world.

For Beautiful Hair

Her formula for beautiful long hair was to take at least 800 mg of Folic Acid a day.  She explained that at least 400mg of folic acid can be found in the average multi-vitamin, which needs to be supplemented with an additional 400mg.  She also suggested that if a woman has thin hair or damaged hair, she should massage her scalp daily with her favorite hair moisturizer…Organic Coconut Oil.  She explained that a year before, her hair had been damaged from over-perming and the folic acid had brought her hair back to its former state, and that it was longer than it had ever been.

When I met this woman, my hair was also thin and damaged, and since I’ve been following her advice, my hair is now way past my shoulders, and healthier than I could have imagined.

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