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Dating Data
Those Hits & Misses
  • A MISS – Melinda – “For our first date, this handsome charmer invited me to a function at his church, which I was super impressed with, and introduced me to his pastor as his future wife.  I married him two months later, and had the marriage annulled a month later after I learned he was a registered sex offender.”


  • A HIT – Tonia – “He was a blind date and when I first saw him I was very disappointed.  I viewed him as very unattractive, but as the evening wore on, his sense of humor and intellect completely won me over.   By the end of the night, I was fascinated with him, and his looks were no longer relevant, and they’re still not.  He became my soul-mate first and my husband four months later.”


  • A MISSCarla – “During the course of our dating life, this guy stood me up so many times and he always had some elaborate excuse that I’d forgive him for. I kept hoping he would honor my patience.  But when he didn’t show up for my birthday and later admitted he’d got caught up with an ex-girlfriend,  I knew he had finally told me the truth so that I would go away quietly, and I did.  But with a resolve to never accept that kind of treatment again from anyone and with an understanding that I played a role in his behavior.”


  • A MISSJohn – “While I was dating her, she was sleeping with my boss. I found out one day when she called him on his cell phone and I was standing next to him.  I could hear her voice, and he tried to pretend he was talking to his secretary.  When I later confronted her about it, she confessed and apologized.  Then she asked if she could continue dating both of us since it was no longer a secret.”


  • A HIT Kari – “Last year, I met my boyfriend at a party when he was with another woman.  We got to chatting at the bar and he made it obvious that he wanted to get to know me better, but I backed away when the woman he was with walked up and grabbed him away.  About a half-hour later, I saw them leave.  He took her home and came back to the party to be with me.  I didn’t leave him until two days later, and we’ve been together ever since.”


  • A MISS Janet – “I went on a blind date with a guy last month, who took me to a sex orgy. I walked in the door, screamed, turned around, and left.”


  • A MISS – Monica – “When I caught my best friend in bed with my fiancé, he told me it wasn’t what it looked like. After she ran out the door, he explained that she seduced him and he just got caught up at the moment.   When I left him, he married her a week later in Vegas.”


  • A HIT – Candy – “I met my boyfriend on my loneliest day last year.  I went to help feed the homeless at a shelter and was feeling horribly sorry for myself because another friend had just gotten engaged and I didn’t even have a prospect in sight.  When this police officer came into the shelter to drop off some people, and when our eyes met I was immediately attracted to him.  We ended up talking and exchanging numbers.  Five months later, we were engaged.”



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