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Single Scenarios


Compiled by Cheryl Lakes

Stephen – 34 – “I have been looking to marry Ms. Right for a long time, and like many brothers I’m exhausted.  I am gainfully employed, serious, and ready to start a family.  But it’s not as easy as some think.  The women I meet are either beautiful, but difficult, pretty but boring to be with, or accomplished and aloof.  Despite perception, there are a lot of brothers out here like myself, who are tired of going from woman to woman in search of the one to settle down with.  And many of us unfortunately end up doing what a friend did recently.  He married someone he didn’t love because he was tired of being by himself and she was the closest thing to his ideal.  I think the ideal relationship is one of the hardest things to achieve in this life.  But I’m determined to keep trying.”

Danielle – 28 – Recently, I went to the doctor’s office on a day I was feeling especially blue about my dating situation.  I hadn’t met anyone in months and I was feeling very alone.  When I got on the elevator, I looked into the eyes of the most gorgeous man and blushed openly at the hormonal rush that raced through my body.  It felt like love, at first sight, was supposed to feel.  I was so shaken by the encounter that I got off the elevator on the wrong floor.  Ironically, when I left the doctor’s office an hour later, the same man was on the elevator again.  We exchanged stares without a word.  However, the chemistry was so great it felt like steam was coming out of my ears.  When the doors opened, we went our separate ways, and I went to hail a cab.  As I stood at the curb for what seemed like ages, the guy on the elevator suddenly pulled up and offered me a lift.  Against personal policy, I got in, and I’ve been on a merry-go-round ever since.  That was four months ago.  We got engaged recently, and I often reflect on how I advanced from feeling lonely to feeling loved in a matter of days.”

Makayla-47-“I have never been married and I’ve been waiting a long time for my prince to come.  Often, I get discouraged about being alone for so long, and then I get picked up by a sermon, a personal testimony with a happy ending (like my neighbor who married for the first time at the age of 49) or an upbeat magazine article.  All of these things keep me inspired to hold on and not give up.”

Carmella – 31-“I was out on a date recently with the ex-boyfriend of one of my friends when she walked into the restaurant and caused a scene.  I had been feeling guilty about dating him, but after she found out I was relieved.  I think women should stop being so uptight about passing a man on to someone they know after it’s over between them.  I am convinced that one woman’s trash could easily be another woman’s treasure.”

 Marissa – 36- “Last year, I asked a guy out on a date, and I’ll never do it again.  I invited my single boss to a party and when he accepted, I assumed the attraction was mutual.  However, it turned out that he viewed my invitation as a social avenue to meet other women.  As soon as we walked in the door, he disappeared.  The next time I saw him…he was talking to another woman and exchanging numbers.  I was so embarrassed by his behavior that I pretended to my friends that he was a cousin from out of town.  At the end of the evening, after he had danced with everyone in the room, but me, I gestured that it was time to go and he suggested I call a taxi because he wasn’t ready to leave.”


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