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When He Visits For The 1st Time

by Lisa Cregier

When that special guy comes over for the first time, the excitement level is at a high pitch.  You want to make a good impression.  He is about to learn at a mere glance who you really are and you hope he approves.

The living room, which you usually take for granted has been transformed magazine-style into the most fabulous room in the galaxy.  Glasses are chilled.  The wine is imported from across the water… Paintings, pictures, and other odd objects are straightened, changed, or hidden.  Personal items, which have the potential of revealing too much, too soon, are thrown into an off-limits area.

The scene is set…the doorbell rings…and the jitters begin.  He enters…you are gracious and the perfect hostess, as you move to do what you seldom do and that’s hang up a coat.  As you guide him toward the couch, you spot the snack tray filled with appetizers you’d never seen before yesterday in the supermarket, and you wonder if you overdid it.  After all, this is not dinner.  It’s just a casual visit for a peek at another side of you.

You make small talk and suddenly you feel somewhat exposed.  As you sip the most expensive wine you’ve ever purchased, you notice a glass circle on the table that you missed, and you try to cover it with your elbow.

The music plays softly in the background and the mood becomes more tranquil as you slowly begin to relax.  You come to the realization in your mind that this place is yours and it represents you in the most personal way.  Eventually, you are no longer concerned about whether he is pleased with your environment because you are.  You just hope he has a good time and he attributes it to you and what’s special about you.

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