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Date Nights
Strange First

by Cheryl Lakes

You know about those strange dates.  These are the dates that are seldom talked about.  They’re the ones where maybe you started out with a lot of hope and your hope died before the evening was over because something bizarre and unexpected happened.

Kara – “I was excited about going out with this guy, whom I had met at the neighborhood cleaners.  He was handsome and very mysterious and I was looking forward to hooking up with him.  However, when he showed up at my door to pick me up, he turned around when he saw my dog.  As he headed back to his car, he shouted over his shoulder that he didn’t date women who had pets.  The next time I ran into him, he didn’t speak or even look at me.”

Charli –  “It was my first date with this guy.  We had driven to a lovely restaurant on the outskirts of the city.  He invited me to order whatever I wanted on the menu and he ordered the most expensive champagne on the menu.  After the food was served, a woman suddenly walked up to the table and ordered him outside.  Without a word, he left and they drove off.  I ended up paying the check, which was $150.00, and spending $65.00 to get home in a cab.”

Meryl – “I was at an amusement park on a first date with a guy when he suddenly spotted a guy he claimed owed him money.  He excused himself, said he’d be right back, and ended up in a fight with the guy.  It turned out that he had spotted another woman he was dating, with another man.  Needless to say, that ended our relationship on the spot.”

Gwen – “As I drove home after what I deemed a wonderful blind date, I was bragging about it on the phone to my girlfriend.  When I stopped at a light, I spotted my date driving behind me, and I waved.  I assumed he just happened to be going in the same direction. But after a few more blocks, I realized he was following me. I decided to drive to the police station and when I stopped there, he sped past me and drove off. When I called and asked him why he was following me, he claimed he wanted to see me home safely.  I blocked his calls after that.”

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