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More Disaster Dates

compiled by Cheryl Lakes

Callie – “I had a recent date that ended up being very bizarre.  I was on a second date with this guy, and he passed out in the restaurant.  An ambulance was called, and I followed him to the hospital.  He was admitted still in an unconscious state and I went home.  When I went back to check on him the next day, a woman was sitting by his bed when I walked in, and he was wide awake.  When I walked in, the woman asked me who I was looking for, and he acted like he didn’t know me.  It turned out that the woman was his wife.  I ended up backing out of the room and pretending I walked into the wrong room.  I have never been so embarrassed.”

Maizie:  “I recently went out with a lawyer who was very good-looking and very much a gentleman.  The evening went great until he invited me to follow him home (we had met up at the restaurant) because he wanted me to meet his sister from out of town.  I was hesitant at first because it didn’t feel right, but he kept insisting and I gave in.   However, when we walked into the foyer of his apartment, I got this foreboding feeling to turn around, and just as I decided to do so, he grabbed my hand and put a handcuff on it and told me not to scream, as he reached for my other hand.  I kicked him hard in the groin and ran out the door with the handcuff clamped onto my right hand.  I screamed all the way to my car.  Please warn your readers about following their instincts, because you never know when you could be out with a psycho.”

Tom:  “After three dates with a woman, she turned violent when I refused to let her in one night when she came by without calling.  She kicked out a panel in my door and accused me of having female company inside.  When the police arrived, she tore her jacket and said I had beaten her.  She was the last person I would have suspected of violent tendencies because she was so shy.”

Brianna:  “I used to date a guy who was initially verbally abusive.  I accepted his behavior because he was on a stressful job, and because he was often very sweet.  Ultimately, he became physically abusive, and I feared for my life.  When I broke up with him, he stalked me for a year until he was injured in a car accident.”

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