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Living Your Best Life?  You’re Not If These 12 Things Apply To You …

by Bonita Bennett

Unfortunately, there are too many of us who fail to treasure the time and the hours we’ve been given for the pursuit of a quality existence.  There are many who waste their hours away in bad relationships, TV gluttony, and other non-gratifying situations that fail to enhance the quality of their existence.  What are you doing with your time?  Those precious 1,140 minutes allotted to you daily by Almighty God.  Are your minutes being squandered or treasured?  Here is a form of measure.  You are wasting them if you…

  • Work on a job you hate and are doing nothing to find something better.
  • Spend time worrying about things you can’t do anything about.
  • Spend time worrying about what others think. You should care deeply only for what you think and how you think, and what God thinks about you.
  • Hate or dislike someone. Negative thinking is extremely destructive and an evil consumer of your thought life.
  • Have not forgiven someone. An unforgiving heart will block your blessings in ways you can’t imagine.
  • Watch television for more than ten hours a week. There is so much more out there in the world waiting to be learned, discovered, explored and enjoyed.  A good novel is a great beginning and a hobby is even better.
  • Are not sharing what you know could benefit others or giving what you have to bless another’s existence.
  • Are not actively doing something that gives you distinct pleasure.
  • Still feel guilt or shame about anything that happened in the past. What’s done is done.  The events of a day die at midnight.
  • Are judging others by your standards. We should strive hard to come to terms with the reality of an imperfect world and our own imperfections.  Though it may be a serious struggle, you must learn to accept the flaws of others, as you wish to be accepted.
  • Don’t have a deep unbridled appreciation for who you are and what you bring to the table of life.
  • Still haven’t gotten over a deep disappointment.  One should never cling to disheartening moments that skirt over the path of our lives.  Disappointments can sometimes be the gateway to a door waiting to be opened to something better.

Remember always, your life is as you make it and how well you spend your time depends on how you feel about the hand you’ve been dealt. Here’s hoping you play it well from this day forth.



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