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What Not To Do
With Your Summer

by Dani Stone

This is going to be the best summer ever for me because I’m going to get out and let the wind blow through my hair.  I began it by shining my bike up for long glorious rides along Chicago’s beautiful lakefront.  But it’s summertime across the country and singles should be out doing all kinds of things that correlate with warm weather…

Bike-riding, beach sitting, al fresco dining, park walks, water sports, amusement parks, bench reading, rollerblading, sailing, boat riding, canoeing, sunbathing, picnicking, outdoor concerts, travel, etc.  Unfortunately, for many, summertime serves as just hot weather to perform their same old routines.  How about you?  Summer is here and I bet many have few plans to really enjoy it.  They’re either confined by a daily routine of work, duties, and other related responsibilities…or a much heard-of excuse like, “I have no one to do anything with.” 

Here’s a poll I recently read that was done with over 300 singles across the country, on what they did last summer, which further substantiates my point.   Only…

  • 13% ate at an outdoor restaurant.
  • 17% owned bikes but didn’t ride them.
  • 11% of those who lived near beaches…did not visit the beach.
  • 15% did not swim all summer.
  • 5% went to a water park.
  • 33% went to an amusement park at least once.
  • No one sat on a bench in the park and read under a shady tree.  However, 15% picnicked in the park with friends and/or lovers.
  • 9% went rollerblading.
  • 44% owned bikes and rode them regularly.
  • 5% went sailing.
  • 28% rode on a boat, which included speedboats, sightseeing boats and riverboats.
  • No one went canoeing.
  • 19% sunbathed on a beach but did not go in the water.
  • 21% went horseback riding.
  • 23% either attended an outdoor party or hosted one.
  • 17% went camping.
  • 65% went to at least one outdoor concert.
  • 43% traveled on vacation.

But most agreed they hadn’t taken enough time to really enjoy the summer as they should have.  Don’t let the summer slip away.  Venture out.  Break away from the routine of work, TV, and other related time consumers and let the wind blow through your hair.  You owe it to yourself.  Summer is time for fun.  Enjoy it!


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