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Living The Single Life
The Poll

Over 600 men and women were surveyed for this poll on Living The Single LifeHere’s What They Had To Say…

84%    eat out 4 times a week.

93%    cook at least twice a week.

71%    had a hobby they enjoyed

68%    were romantically involved with a special someone.

53%    had experienced a successful blind date.

59%    had been dumped by text.

87%    are content with the single life

81%    had never been on vacation with a romantic interest.

32%    had been in more than one triangle relationship

82%    had been in love at least once

57%    had never married.

63%    had been on more than 3 memorble dates this year.

44%   had been engaged at least once.

43%    had experienced a one night stand.

67%    still cared for someone in their past.

96%    chose freedom as the thing they like most about the single life


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