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The Women Men Marry

by Marya Cohille

Is the guy in your life, who sometimes appears mysterious and seemingly in his own little world, capable of daydreaming about you, bragging about you…dying to be with you…longing to hear the sound of your voice?  Are you capable of holding his attention forever and a day?  What makes a man propose marriage?  See why some women get asked and some don’t?   

Here are some expert voices on the subject…Married Men.

Jake, 37 – “Most women don’t know how to get married!  Women who are smart, (a good combination of book sense and common sense) know that before she can be of worth to a man, she must be of worth to herself, and she lets it be known.”  

 Larry, 33 – “The woman who is smart and aware of her value and assets is very appealing to a man because she challenges him to want to learn from her.  As men, we are not always as confident as we may appear, and we inadvertently search for a woman who is smart enough to handle our egos, keep us on our toes, and stimulate us mentally.  When I was single, a woman’s smart quotient determined her longevity as a girlfriend and I ended up marrying the woman who had the ambition.”

 Hank: 30- “The combination of sex appeal and smarts makes a woman unforgettable and forever attractive.  Few women know that a woman’s mind is her sexiest asset, and when she displays it with knowledge, charm, and pride, it is irresistible to a man.  I married a woman who was not intimidated by her need for me.  She was strong, yet sweet and I admired who she was as a person. When I was single, I dated women often who were afraid to voice their displeasure or concerns or who failed to establish perimeters through communication.  In other words, they were usually quite willing  to dangle while I dawdled.”

 Nolan: 35 – “When a man begins thinking about marriage, he is usually looking for a woman who’s lively, funny, independent, strong-willed, unpredictable, and proud.  I think subconsciously, every guy needs a woman who can motivate him to be his best.  There is no substitute for a woman who is smart, sexy, and independent with substance.  Those who have these qualities along with a heart void of suspicion and bitterness can rivet a man’s attention span for a lifetime, which is why I married my wife.”

 Don: 40 – “We all know that being smart especially when it relates to women can be relative.  Some guys like women who are smart enough to know their place.  I married a woman whose smartness was laced with wisdom.  She loved me, but she loved herself more and it was evident.  When I was dating my wife, her brainpower added to my existence and challenged me to be what she needed me to be.  She wouldn’t accept any foolish behavior and she made me laugh as well.”

 Sam: 36 – “I got married finally because I became totally enchanted with a woman whose self-confidence was apparent from the beginning.  She had serious high self-esteem mixed with the ability to flirt, tease and challenge me mentally.  I was fascinated because a woman with these qualities is not an easy find.  Pretty women are truly a dime a dozen.  But a woman who speaks her mind intelligently and confidently, with an acute awareness of her sex appeal can have a man going the wrong way on his own street.  Unfortunately, most women don’t know this.”

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