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4 Reasons Why He Stopped Calling … Maybe

by K.M. Sinclair

Carla was perplexed.  She hadn’t heard from Bill in a week, and she couldn’t reach him on the phone.  The last time they were together, he’d received an emergency phone call and had to leave from her best friend’s birthday party.  They had been together for four weeks and they seemed to be getting along well.  She wracked her brain trying to figure out why he suddenly disappeared, but she couldn’t think of anything that made sense.

Many women often wonder why after a few dates with that hoped for dream guy, he suddenly disappears into the sunset, without word or explanation.  In the beginning, getting together is filled with excitement and anticipation what’s to come…then suddenly the phone stops ringing and he’s unavailable.  Why?  It could be for many reasons, but here are a few examples of types or actions that men claim send them in another direction.  See if you see yourself.

Are You A Clinger?  If so, you become glued to a man shortly after the onset of the relationship.  When you’re out, he cannot move without you.  You are afraid of him giving anyone else his attention, and it shows.

Are You Demanding?  If you are, you are on the phone regularly wanting to know what’s he doing, when is he coming over and why you haven’t heard from him.  Demanding women also prefer everything their way.

Are You Boring?  A boring woman has limited conversation.  She wants the man to do everything including giving her something to talk about.  A woman with a good sense of humor is a joy to be with.

Are You A Chatterer?  Chatterers talk incessantly about nothing or about other people.  They are poor listeners and are usually very self-absorbed.

These are but a few of the reasons why many men are mistakenly depicted as confused.  Because of the prevalence of these characteristics, many feel forced to move on in search of the woman who is void of these traits.

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