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Will He Cheat?

4 Reasons He Won’t…

by Marian McGee

Studies show that when women between the ages of 28-47 were polled about the fidelity of men both married or single, 74% believed that it is almost impossible for the average man to be faithful to one woman.  However, noted psychologist, Dr. Marian McGee states that there are circumstances where a man won’t cheat and they are:

  1. When a man feels totally accepted by the woman he’s involved with, meaning she is happy with him as he is. It also means he feels sure that whatever he does with his life, she will continue to love him and find him attractive.”  She adds, “Men become glued to women who don’t try to change them.

  2. Men usually remain faithful to women who inspire a myriad of emotions such as respect, admiration, security, devotion and fear. This man knows that his woman will stand by him when he needs her and “clobber” him if he fails her.  He feels loved, but he is challenged by her independence.

  3. A happy man will not cheat. If a man is truly satisfied with the woman in his life, a strange woman would have to throw herself in front of his car to get his attention.

  4. If a man is somewhat unsure of his woman’s devotion and feels that she is capable of being with someone smarter, handsomer, or richer, another woman would find it hard to get his attention. Because he would be too busy nursing his insecurities to look at another woman.


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