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This Year’s Journey…

8 Rules For “Your Road.”

by Bonita Bennett

I’m sure most would agree that life is a journey, and most of us are hoping and striving for a successful “ride” on our individual paths.  In view of this, here are some points to think about as you ease on down your road.

  • Tend To Your Mind – The Bible says, bring your thoughts into captivity meaning you must carefully watch over what you think.  Your thoughts need to be guarded as if your life depended on it.  It does.  The battle is usually against the ugly intrusions of self-doubt, fear, and anxiety.
  • Seek Direction – Augment your decision-making process by praying for guidance in everything on a daily basis.
  • Your Character Strength – Strive for a spirit of excellence that distinguishes you through what you say and how you say it coupled with what you do and how you do it.  Note: Few doors are closed to those who are genuine, straightforward, and kind.
  • Cultivate Your Self-Esteem – Your opinion of you, whether high or low determines the quality of your journey.
  • Develop A Peace Principle– Adjust your contact strategically with people and circumstances that disturb your tranquility.  Remember, you’re in charge of your journey.  Learn to recognize that everyone who crosses your path does not qualify to accompany you.
  • Keep Love On Display – Those who give it freely will benefit greatly from the law of reciprocity, but be aware that it works in the opposite as well. Always pause to touch others.  It will build your treasury of unimaginable favor.  
  • Cover Worry With Faith – Give no thought for tomorrow.  Know that God will take care of you and your circumstances. Expect the best and you will be accommodated.  Meanwhile, allow for some disappointment, but always continue to watch with vigilance for your rainbow to manifest.
  • Know Your Worth – Remember, on the trail of life, no one is superior to you, and there is always a place for you at the top of the hill, if you’re up to climbing, your “vision” is intact and you’re not prone to distraction.



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