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10 Ways

To Meet

New People

In College

By Abigail Dye

February 5, 2018

You are the company you keep – especially in college. While earning your degree, you are a part of a community made up of tomorrow’s leaders. One invaluable thing about college is the networking opportunities around you. You could meet a friend for life, a partner in business or someone who can help you progress your career.  The only thing about networking, is that it’s hard to make friends with new faces in new places.  Here are 10 great ways to meet new people in college.

1.  Join a club

Your college probably has a multitude of clubs begging for new members.  Search for the club listings on your academic website for all the information you need. Be creative, even if you aren’t interested in a certain subject, attending one meeting won’t hurt you.

2. Participate in intramural sports

Aside from the college-league teams, many colleges offer intramural, or recreation sports. These are leagues and teams you can join through your university, without the professional-athlete mindset.

3. Go to the gym

Most universities have a gym on campus that full-time students have free access to. The classes offered and resources at the gym make this a great place to meet someone new.

4. Talk to people… everywhere

A good way to get out there is to simply talk. Strike up a conversation in class, in the mess-hall, the store, in a dorm or at the library. Introduce yourself, then ask a question about the new person.  When people are asked to talk about themselves, they are usually happy to.

5. Study at a coffee house

Around any campus, there tends to be coffee shops. This is a great place to meet people. Some students are there strictly to study, and that will be clear. But some will just be kicking back, talking or having a social meeting. These are the people you can approach and strike up a conversation with.

6. Trivia night, poetry slams and bar crawls

A wonderful way to meet new people is to access community events outside of campus. A simple google-search will do the trick. Trivia night, poetry slams, karaoke night and bar crawls are all superb social events.

7.  Go to a concert

Concerts are a fantastic way to connect with people. If you go to one close to campus, there are bound to be college students there. Concerts are a fun way to meet new people because you already have something in common: a love for the same music.

8.  Invite and accept invitations

If you do go to a social event, invite an old or new friend. The more you invite people to events, the more likely they are to invite you to one. When you receive an invitation, accept it. Even if the event sounds boring, or you’re not in the mood… just accept the chance to be social.

9. The Park

If there is a park or scenic area around your campus, that is a great place to meet someone new. Take a hike up there and see what you find. Usually people only go to a park if they have leisure time, so you won’t be interrupting them during work or study.

10. The Internet

There are so many ways to meet people using your phone or computer. Meetup is a free site that allows you to meet people with similar interests for events, dinner or in a group setting. City Socializer is a great way to find events and people in any city.   Nearify is an application that also helps you find events in a new city.

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