20 Exciting Things You Must Do

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20 Exciting Thingsmotorcyclegirl

You Must Do If

You Haven’t Already! 

Have You Ever?

1.         Rode a motorcycle ride through the countryside.

2.         Spent a whole day at a spa, getting a manicure, pedicure, massage and facial.

3.         Rode a hot air balloon on a bright sunny day.paris 1

4.         Camped in the woods with friends.

5.         Booked a trip to Paris, Venice or Jamaica.

6.         Swam in the nude.

7.         Read “The Master of The Game” by Sidney Shelton.

8.         Visited Singapore – the cleanest city and prettiest city on earth.

9.         Rode on a hayride on a summer night in the country.

10.       Rode barefoot in an open jeep on an island.spa

11.       Taken a cruise in a cabin with a terrace overlooking the sea.

12.       Visited The Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in The Bahamas.  It’s the most interesting hotel in the world.

13.       Roller skated in the park.

14.      Watched the sun set on a lake or ocean.cruise

15.       Slept outdoors under the stars.

16.       Visited Palm Springs, California

17.       Visited the beautiful city of San Francisco

18.       Gone white water rafting

19.      Taken a ferry ride under The Golden Gate Bridge.

20.      Watched the sun rise over the Grand Canyon.






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