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The Man Of Your Dreams

by Bonita Bennett

Sample Chapter

The Top 15 DO’S & DON’TS
Savvy Tips to remember when you first meet someone new and “exciting.”
  • Keep it casual. Get acquainted over drinks or lunch first.  Make dinner the second stage.  Flaws show up better in daylight and limited time can be a plus if the date turns out to be uninteresting.  Also, lunch or drinks can save money and time as well as take the pressure off the “Hope Syndrome”, a symptom that commonly strikes women when they haven’t connected with a soulmate in awhile.
  • Have a carefree attitude that is convincing. View the first date as a getting acquainted act, not a prelude to a love affair.  Wait!  Listen for real reasons to get excited.  Forget the curl that’s hanging over his eye.  Focus on what’s important.  Does his conversation or attitude reflect your values?
  • Make gum-chewing an act done in private. africanamericancouplediningout-300x223Good manners are part of the appeal package.
  • Send flowers during the first month only if he makes some major accomplishment. You can show your nice side too soon.  If you’re compulsively nice and can’t control yourself, restrict your “niceness” to opening doors.  If you act too nice at this stage, you’ll distract from the “excitement factor”.  If it’s too easy, it’s no fun.  Be sweet and gentle, but don’t be too quick to over-accommodate at each and every request.  NO is one of the most intriguing words in the English language.
  • Strive to exchange “impressive” behavior for a natural, easygoing manner that’s revealing but not historical. Too often, when we meet someone with possible potential, we either give away too much too soon, or work hard to paint a phony picture of how great we are.  When one is down to earth and comfortable enough with themselves to be themselves, they usually possess an infectious spirit that is longed for when they are not around.  Don’t work too hard and do things that will make you seem “in the know”.  Be original and unpretentious.
  • Put your personality to work. Don’t expect your date to entertain you.  Each party has the same responsibility to be interesting and contribute to the enjoyment of the moment.
  • Keep compliments to a minimum. Two on any given occasion is a safe number.  Too many compliments on one occasion can come off as too eager to please (like me, like me, please like me) or too impressionable (Wow, a copper coffee-maker, gee whiz.)  Remember, compliments should be sincere, not a means to an end.
  • If you have a weight problem, please don’t project your discomfort. There are few things more attractive than a person who is 40lbs overweight and comfortable with it.  Self-confidence is still one of the most alluring traits in this hemisphere.

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See Table Of  Contents Below.

 Chapter 1 – Introduction.. Chapter 2 – The Catching Principles.  Chapter 3 – The Mistakes Women Make.   Chapter 4 – What We Do Wrong..  Chapter 5 – First You Must Learn How To Love.   Chapter 6 – There Is A Man Out There For You!.  Chapter 7 – Are You Who You Think You Are?.. Chapter 8 – Getting Acquainted: The Do’s And Don’ts. Chapter 9 – How Not To Choose Your Mate For Life.  Chapter 10 – What Do You Want?.. Chapter 11 – What Most Of Us Want…Chapter 12 – Who’s Out There.  Chapter 13 – Where To Find Him.   Chapter 14 – A Peek At The Male Mind. Chapter 15 – Beauty Is One Thing…Chapter 16 – How To Be Chosen In A Crowd.. Chapter 17 – What Men Pay Attention To..Chapter 18 – Why He Chooses One Woman Over Another.. Chapter 19 – Now That He Has Finally Arrived…What Do You Do?.. Chapter 20 – How To Keep You On His Mind…

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