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So Soon?  Lori Harvey And Damson Idris Have Reportedly Broken Up After Three Months Of Dating. Lori Harvey has found her name associated with several men, over the years. Her men range from Future to Michael B. Jordan. To begin 2023, Lori Harvey was dating Damson Idris. Over the past six years, Idris has risen to fame playing ‘Franklin’ on “Snowfall.” Last night, Damson’s ‘Franklin,’ dealt with the loss of his Uncle Jerome (Amin Joseph). In real life, Damson Idris is dealing with the loss of his romance with Lori Harvey. Reports say the two have broken up. 

According to Hip Hop Vibe, Lori Harvey has held the unofficial position of Hollywood’s “It girl” for over four years. During this time, she has either been with, or rumored to have been with, many high-profile men. She is also considered Hollywood royalty, due to her beauty and being Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter. Out of all of her relationships, Steve Harvey was highly supportive of her romance with Michael B. Jordan. When it came to Damson Idris, Steve never made a public statement. Lori Harvey enjoyed much support in her relationship with Damson Idris. As the star of “Snowfall,” fans have watched Damson come into his own as a star.  Eventually, the two ended up being a couple. These past three months have seen them date openly. According to the rumors, they have now broken up, but Damson is reportedly willing to reconcile.

‘Ant-Man’ Star Jonathan Majors Arrested In NYC Over Domestic Dispute. Jonathan Majors, known for his most recent roles in “Creed III” and “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania,” was arrested in New York City on Saturday after an alleged domestic dispute. A spokesperson for the NYPD confirmed the arrest in a statement to UPI and said that Majors, 33, has been charged with strangulation, assault, and harassment. Officers with the NYPD were called to an apartment near W. 22nd Street and 8th Avenue in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan around 11:14 a.m.

“A preliminary investigation determined that a 33-year-old male was involved in a domestic dispute with a 30-year-old female,” police said in the statement, without identifying the female victim. “The victim informed police she was assaulted. Officers placed the 33-year-old male into custody without incident.” Police said that the victim had minor injuries to her head and neck and was taken to an area hospital in stable condition. “He’s done nothing wrong,” a representative for Majors told TMZ. “We look forward to clearing his name and clearing this up.”

Cops Called To Rihanna’s Home After Man Shows Up To Propose. Cops were reportedly called to Rihanna’s home after a man tried to sneak onto the singer’s property to ask for her hand in marriage. A spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed to Page Six on Thursday that the man was arrested at her Beverly Hills address around 12:30 p.m. for trespassing.  The man traveled all the way from South Carolina to propose to the R&B star before his plans were squashed by her security detail, per TMZRihanna’s team called the police right away and the man, who was dressed in a bright red hoodie and sweatpants, was escorted out in handcuffs.

However, since the unnamed man did not get farther than Rihanna’s driveway, he was simply questioned and later released. It’s unknown if Rihanna, who is pregnant with her and A$AP Rocky’s second child, was home at the time of the disturbance. This isn’t the first time the singer has had to deal with unwanted visitors showing up at her doorstep. Back in 2018, a man named Eduardo Leon was arrested after he allegedly broke into the Grammy winner’s Hollywood Hills home and waited there for over 12 hours.  Thankfully, Rihanna was out of town at the time and her assistant eventually discovered Leon hiding out.


Single Sketches
Inside Drama Dating

by Cynthia Houser

I have yet to meet a guy who had a real clue as to why he really did what he did, and the effect his actions have on others.  In the romance arena, a man’s mind, ways, and actions have always been a painful enigma to the unsuspecting females who want so hard to believe that true love has finally arrived when this guy with potential shows up.  In spite of what happened the last time the hallway to our hearts was entered under vague intentions, we are always (with few exceptions) ready to embark once again on the “love boat” in hopes that this “ride” will be our last.    MORE


The Dating Chronicles
The Chat

Jan had experienced another wonderful evening with Sebastian and as he drove her home Jan was silent as the music provided a soothing background to her thoughts.  She really liked him, and she was certain he liked her. She wondered if he was seeing anyone else.  Her last “romance” had ended because the guy was also dating another woman and failing at trying to split his time between the two. She didn’t want to go through that scenario again.  Prior to this night, she had been too afraid to ask.   MORE


Love & The Other
Side Of Revenge

by Jovan Tahale

When I saw my best friend slip my fiance a note at a party one night from across the room, my stomach jumped in anger. But I rationalized that it had something to do with surprising me for my upcoming birthday.  I was turning the big 30, and I guessed that my friends were all conspiring to throw me a birthday party.  I watched as he put it in his jacket pocket and gave her a big grin.   MORE


Story Of The Week
By Design

by Heather Mercer

I was sitting in a sea of traffic because of a horrible accident that had the expressway looking like a huge parking lot.  My day had not gone well, and I was on my way home from work.  I had been fired from my job due to a serious personality conflict with my boss, and I was beyond blue…I was purple.  It was a hot summer day and my air conditioning wasn’t working.  Therefore, I was literally hanging out of the window of my car, when I heard a deep male voice say, “Hi Beautiful!”  MORE


The  8 Guys
Women Avoid Most

by Cheryl Lakes

Tommy Tone Deaf – Tommy is basically looking for a listener. He spends all your time together bragging, complaining, and opinionating. He does not hear or listen because he’s not really interested in your thoughts or views.  He is usually very attractive, (which can stimulate the interest factor for at least three dates) but boring to be with.  Result: You know everything you need to know about him, and he knows nothing about you.     MORE



by Sarah Smart

Q.  I recently went on vacation with a group of couples who were all friends, and we had a lovely time until the last night there. One of my friends became ill with an upset stomach and went to bed early. Several hours later, at 2:00 in the morning, I got mad at my boyfriend and went down to walk on the beach and ran into one of my friends kissing the boyfriend of the girl who had gotten sick earlier. They didn’t see me, but I want to tell my friend. I don’t wish to hurt her, but I’m in agony over this situation. What would you do? She really likes this guy and trusts him.   MORE


The Most Exciting
Thing You’ve Done
This Year?

Maria: “I got off drugs, turned my life around, and began spending my spare time getting high off teaching senior citizens, who had never learned to read.”  Shari: “I got engaged to a guy who had broken my heart when I was a freshman in college years ago.  I had never stopped loving him, and when he came back into my life, I was thrilled.  His re-appearance coincided with a severe bout of loneliness and I was easily taken in.  But when I saw that he was not sincere, and still the boy he used to be, I dropped him.  I was so proud of myself because I had never exhibited that kind of strength before.”   MORE


Single Scenarios
Exotic Exits

Jada: “I once had a guy break up with me because I wouldn’t get my teeth fixed and he said that my ‘I’m afraid to go to the dentist’ excuse was no longer acceptable.”   Cassie:  “I had been dating a guy for three months when he texted me one day out of the blue and informed me that ‘the chemistry between us had faded out’ and that he wished me well in my future misadventures.”    MORE


Women Who Share
Their Man Tell Why…

by Coco Diong

Sometimes I wonder if monogamy is still the pinnacle of a relationship.  According to surveys, yes, but it seems that more women are growing more frustrated than ever in their search for a man of their own and many are opting to compete for the affection of those who are already connected to someone else.  I talked to several women who are and have been involved more than once with men who are very open and candid about their relationships with other women. All were educated, career-minded, in some cases regretful, and never married.   MORE

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