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Could Demi Lovato Have Met Her Match In Bachelorette Contestant Mike Johnson?  BOSSIP reports…Demi Lovato has had her share of ups and downs but things are looking good right now for the singer who may have met her match thanks to Season 15 of “The Bachelorette”  A source tells PEOPLE that the singer, 27, and former Bachelorette contestant Mike Johnson are “having fun and getting to know each other.”  The source adds, “They’ve been talking privately for a bit and hanging out.”  Lovato posted about Johnson, 31, on her social media during his time on Hannah Brown‘s season of The Bachelorette but the pair got the public talking earlier this month when Johnson commented on Lovato’s unedited bikini pic on Instagram. Demi Lovato took to Instagram Thursday to share an unedited bikini shot, calling it her “biggest fear.” In a lengthy post, the 27-year-old “Sorry Not Sorry” songstress opened up about her past struggles with body acceptance and why she’s “literally sooooo tired of being ashamed. A photo of me in a bikini unedited. And guess what, it’s CELLULIT!!!!” Lovato wrote, admitting that, yes, her other beach ‘grams had been edited. “I want this new chapter in my life to be about being authentic to who I am rather than trying to meet someone else’s standards.  Apparently Lovato wasn’t the only one appreciating her bikini body, flaws and all, because Johnson commented, “Look at me like that again … Love yaself.”   Lovato responded with the kiss and tongue out emojis…

Wendy Williams Ditches Party To Avoid Lil’ Kim:  Wendy Williams caused some drama by pulling out of Us Weekly’s Most Stylish New Yorkers party just hours before the event, Page Six is told.  And while some insiders say it’s “a mystery” why she ditched the appearance, another source says she decided not to show after discovering that her nemesis, Lil’ Kim, was also set to be honored at the event.  We’re told there had been much negotiation between the scandal-struck chat-show host’s team and the event’s organizers in the run-up to the big night, with Williams agreeing to appear in return for being included on the list.  And when her team told the tabloid on the morning of the event that she had to drop out because of a “scheduling conflict,” the stunned staff made a flurry of calls in an attempt to get her to change her mind.  Insiders say arrangements had already been made to make sure that Williams and Lil’ Kim — who have traded barbs about the rapper’s plastic surgery and Williams’ alleged fling with Kim’s ex, Biggie Smalls — weren’t seated close to each other at the event at Cathédrale at Moxy East Village

Major Stars Had A Hard Time Getting Into Rihanna’s NYFW After-Party:  The hottest door during Fashion Week was the afterparty for Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty show at Spring Place. According to multiple sources, the venue was packed with so many VIPs, it became a “one in, one out” situation where even big names had to wait.   One witness told Page Six, “Diplo and Skrillex had to wait . . . and even Serena Williams and A$AP Ferg were given a hard time.  Shiggy, Draymond Green, Big Sean, G-Eazy and Rich the Kid were also not (immediately) let in.”

Lil Wayne Bails On Blink-182 Show Again Over Incident At St. Louis Hotel:  TMZ reports…Lil Wayne says he can’t perform with Blink-182 in St. Louis because he was kicked out of his hotel and cops came swarming — but we’ve learned there’s two sides to this story. Wayne tweeted out the crappy news Saturday morning, saying he wouldn’t be able to do the show later tonight at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre — where he was set to take the stage with B-182 (pictured below right) and Neck Deep — due to some BS at the Ritz Carlton.   He said, “Sorry not doing the show tonight in St Lou kuz I was just kik’d out the ritz and 12 got invovle so I gotta slide. Tht y’al f w me out here. Dam slime. It’s all luv tho.”  While Wayne claims to have been booted from the facility, the Clayton Police Department’s interim Police Chief, Mark Smith, tells TMZ that Weezy and his crew were NOT asked to leave … and that they left voluntarily after a verbal dispute with the hotel staff.  Smith says police were called to the Ritz around 10:00 AM CT due to a “disturbance” in the lobby involving several men, some of whom we’re told included Wayne’s entourage. We’re told a responding officer saw a man in LW’s security yelling at a clerk behind the desk.  We’re told officers spoke to several witnesses — including staff members — who told police they’d received several complaints of marijuana smells coming from Weezy’s room. Cops say the staff claimed to have called up to Wayne’s room, asking him to open his balcony doors to mitigate the smell … and, allegedly, he got pissed and came down to confront ’em.   Smith tells us the hotel staff did not file a complaint with police, and they found no evidence of a crime that’d been committed. No one was arrested as a result.   Now, sources close to Weezy tell TMZ that the reason he and his team came down to confront the staff had NOTHING to do with weed … and everything to do with bad protocol.  We’re told the front desk kept forwarding calls from an obsessed fan, who apparently knew Wayne was staying there and in which exact room too. Instead of taking them off the scent, our Weezy sources say the staff continued to send the call to his room … making him irate. This would mark at least the 3rd show he’s completely bailed on for his Blink-182 appearances this summer.


by Sarah Smart

Q. I discovered accidentally that my ex-husband is dating my co-worker and I hate going to work and encountering her.  She doesn’t know he’s my ex, but I’ve been upset ever since.  I can’t stand knowing who he’s with after the way he treated me. It also doesn’t help that she brags daily about her “new boyfriend” and all the fun they’re having.  I’m thinking about quitting my job.  What do you think I should do?   MORE

The Dating Chronicles
The Proposal

When Terry finally proposed to Jackie, he was sincere at the time.  They had been dating for five years and she had borne him three children.  Jackie was ecstatic.  She had been waiting a long time for Terry to make up his mind about her, and she began to plan an extravagant wedding on a Caribbean island.  Terry was a wealthy man, who had amassed a fortune in various real estate ventures, and Jackie couldn’t wait to become his wife and gain all the prestige that came with it.   MORE

Story Of The Week

Destiny At Work

by Lauren Coates

            It was the first blind date I’d been on since I was a teenager, and I was extremely nervousI had spoken to this mystery man on the phone, and his voice sounded deep, warm and self-assured, which was not at all what I felt.  A good friend suggested we meet because she felt it was high time I “stopped hugging the walls of my home, and got out to meet some new faces.”  I agreed with her in theory, but I was reluctant to put myself in the position again to be rejected or hurt.  She described him as an average guy looking for an average woman.   I’d been divorced for two years, from an abusive husband who had moved out while I was at work. MORE

The Top 14 Reasons

To Exercise Daily

by Porter Shimer

Exercise is more critical for basic survival, both physical and mental,  Only 30 minutes of moderate physical activity each day are needed to help unleash the cellular angst brought on by inactivity.  Bear that in mind as you review the following summary of the proven benefits of exercise: Exercise increases circulation by widening blood vessels and even creating new ones, thus reducing risks of heart attack and stroke. MORE

You And Your Type
Are You A Snob Or A Saint?

by Dani Stone

When my friend first pointed Don out across the room and told me she wanted me to meet him, I balked.  I could tell long distance that he was not my type.  He was too tall for me and I could hear his laughter from across the room.  He seemed boisterous and I preferred guys who were low-key with a cool exterior.  “He’s not my type!”  I told her dismissively.  “What about the guy standing next to him on the right?”  I asked with a wink.  He was more my type.  He was lean, the right height and I liked the way he was dressed.  “He’s married and he’s a jerk!” She said laughing.  “Come on,” she insisted, “you’ll love Don.”  Remember, smart women don’t judge books by their covers.  They dig into the “pages” before they make a judgment!”  It turned out she was right.   MORE

The Side Chick Saga

by Cheryl Lakes

Me:  OK…I admit it.  I used to be a side chick until I learned better.  I envisioned myself in love and willing to put up with “sharing his attention” until he came around to his senses. However, when I overheard a cousin refer to me as “his side chick” a bell went off in my head and I came to my senses instead.  I realized that it was a status  I resented and didn’t wish to be identified with.  While I was in that position, I often wondered if I was in a minority group, but I have since learned the answer is no. I spoke to two other women who consider themselves “stuck.” MORE

How To Spot A
Lemon Love

by M.K. Allison

My new boyfriend couldn’t take his eyes off my younger sister when she walked in the room. In fact, he became so engrossed in her and what she was saying, it was as if everyone else in the room had disappeared. When she left the room, he spent five minutes quizzing me about her and her love life. When he left, I blocked his number in my phone and cut all ties to the memory of him. Thank goodness, we hadn’t been dating long enough for me to be emotionally attached.       MORE

Girls Night Out

“The Honey Hunt”

by Doren Elliott

Usually when my girls and I go out on the party scene, we refer to it as “The Honey Hunt,” if our datebooks aren’t currently filled with love prospects.  As soon as I walked through the door of the party at the posh home of a local celebrity, my worst fears were realized.  Women were everywhere.  The only guy in the room was the host.  I spotted two women wearing the same outfit I almost wore, and breathed a sigh of relief. My best friend Amy and I sized up the competition, and became somewhat intimidated by those we saw as threats in the beauty competition, but decided to stay and tough it out. MORE

Video of the Week

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