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Lizzo Gets Massively Criticized For Outfit She Wore To Lakers Game: Lizzo went to the Lakers’ game on Sunday night, and a video of the “Truth Hurts” singer twerking courtside in her revealing outfit sparked divisive reactions on Twitter.  During a break in the game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, in which the Lakers took on the Timberwolves, the Laker Girls performed a dance routine to Lizzo’s hit single, “Juice,” and she got up and danced from the side of the court as the crowd cheered her on.  The singer was wearing a black t-shirt dress over fishnet stockings and, when she turned around to twerk for the cameras, she revealed that there was a hole cut out on her shirt that revealed the black thong that she wore underneath.  After footage of the moment started to make the rounds online the day after her Lakers outing, users on Twitter were quick to share their divided opinions on what she was wearing, with some calling the outfit and her dancing “indecent” for a professional basketball game where people of all ages, including children, were in attendance.  Meanwhile, others said that viewers would’ve been fine with the outfit if it had been worn by someone else, calling criticism of Lizzo’s ensemble “fat-shaming.”   Others pointed out past examples of other people being scantily-clad at professional sporting events that didn’t incite national outcry on social media as proof that some people have a problem with Lizzo’s size.   Others simply didn’t like Lizzo’s outfit.  The debate around her outfit made Lizzo the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter.

Rapper Juice Wrld May Have Triggered His Own Death:  PEOPLE Magazine is reporting this may have happened he downed a bunch of pills as law enforcement searched his private jet, according to a report.   The 21-year-old rapper, whose real name is Jarad Higgins, was flying to Chicago when the pilot alerted authorities that members of his group had guns on them, TMZ reported.  After his flight landed, the artist apparently swallowed a bunch of Percocet pills in what may have been a bid to hide them from authorities, sources told TMZ.  The rapper died after having an apparent seizure early Sunday at a private terminal of Midway International Airport, police said.  He was brought to the Christ Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead around 3:15 a.m. Reportedly, Wrld had a habit of taking up to 3 potent Percocet pills a day and would mix them with lean … according to his ex-girlfriend who claims the rapper became physically abusive when he tried to get clean.  Alexia Smith says she was in a relationship with the rapper for nearly a year in 2018 … and in that time she’d see him pop pills with lean as he struggled with depression, which she says stemmed from previous heartbreaks and the feeling of being misunderstood.  Smith claims Juice also used weed, Xanax, Ecstasy, morphine and coke … but Percocet and lean were his go-to vices.

Cuba Gooding Jr., Accused Of Sexual Assault By 7 More Women Bringing The Number To 22:  Manhattan prosecutors on Monday buttressed their case against Cuba Gooding Jr. by presenting evidence he had unwanted sexual contact with seven more women.  The allegations outlined in a legal motion filed Nov. 18 and released Monday in Manhattan Supreme Court bring to 22 the number of women who say the Academy Award-winning actor forcibly kissed, groped or sexually abused them.   In one of the new allegations, a woman accuses Gooding of harassing and then sexually assaulting her at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival in Utah.  The “Jerry Maguire” actor got mad at the woman for not drinking, the filing states.   When she eventually tried to leave the event, an “agitated” Gooding offered to walk her to her car and then forcibly kissed her in a secluded hallway. The woman further alleges Gooding pushed his hand into her crotch with such force “it caused the crotch of her tights to rip,” according to the filing.  In order to break free and run, the woman had to bite Gooding’s cheek, court papers allege.  In another instance, Gooding “forcefully” grabbed a woman’s vagina in August 2016 at a restaurant in Malibu, California, the court papers state.


by Sarah Smart

Q.   I have a serious admiration for a co-worker, and he walks around me like he doesn’t know I exist.  I don’t think he’s interested because he won’t even look at me, but my co-workers have convinced me that there’s a strong possibility that he may be interested and afraid to acknowledge his interest.  I’m writing you because I want to invite him to my friend’s party as my date, but I wanted your opinion.  What would you do?         MORE

The Dating Chronicles
The Dress

This was Candace’s wedding day and she was in awe that Richard Tower had chosen her to be his wife. They were getting married in a few hours and she still didn’t feel desirable enough to merit the heart of a man who turned heads in traffic. She smiled to herself as she recalled when he strode past her at Margo Hank’s wedding a year ago, and how she had silently wished for long hair, shapely legs and a prettier dress, as she fought to look in the opposite direction.  His strapping figure was the perfect blend of all the dashing lovers she often envisioned in the heap of romantic novels that dominated her bed and her thoughts.        MORE

Our End Of The

Year Fun Poll

Surprisingly, studies show that when single men and women are polled on their lifestyles, it appears that few are taking the time to really enjoy life, by setting aside time to do fun things.  For this poll, over 700 singles responded to a questionnaire on The Fun Factor in their lives.  From this, we learned that fun means different things to different people and that overall planned fun activities were few and far between:  In other words, it appears that many singles are spending more time at home than ever before.  


The Date

by Kerri Miller

The lights were low, the music was soft and I was on Cloud Nine as I sat across the table from a guy who seemed like he was catalog ordered, especially for me, from the Master Matchmaker.  He was tall, handsome, resplendently dressed, articulate and available…or so he said.  My cynicism, which always accompanied me when we were together, was still wagging its finger in my face, telling me to proceed cautiously. Therefore, I didn’t completely trust him yet, but I liked his hair, his hands, the dimple in his left cheek and the way he pronounced my name.    MORE

The Cost Of Being 
Married Vs. Single

by Tom Van Riper

On a month-to-month basis, marriage just doesn’t pay.  At least not far beyond the honeymoon phase, after which the happy couple invariably decides to leverage its new status into better living quarters, nicer cars and more “mature” spending priorities like insurance and church donations.   Getting hitched does have financial benefits at first.  MORE

The Triangle War:

Inside The Love Battle

by Jovan Tahale

Not too long ago, my cousin and I were sitting in a restaurant enjoying lunch with a mutual friend.  Ironically, we were in the middle of a discussion on how smart women do dumb things, when we heard a loud noise coming from a table behind us.  When we turned around, we saw a very well-dressed woman, standing over another woman whose face she had just slapped.  The man at the table was in the process of trying to keep them apart, as the “slapper” screamed insults and obscenities at the woman for being out with her man.  The table got turned over in the course of him trying to keep the violence down, as waiters came from all over the restaurant to assist. MORE ________________________________________________________________________

Surviving Divorce

by Victoria Perrett

Once upon a time there lived a guy and a girl.  They fell in love.  He bought a ring.  She said I do.  Confetti rained down.  The kids grew up.  And they retired to the coast.  But how often does this really happen?  With about half of marriages breaking down, divorce is becoming a daily reality. Marriage-Fairy Tale Or Nightmare? Have you ever wondered why a fairy tale always ends with the wedding scene?  Well, fairy tales are about weddings, not marriages.  We get carried away on a cloud of tulle and think that the sweetness of the wedding cake will satisfy us forever.  But sometimes it seems that our happily-ever after vanishes with the last wedding guest. MORE

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