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Memphis Grizzlies’ Marcus Smart Marries Maisa Hallum In ‘Fairytale’ Wedding. The NBA player and Hallum said “I do” in front of 300 guests at a Newport Coast, California resort.  This week, the Memphis Grizzlies player and his longtime girlfriend tied the knot at The Resort at Pelican Hill in front of 300 of their closest family and friends.

Among those in attendance were Boston Celtics players Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, Grant Williams of the Dallas Mavericks, Daniel Theis from the Indiana Pacers, and Gary Payton II from the Golden State Warriors. “Our wedding truly was a fairytale,” Hallum tells PEOPLE in an exclusive interview. “Every detail came to life and made it special, and being together with our loved ones was the cherry on top.” “What can I say? Dreams do come true and this was the most incredible day,” Smart, 29, adds.

Tory Lanez Is Reportedly “Scared For His Life” In Prison. Earlier this month, Tory was officially sentenced to 10 years in prison, for the 2020 shooting of Megan Thee Stallion in her foot. But, he has since been credited with almost a year in prison, due to time served. A plea deal was turned down by Tory, though, that would’ve given him four years in prison instead. However, the Toronto rapper has since been appealing his sentence. Tory’s motion for bond was denied earlier this week, though, and has since been transferred to North Kern State Prison, which is 120 miles away from Los Angeles.

Moreover, Tory has been placed in administrative segregation. This separates Tory from other inmates, including when he’s in the yard. Food is also delivered to him to his cell. According to Page Six, Tory has also reportedly been “scared for his life,” while in prison. Furthermore, he feels like he’s a target. This comes amid reports that North Kern has seen inmates recently be murdered. Page Six reports…“Tory is scared for his life and safety in prison. He feels like he is an instant and direct target because of his celebrity status. He stands in at 5-foot-3, so his size is definitely a setback. He is housed with real hardcore criminals,

Ex-Lakers Star Trevor Ariza Reveals Dire Financial Situation Despite Making $116 Million In NBA.  revealed his financial situation has drastically changed since leaving the NBA last year — as he argued his support to his ex-wife Bree Anderson should be around $3k a month, RadarOnline.com has learned. According to court documents, Trevor submitted a report as part of his divorce that was put together by a certified public accountant who examined his finances. Trevor and Bree have been fighting over how much he will pay in support for months.

The NBA star’s ex demanded $60k in support. She argued that while Trevor did not have his NBA paychecks coming in, he still had a ton of assets he could sell off to satisfy any support obligations.  In court filings, Bree said during their marriage they enjoyed private chefs, a household staff, Rolls Royce vehicles, and a massive 5-bedroom, 7-bathroom residence in Playa Vista, California. She argued their kids should continue to live the same lifestyle despite the split. Trevor, who was paid over $116 million during his time in the NBA, told the court he was in the process of reducing his budget.


Single Sketches


Malia:  “I met and married a man after only knowing him for three weeks and that was four years ago and I have never been happier.” Carmela:  “My cousin met a man and married him after four weeks against everyone’s advice, and he left a month later without a word.  Unfortunately, she still sits in the window looking for him.”  MORE


The Dating Chronicles

By Accident …

Candy gave no hint of recognition as she limply grasped the familiar hand.  She felt faint as the pounding in her heart rose to a high crescendo.  She had not seen Matt in four months, but the memory was still fresh in the vault.  His hand was warm and filled with the strength that was him.  His eyes intense as ever, stared blankly as if awaiting admonishment for his past behavior.    MORE


5 Big Mistakes

Job Seekers Make

by Bill Dueease

Most people spend approximately 25% to 67% of their waking hours working.  Eventually, almost everyone will want to work in a career that they enjoy doing and are paid well enough to live a prosperous life.  Yet, far too many people end up being miserable in their jobs and find themselves stuck in a career that they didn’t choose and don’t like.  Falling into an unhappy work rut does not have to happen and can be corrected.  By avoiding the following mistakes, you will make your next career move the one you’ve always wanted.    MORE


From The Male Room

“Women, Etc.,”

Carl W. “It only takes one date to discover the chemistry. If it’s not there, there’s no point in wasting any more time.  The problem is always what to say at the door.” Tom B. “I married a woman after only dating her for four months because I was enchanted with her confidence, her strength, and her ability to bake an apple pie.”  Ken S. “Parties are the best places to meet friendly women. But it’s a tough place for a guy with poor pulling skills. Guys who are too polite, or too nice get waved away fast.”   MORE


10 Keys To Living

Your Best Life

by M.K. Allison

Several months ago, I came across some great tips by the motivational speaker, Anthony Robbins, which offered a new perspective on living your best life that I found transforming in my own life.  Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.  Last year, at Christmas time, when I pulled the name of a longtime enemy out of the grab bag at work, I decided to exceed the $15.00 gift rule and gave her a $25 cash card.  When she opened the card and came over and hugged me, I knew our feuding days were over, and I felt wonderful.   Later, she became my best ally at work. Hook up with a man/woman you love to talk to.  I love to converse. Last year, I finally stopped accepting quiet on a guy as exotic.  If he doesn’t have good conversational skills, I can no longer hang.  To me, a soulmate means being with someone I can speak my heart to, and he responds in accord.   MORE



by Sarah Smart

Q.  My best friend’s boyfriend flirts openly with me in front of her. He makes obscene passes at me every time we’re in the same company and he leaves flirtatious messages on my phone. But the last straw came recently when he called me and stated that there was “chemistry” between us that was undeniable. I responded by informing him, that to the contrary, I found him repulsive and hung up. Then, when I left for work this morning, he was parked in front of my door offering me a ride to work. I ignored him but I’m stressed out over this situation. He knows I won’t tell my friend, for fear of hurting her and he is taking full advantage of my loyalty. What would you do?   MORE


How To Hook Up

After A Breakup

by Lisa Lombardi

Now that you’re single again, I’m sure all of your friends are clamoring for your fabulous company. But if you’re hoping to meet someone special, which pals will prove most helpful—single friends? Couples, perhaps? Or are you better off hitting the town alone?  While any friend who makes you feel good about yourself belongs on your speed dial, there are distinctive pros and cons to socializing with single people and marrieds, says Karen Gail Lewis, author of With or Without a Man: Single Women Taking Control of Their Lives. And yes, there are even plusses to being the mysterious woman eating alone at the bar. So read on for the real deal about which method will work best for you. MORE


You’ve Just Met...

How To Tell

He’s The Real Thing

by William July, II

When I first met my cousin’s new boyfriend, I knew he was a phony.  (Another man can usually spot the tell-tale signs on another man.)  But my cousin was in seventh heaven with her head in the clouds.  He couldn’t look anybody in the eye at the family holiday gathering, and my elderly uncle, who is known for his embarrassingly acid tongue told her point-blank that the guy was “good-looking, but didn’t look trustworthy.”      MORE



Who Is He/She Really?

by Lori Myerson

For those who have been deceived, tricked, or bamboozled by lovers or others who turned out to be the opposite of what you thought … know that you are not alone.  Dani:  “When I met my husband, he was in church singing in the choir, and was the most eligible bachelor in the church.  He had what everyone called “a holy nature,” and I was certain that God had finally smiled on me.  However, two weeks after we “cut the cake” in front of hundreds of well-wishers, I caught him in our bed with one of the choir members when I came home from work unexpectedly.”   MORE

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