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State Dept. Warns Sweden About A$AP Rocky’s Arrest

by Cheryl Lakes 

The U.S. State Dept. Warns Sweden Regarding A$AP Rocky Arrest:  A$AP Rocky has remained in Swedish detention since his arrest on July 3. With reports circulating of his mistreatment behind bars and no clear path to his release anytime in sight, Politico learned Sunday that the U.S. Department of State has issued a warning of sorts urging the Swedish government to make sure Rocky, born Rakim Mayers, is treated properly in prison. There are certainly some facts about the arrest and detention that raise concerns,” a department spokesperson said in a statement. “We expect all governments, including Sweden, to treat American citizens fairly and with respect. We hope to see A$AP Rocky and his colleagues back on tour and reunited with friends and family soon.”

The report goes on to state that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been briefed on the issue and many top officials will continue to monitor the Harlem native’s situation very closely. Prosecutors in Sweden legally have until Friday to decide if they will pursue assault charges against Rocky and three others in his crew. Rocky was arrested July 3 following an altercation before his performance at the SMASH festival.  A petition calling for Rocky’s release on Change.org has accumulated nearly 600,000 signatures and has been shared by Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, T.I., Post Malone and more famous friends.

Trey Songz Claims Self Defense In Domestic Assault Lawsuit:  Trey Songz is claiming he was only defending himself in his ongoing domestic assault lawsuit filed by Andrea Buera.  Songz, 34, whose real name is Tremaine Neverson, is arguing self-defense as the reason to throw out the lawsuit, according to court documents obtained by The Blast. The “Slow Motion” crooner claims he wasn’t responsible for any injuries Buera sustained and says he “reasonably believed Plaintiff was going to harm him and any force he used was only the amount reasonable necessary to protect himself.”

Songz has been battling Buera since NBA All-Star Weekend 2018 when she claimed he allegedly attacked her.  Both the Los Angeles District Attorney and City Attorney declined to file misdemeanor and felony charges against him for lack of evidence, so Buera filed a civil lawsuit against him, claiming he choked her and punched her several times in the face after he saw her talking to another man.

Parents Fear That R. Kelly’s “Love Slaves” May Be In Suicide Pact With Singer:  LoveBScott is reporting that the two women who have been living with R. Kelly have not been seen since he’s been arrested and Joycelyn Savage’s parents fear they may kill themselves in a suicide pact. The women, who were living with the singer at Trump Tower in Chicago are no longer there, after the feds raided his apartment Thursday night and sealed it off.   The Savage family lawyer, Gerald Griggs, tells TMZ, he believes Joycelyn and Azriel Clary are with R. Kelly’s people at an undisclosed location in Chicago.

Griggs says the Savages are concerned that the two women may see the handwriting on the wall for R. Kelly and have hatched a plan to kill themselves if it looks like he’s not coming back.  So far, Griggs says, attempts to locate the two women have proven futile.     Azriel’s parents, however, say they know where the two girls are … they’re in another apartment in the Trump Tower. They say R. Kelly had two units in the building, and the second one was in Azriel’s name and the feds did not raid it. Azriel’s parents do not believe the two women have a suicide pact.  As reported, Kelly was arrested Thursday night in Chicago while walking his dog, and he now faces an array of federal charges in both New York and Illinois, including racketeering, sex trafficking and obstruction of justice.


by Sarah Smart

Q:  I went on a second date with “Mr. Right” who treated me like a princess.  We had a wonderful evening at a great restaurant, where he stared into my eyes like he was experiencing love at first sight.  After dinner, we went on a boat ride where he claimed that he hadn’t been able to stop thinking about me since our first date.  When he brought me home, I declined his attempt to come in “for awhile,” and he seemed disturbed by my response.   That was a month ago and I haven’t heard from him since.  When I called him, he was abrupt and stated he would call back, but didn’t.  He hasn’t responded to any of my texts as well. Do you think I should try to contact him again?  I really liked him and was hoping this one was the one.    MORE

The Dating Chronicles

The Hidden Lover

Kate was often in the company of Michael, because of their shared relationship with her best friend Dee.  Kate, who was not dating, lived vicariously through Dee’s encounters and Dee was never without a man.   She could be heartbroken on Thursday, sworn to a life of seclusion by Saturday and giggling on a new date by Monday.  She bounced through relationships, mixing the bitter with the sweet, without ever seeming to land.  But this time, it was different…for Michael was different.  And no one knew this better than Kate, for she had become obsessed with possessing him, even though he was loved by Dee.    MORE

The Unlikely Mix Of Drugs And Dating

by Jana Corley

It seems everywhere I look of late I’m finding men who are fine specimens of manhood, who are either snorting cocaine or smoking crack. Last month, I went out with a guy for the first time who seemed like a great catch. He was a handsome attorney driving a new Jaguar with a personality to match, but he offered me some “coke” before we could get to a stoplight.  I refused and requested to go back to my apartment. I was too turned off to continue the evening or the encounter. SMH…First, there was a shortage of men, now there’s seems to be a shortage of men who are not on drugs.


Can You Make Him
Love You Again?

by Karen Miller

Today, with advertised statistics and stiff competition, male confusion is at an all time high.  Few men know what they want and most run Olympic-style, when help is offered to assist them in the decision process.  There seems to be far more cases where men are abandoning relationships where the women are still enthralled.  When this happens, some let go and move on with their lives.  Others become creative in reeling him back in.  Here are some success stories:   MORE

16 Steps To Being Unpopular

by Coco Diong

Recently, as I was about to enter a “by invitation only” party, I noticed a commotion at the door. A very tall pretty girl was doing all she could to gain entrance by giving the host a hard time.  She was insistent that her name had to be on the list because she was with “the mayor’s office.” The would-be guest was then told bluntly that it was a private party for a select group of people, and was asked to leave.  Later, I overheard the host tell another guest that the woman was very unpopular because of her personality issues.  After that incident  I was prompted to write an article on what makes one unpopular after a conversation with two friends, who suffer from unpopularity with women and don’t understood why.       MORE

Scoops & Scandals
From All Over…

Atlanta:  Sweet Revenge…Three years ago, a local schoolteacher watched her best friend walk the aisle with the man she loved.  She had stolen him right from under her nose.  However, the marriage lasted three months and last month, after his divorce became final, he walked the aisle with her. Word is that she waited on him, and never doubted that he would come back to her despite the betrayal.     MORE

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