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Rihanna’s Latest Controversial Cover Shoot.  Great Interview – Cover Not So Much. The Root reports…RiRi is the cover girl for the Spring 2024 issue of Interview magazine where she talks about everything from how she met her partner A$AP Rocky to what she keeps in her diaper bag.

And while fans usually love to soak up every bit of the “Rude Boy” singer they can, this time, some online have a lot to say about her look on the cover. This week, the magazine posted the singer’s cover shots on Instagram. The mompreneur is dressed in a nun’s habit with a blouse that is slightly unbuttoned to reveal her cleavage for the magazine cover.

But that outfit, along with her makeup – blue eye shadow and an eye-catching red lip – was just a little too close to inappropriate for some who are not holding back their disappointment. “I love u riri but this is not okay,” “This is just distasteful, I’m not even Christian or Catholic and I feel like it’s just disrespectful and in poor taste,” and “That’s a no-go, leave all religions alone,” are just a sampling of the comments left by people who felt Rihanna crossed the line with her look for the photo shoot.

However, the interview was revealing. “The only thing that I knew I wanted, or that I could imagine, was motherhood. I didn’t know how it would come, but it is the best part of my journey so far. Everything else was a surprise.” During the interview, the proud mother of two talked about her plans for another baby, emphasizing her desire to finally have a girl after welcoming sons RZA, who turns two in May, and Riot Rose, eight months.

Why Basketball Star Angel Reese Is So Unhappy.  Angel Reese shared what she’s experienced in the year following LSU’s 2023 title win and says she hasn’t been happy since that day. Recently, the rematch of the 2023 Women’s March Madness final went down and the sports world was locked in. 

Angel Reese led LSU looked to defend their title but in the end, fell to Caitlin Clark and Iowa after Clark put on an epic 41-point scoring performance.  According to CNN, Reese used her post-game press conference to discuss the adversity she’s faced since the team’s 2023 March Madness win.

“I don’t really get to speak out on things just because I try to ignore,” Reese told reporters. “I just try to stand strong. I’ve been through so much. I’ve seen so much. I’ve been attacked so many times (with) death threats. I’ve been sexualized. I’ve been threatened. I’ve been so many things and I’ve stood strong every single time.

Reese then spoke about the bond she has with her teammates and how she tried to shake it off and be the best teammate she could.  Reese’s teammates Flau’jae Johnson and Hailey Van Lith also chimed in and confirmed everything Reese said while Johnson wiped away her tears. “I just try to stand strong for my teammates because I don’t want them to see me down and not be there for them,” said Reese.

Diddy’s Son Christian Combs Accused Of Sexual Assault In New Lawsuit. The newly filed lawsuit alleges that Christian Combs sexually assaulted a woman while she was working on a yacht his father chartered for a trip in 2022, according to NBC News. Filed on Thursday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Grace O’Marcaigh accuses Diddy’s son of sexually assaulting her in December 2022.

This happened while she was working on a boat charter that had been “sold as a wholesome family excursion.” Instead, it turned into a “hedonistic environment” where she was groped on her “legs, breast, anus and vagina.”

The lawsuit claims the alleged incident occurred just a few days before the Bad Boy mogul hosted a New Year’s Eve yacht party with a bunch of celebrity guests in attendance. These allegations are the latest in a wave of damning accusations against the family, with multiple lawsuits accusing the 54-year-old of sexual assault, sex trafficking, and more. Combs and his legal team continue to deny all of the allegations.

Single Sketches

Men: On The

Issue Of Divorce

by Coco Diong

I think most women believe that men fare better after a divorce than we do.  However, many do not cope as well as women think they do when a marriage fails.  According to the following comments, some men are traumatized emotionally and scarred for a time. Most of the men interviewed for this article seemed to not be able to grasp what really went wrong in their marriages.  Many admitted to not knowing how to express love or cherish their wives when they had them.     MORE


The Dating Chronicles

The Wrong Move

George was dating Kelly’s mother when they first met.  Kelly was with her boyfriend when she ran into George and her mother coming out of the theater.  Kelly’s reaction to George’s good looks was so obvious that her boyfriend commented on it. Kelly had heard a lot about George, but she wasn’t prepared for his striking appearance. He was tall, built like a boxer, and very distinguished-looking. As they stood making chit-chat, Kelly was instantly attracted to him and decided that she wanted him.    MORE



One Ring …

Two Women

One Man’s Story

by Carl Gitland

It had been a tiring drive from the airport to my apartment because I had allowed non-stop thinking to completely exhaust me mentally.  I had a problem and the need to solve it was pressing heavily on my mind.  Angela, the woman beside me had gone with me to Jamaica and it was pleasant being with her.  But I did not enjoy her this time like I usually did.  She loved me and everything to her was beautiful and awe-inspiring.     MORE


How Not To

Be A Victim

by B.L. Peters

Several months ago, I escaped being raped, and here’s how.  It was ten o’clock at night and gloomy as I parked my car and began walking to my apartment complex.  Suddenly out of nowhere, a very well-dressed man appeared at my side.  I looked up startled and he laughed smoothly. I remember he had gorgeous teeth. “I hope I didn’t startle you,” he said in a low deep voice. “I live in that building, and I was just looking for a little walk-home company.”  MORE    ______________________________________________________________________________________

Bad Love:

Why It’s So

Hard To Let Go

by Jovan Tahale

He was bad for me and I knew it, but I was too weak to fight.  I thought it was love, but it was lust. I talked to myself often.  “Okay, so the good times were memorable.  But can they sustain you now?  Do they help at all when he doesn’t call?  Do the old times, long gone times do anything for the way you feel when he makes excuses for doing something else, everything else, but spend time with you?”   MORE



by Sarah Smart

Q. While at home recuperating from a car accident with a broken leg, my neighbor who is single, attractive, and very friendly, knocked on my door with a beautifully prepared dinner on a tray. I gladly accepted and was very grateful. The next day, I sent her flowers to express my appreciation. She called that night to thank me and has called every day since then. I get the message that she’s interested in us becoming something other than friends, but I’m already involved with someone and I’m not interested. You’re always advising guys to tell the truth. So I did. When she asked if I was seeing someone, I told the truth and she continued to call as if she didn’t hear me. I don’t want to be rude, but her calls have become a pain. Any suggestions?   MORE


18 Life-Changing

Moves For The Better

by Jan Pitts

  • Spend Smart: Don’t spend ridiculous amounts of money because of the designer label. Remember, no one can see the label but you.
  • Reach: Extend a smile to a stranger.  It means a lot.
  • Restrain: Don’t socialize regularly with people who reflect an image or value system different than your own. Skid To A Stop: In relationships, don’t go along for the ride and then complain all while you’re riding. Button Up: Don’t tell anyone something that you don’t want them to know. If you can’t think of an answer to a question you don’t want to answer, ignore the question. Firm Up: Don’t cry or fret more than once over the same man/woman.   MORE


Love Signs:

5 Ways To Tell

He’s The One

by Lisa Lombardi

We’ve all had them—those “I can’t believe he did that!” moments on first dates.  I went on a dinner date once with a guy who took a 10-minute call from his mom during our meal.  Another really cute guy invited me out for coffee and asked for my share — all of $3 — when it came time to pay the bill.   First dates are great for spotting characters.  We polled experts and frequent daters to help you detect early tip-offs that he’s got serious boyfriend potential.  Here’s what to look for…  MORE


“I Would Never

Date A Man Or

Woman Who …”


  • “Is impatient with children.”
  • “Is recently separated from his wife.”
  • “Tells you in the beginning that he’s not monogamous.”
  • “Mentions the big pimple you were hoping he didn’t notice.”
  • “Always wants you to accommodate him. Beware of the guy who doesn’t extend himself.”
  • “Is addicted to watching television. With him, if it can’t be done in front of the TV, it’s not worth doing.”
  • “Disputes the dinner check more than once.”   MORE


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