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Matt James And Rachael Kirkconnell Are Back Together And Expected To Show At Hamptons Party: According to Page Six, “The Bachelor” star Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell will take their romance to the Hamptons — along with a reality star third wheel.  James and fellow Bachelor Nation star Tyler Cameron will be in Montauk over Memorial Day weekend to kick off the opening of the sports bar Bounce’s new location out East, James, 29, and Kirkconnell, 24, split, but have been spotted together since April.  A source told Page Six, “They are back together, but Matt is hesitant to publicly and outrightly confirm it right now because it’s still fresh, and they still have issues to work through.”  The source added, “Rachael already faced scrutiny for her past, and now all eyes have shifted to Matt, so he’s feeling pressure to set a good example for other black men.” Kirkconnell confirmed in a WSJ Magazine profile last week that they are back together.

Lawsuit Says Lamar Odom Is Deadbeat Dad Who Refuses To Pay Child Support: Page Six reports…Landlords are trying to evict Lamar Odom’s children and their mother from their posh Manhattan apartment because the former basketball star has refused to cough up child support, a new lawsuit alleges. Liza Morales, who had two children with the NBA great, claimed in a lawsuit filed late Thursday in Manhattan Supreme Court that Odom completely stopped paying child support last June and has been violating their 2015 agreement for the last six years, records allege. The pair have long quarreled with each other over their shared children, custody agreements, and child support issues and have both brought lawsuits against each other over the last decade.

According to the pair’s custody arrangement, Odom is required to pay about $6,000 a month in child support, along with college fees and a premium for a $9 million life insurance plan but for nearly a year, he’s been delinquent, Morales alleged. Odom, who was previously married to Khloe Kardashian and has struggled with drug abuse, made millions in his basketball career, has a large NBA pension, and is due to make more than $40,000 from an upcoming celebrity boxing match against Aaron Carter, the records say.

Tank Bravely Announces He’s Having Some Serious Health Issues: BOSSIP reports…R&B singer Tank revealed that he’s suffering from some major health issues right now, which includes losing his hearing. “I’m going completely deaf in my right ear. I’m kind of losing sound in my left. Dizzy. Can’t walk a straight line. All of this out of nowhere,” he said in the video. “Don’t know how or why. Seen the doctors. Got MRI and all that good stuff going on. Medication.” Even though the footage is somber, Tank went on to say that he’s not giving up on his health or his life goals because of these ailments. He also offered his fans words of encouragement–even though he’s the one going through such a difficult time. “No matter what you’re going through, no matter where you find yourself,” he continued, “Whether your body is failing you, whether your mind is failing you, whether your spirit is failing you. Keep going, keep pushing.”

T.I. And Tiny Sex Assault Accuser Alleges Couple Forced Her To Have Sex With Nelly:  BOSSIP reports…If you recall, since January over a dozen women have claimed to have experienced similar instances of abuse at the hands of celebrity couple T.I. and Tiny Harris. The allegations from the unnamed women range from being drugged, sex trafficked, and/or raped and they’ve lawyered up to seek criminal charges against the reality/ music stars in several states. Now, Nelly is being accused of sexual abuse in association with the couple. The woman’s story was reported by Madame Noire only after the outlet examined a video posted on Instagram in February that recounted — with accompanying visuals — some of the accusations made by accusers of the Harrises who alleged they were sexually abused by the two. 

Being referred to as “Jane Doe 4” in the video, the narrator recounted the survivor’s alleged story which claims she was initially approached by Tiny “to be their assistant” back in 2005. Doe then alleges that she was never compensated for the work she did for them and that “on one occasion T.I. stood over her and forced her to swallow eight ecstasy pills.” The video continued telling the alleged account, naming Nelly as someone the couple “forced” her to have sex with back several years after initially working with them in 2014.

Unforgettable Dating Lessons

Judith – 34 – “If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away.  If he doesn’t want you, nothing can make him stay.” Candy – 28 – “If a relationship ends because a guy wasn’t treating you as you wish to be treated, then you cannot end up being friends.  Friends don’t mistreat friends.” Joni – 31 – “I learned the hard way to follow my gut in relationships.  If you feel like he’s stringing you along, he probably is.” Shari– 36 – “Never stay in a bad relationship because you hope things will get better because it seldom does.  A year later, you’ll be mad at yourself because things didn’t change and you feel even more beaten down.”     MORE

The Dating Chronicles                   
The Search

Jake was beginning to feel frustrated and exhausted.  He had been dating several women for the past few weeks, in hopes of replacing the unforgettable Kim, but he was having no luck.  He found fault with everyone he took out, including the one last night.  He’d had high hopes for her.  The evening had been splendid until she got to her door and blew it.  She, unknowingly, asked the one question that always succeeded in perturbing him.  when will I see you again?”  Masking his resentment, he gave his standard reply, “I’ll call you.” He couldn’t stand women who couldn’t hide their anxiousness for romance.        MORE


5 Things To
Remember When You
Meet Someone New
  1. Think Friendship First.  Start out on a friendly tone when you meet a new interest.  Don’t rush into the romance thing too soon. I used to envision each new handsome face I met on my arm before the first martini arrived.  I also dated too many guys I ended up not liking as a person because I was blinded by the glamour of their outward “package.”  2. Don’t Be Overly Sensitized.  Everyone can’t feel your flavor.  Play it loose. Everyone has the type he/she is attracted to, and sometimes we fail to fall into that category.  This fact should never be taken personally.  I was often caught up in feeling rejected, most unqualified, and less than, whenever I didn’t get a follow-up call after a first date, but I know better now.     MORE


Point Of View

From Fickle To Finish

One Man’s Confession

by V. Carson

Like most single brothers out here, I’m on a mission to live my best life. This includes a fine home, an awesome ride, good income, peace of mind, and the woman of my dreams on my right arm. However, like many guys, I often run into trouble because in the romance department, it’s been a severe challenge trying to find all that I want in one woman.  Therefore, I have a tendency to jump around a bit, bore easily, and make commitments I find hard to keep. MORE


The 2021 Singles Status ReportWhat Singles Are Saying And Doing …

The Salem Report

This annual survey is conducted to learn more about the current attitudes and lifestyles of single men and women across the country.  Over 900 singles responded to this independent study. 41% of the women over 35 had never married.  18% had married and divorced twice.  7% had been married at least three times.  47% had not married.  31% had lived with a mate without being married.  43% of the women were not receiving child support from the father of their children.   MORE

5 Things Men Pay

Most Attention To

On A Woman

by CoCo Diong

A recent poll conducted on this subject was very revealing. 86% of the men considered shoes to be a significant part of a woman’s sex appeal. David: Atlanta – “Shoes say a lot about a woman’s sensuality.  There is nothing sexier than a woman in high heels.” 67% ranked her attire as one of the top five:  Tom:  Chicago – “What a woman wears makes an interesting statement about who she is.  If her clothes are over the top revealing with boobs and thighs in the forefront, or she wears excessive make-up, etc.; it appears that she’s trying too hard to be noticed.  Sexiness begins in a woman’s mind. Simplicity with flair is what I look for and when a woman is dressed like she’s trying desperately to gain attention, it can send me in the opposite direction.” MORE


Story Of The Week
A Memorable
Match Mishap

by Freda Sinclair

My stomach twirled as I drove along to the familiar sounds of Luther on the radio.  I was on my way to a blind date with a new attitude and hope in my heart. I had decided to stop being so picky and to be more open to guys who didn’t necessarily meet all my criteria.  As a rule, I hated blind dates, but my best friend had met this “wonderful” guy, who supposedly had a wonderful friend, and I was ready to be giggly over a newfound encounter with some potential. I had not met my friend’s new friend yet, but based on her description,, I was hopeful that his friend would be as equally dynamic.   MORE


The Singles Scene

by Sarah Smart

Q.  I’ve got a horrible secret that I can’t keep to myself any longer.  I got drunk and slept with my best friend’s husband while she was out of town. However, I felt really guilty about it and needed to confess it to somebody. So,  called a friend, who I figured could keep my secret.  However, before I could make my confession, when I mentioned his name, she broke down and confessed that she had slipped up and slept with the same guy.  I was shocked and ended up not saying anything.  Now, I want to tell my best friend about her no-good cheating husband and end the friendship because I can no longer look at her with good conscience.  However, I’m torn between clearing my conscience and hurting her.  Any suggestions? MORE


7 Surprising Facts
About Dating &
Domestic Violence

by Coco Diong

FACT #1:  Singles, (men and women) often suffer silently in abusive relationships and no one really talks about it.   I discovered this on a personal level when my best friend confessed recently that she had been in an abusive relationship for over two years and was too embarrassed to tell anyone.  She claimed she was too scared to end the relationship because she was afraid he would kill her.  I understood.  Several years ago, one of our college roommates broke off with an abusive boyfriend.  A month later, he waited for her in the parking lot where she worked and shot her to death in front of her co-workers.  Here are more revealing facts.  MORE


The Love

Advice No

One Takes

by Callna M. Sharey

My friends call me for advice all the time, but no one listens.  Last week was a rough week.  The reason is that I listened to too many sob stories in a five-day period.  I am known to listen patiently while sympathizing appropriately with my female friends as they moan and pine about the loss of love, unrequited love, or the abuse of love.  However, though they all ask for my counsel, no one takes it.  I often wonder why some women are smart when it comes to picking the mates of their friends, and dumb when it comes to picking their own.  MORE

Video of the Week

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