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 Ben Affleck And Girlfriend Join Other Noted Celebrities In Protests In California: Hollywood is showing support for the Black Lives Matter movement … with tons of huge celebs taking to the streets of Los Angeles to protest in the wake of George Floyd‘s death.  Machine Gun Kelly carried a sign that read, “Stop Arresting Protesters! Arrest Killer Cops!!” as he marched alongside Travis Barker, who had his own sign saying, “NO JUSTICE NO PEACE.” Ben Affleck and his girlfriend Ana de Armas carry Black Lives Matter signs and signs supported a local black church.  Logan Paul reunited with his ex, Josie Canseco, for the protest through Hollywood … and Halsey walked alongside her ex, Yungblud, for their second L.A. protest together. Other celebs joining the massive protest included … Emily Ratajkowski and her husband, Sebastian McClard, plus Mod Sun, Cara Santana, DeRay Davis and Tinashe.

Boxer To Pay For George Floyd Funeral Services:  Floyd Mayweather has offered to pay for all four funeral services planned for George Floyd, whose death in Minnesota has inspired protests and demonstrations across many cities in the United States and elsewhere around the world. TMZ reports that the family has accepted Mayweather’s offer. Hollywood Unlocked first reported the offer from Mayweather.  The 43-year-old Mayweather decided to offer after learning that Anzel Jennings, CEO of the TMT music label, grew up with George in Houston. Reports are that Mayweather has said he felt it was the right thing to do.   It’s not the first time that Mayweather has done something like this, as in 2011 he paid for the funeral of Genaro Hernandez, who died of cancer at 45. Hernandez was the fighter Mayweather defeated to win his first world title, the WBC 130-pound belt, back in 1998.  Mayweather has not fought since Aug. 2017, when he defeated UFC superstar Conor McGregor in a crossover boxing match.  More recently, Mayweather has stated his intention to become a full-time trainer, following in the footsteps of his father and uncle Roger, who passed away earlier this year.

Beyonce Is ‘Broken And Disgusted’ By Racism And The Death Of George Floyd: Beyoncé is the latest celebrity to speak up on behalf of the slain Minnesota man George Floyd, who was killed by a police officer on-camera this week, sparking outrage and protests around the country.   “I’m sure you feel hopeless by the racism going on in America right now. No more senseless killings of human beings. No more seeing people of color as less than human. We can no longer look away. George is all of our family in humanity. There have been too many times that we’ve seen these violent killings and no consequences. Yes, someone has been charged but justice is far from being achieved.” In the video and in her caption, she went on to direct her followers to sign the change.org petition that was set up to seek justice for Floyd.

Faith Evans Arrested For Domestic Violence Against Spouse:  BOSSIP reports…Things have gotten really ugly between Faith Evans and Stebie J. According to TMZ reports, their law enforcement sources say Evans was arrested earlier this week at around 1 AM after cops were called to their L.A.-area home. Reportedly, the couple got into a heated argument which eventually turned violent. Sources for TMZ say police saw visible marks and scratches on Stevie’s face and police arrested Faith and booked her for felony domestic violence. Evans bonded out later the same day. Faith has not made any comments about the reports and her Instagram profile photo is currently a picture of her with Stevie J, while Stevie’s IG bio currently reads: I love mine! Husband/Multiple Grammy Award winning music producer/ “@vh1 tv producer.   The couple has dodged rumors about marital strife for some time now.  

Quavo Is Looking For A New Superstar: Page Six reports…If you’re ready to walk it talk it, Quavo wants to hear from you.  The 29-year-old recent grad, one-third of platinum-selling hip-hop artists Migos, will be sitting at the judge’s table — alongside groupmate TakeOff, producer Murda Beatz and songwriter Starrah — for Triller’s new talent-search competition, “Step Up to the Mic.”  “I’m looking for a superstar,” the “Pick Up” artist shared with Page Six. “Someone who has the ambition, someone who’s willing to learn, but also knows what they bring to the table. Someone unique and real.”  Most importantly, Quavo is looking for someone willing to put the effort in, adding, “They have to have that mamba mentality — RIP Kobe — and be ready to work.”  The Atlanta native added that singers should be prepared to “adapt” and be willing to push themselves past their comfort zones.  “Make sure your voice is as powerful as the ones spitting bars, and just no complaints,” Quavo warned. “Sometimes, being a singer, even I complain — like, ‘my voice ain’t right today’ — but it’s really important to bring it every time with no excuses.”  Prizes for the winner include an original hit song crafted by the judges, an accompanying music video, and a major record label and management deal of up to a year. With the necessity of major labels constantly being questioned since the rise of online distribution, Quavo understands the appeal of indies but maintains majors still have their place.


by Sarah Smart

Q.  I’m about to host an elegant engagement dinner party at my home, but I have a problem. I cannot stand my best friend’s boyfriend, and she can’t go anywhere without him. He is obnoxious, vulgar, and flirtatious, and I don’t want him within ten feet of my door. However, I know if I tell her not to bring him, then she won’t come, and I can’t imagine having the party without her. What can I do?   MORE

The Dating Chronicles

By Chance…

Elana met Alex while the two were visiting a mutual friend in the hospital.  Elana was impressed the moment she laid eyes on him.  They had been engaged in talk and laughter for over thirty minutes before she realized that Alex was blind.  Although he was very attractive, her heart fell when he stood up and reached for a cane next to his chair.  Her shock and disappointment were evident in her voice when she made the sudden announcement that she had to go to an appointment.  MORE


Can He Be Faithful?

by Candace Rogers

Be clear! If he cheats with you, he will cheat on you! It took me a while to understand this poignant fact. I used to think that a woman’s beauty or lack thereof had something to do with whether or not a guy would cheat on her. I assumed that beautiful women stood less a chance of a man being unfaithful than a woman who was not so physically endowed. But I learned the hard way that though men have a deep appreciation for a woman’s beauty if he has a cheating heart, it doesn’t matter how pretty she is, he will soon become bored.  When I sat down to write this, I realized that in all my years of dating, I’ve never dated a guy who didn’t cheat on me.      MORE 


Would You
Share Him?

by CoCo Diong

I was in a complete state of shock the day I ran into my boyfriend coming out of a restaurant with his arm draped affectionately around the shoulders of another woman.  In fact, I was in a state of shock for two reasons.  First, she looked better than me, and she was obviously much younger.  I was 34 at the time, and I’m sure ol’ girl was about 20. I also knew instinctively that she was more than a friend. When I called out his name, his face registered a sheepish look, but he kept walking. The woman had an amused look on her face, as I continued to call his name.  MORE


10 Ways To Date Smart

by Lisa Laird

After a lengthy debate about dating smart with a friend whose brain excels in books, and vanishes at the sight of a handsome male, I decided to share my formula list for men and women on how to take some of the anguish out of dating, and make a favorable, indelible mark in the minds of all they encounter. MORE


Points Of View

Is There An Art To Rejection?

Compiled by Cheryl Lakes

Yanni: “It is my opinion that too many women volunteer on a high scale level to be rejected by men.  I have six friends who are single, and only one is in a loving relationship.  The other five scramble to be accepted by guys who shouldn’t be allowed on their block.”  Shelli:  “I think women are more prone emotionally to deal with rejection than men are.  The Bachelor Show on ABC truly demonstrates how women are more accepting of the feeling than men are.  Women cry and men turn violent.”  MORE


Can You Tell

He’s Cheating

by M.K. Allison

Sandy: “My boyfriend was fooling around with my sister-in-law, (my brother’s wife) and I didn’t know, but I did know.  I could tell by the attention he gave her and his demeanor toward me, that I was no longer special.  I’m just glad I ended the relationship before I walked in on them at a cousin’s wedding reception.  I believe women are psychic.  My brother never saw it coming.” Carla: “I believe strongly that a woman should always follow that sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach when she feels her man may be cheating on her.  I made the mistake of ignoring that feeling when I was married, and it turned out that my ex-husband was heavily involved with a friend, who visited my home regularly. ” MORE


Story Of The Week

It Happened One Night

by CeCe Kingsley

I will never forget the sound of his voice.  It had the kind of deep quality that only comes from a gorgeous face, and I heard it on a day when I needed a spark in my life.   I had just gotten fired from my job and was on the phone complaining about my car and the bad repair service I’d gotten.  I became exasperated when I was abruptly told to hold for the manager.  However, when the manager came on the line, and I heard his voice, I turned off my whine.  My spirit accelerated from down to up in a matter of seconds. When we finished talking, he sounded just as eager to meet me, as I was to meet him.  He jokingly stated that if my problem wasn’t fixed, he’d buy me dinner.  MORE


Fast Lane Love
Can It Work?

Tracy had been hesitant at first to get involved with a guy who had written separated on his job application, but she found his smile to be irresistible.  During the interview, she caught him looking at her admiringly, and she was so taken by his good looks that she hired him without even checking his references.  After dating for four weeks, she moved in with him when her apartment building converted to condominiums.  She was convinced her prayers had been finally answered, and that they would marry soon.  MORE

Video of the Week

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