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Meet Bachelor Standout Jamie Skaar Who Brought The Drama This Week On The ‘Bachelorette.’  According to Bustle, prior to joining Michelle Young’s season, Jamie Skaar had never watched an episode of reality TV. That’s partly because the 32-year-old San Diego resident is usually busy traveling the world, sometimes on a total whim. According to his ABC bio, Jamie once let an airport ticketing agent decide his destination, leading him to spend “an amazing week” in Uruguay. On another occasion, he flew to Ecuador “just to try their chocolate.”  It seems he’s made quite an impression on Michelle. Top of FormBottom of Form In one promo video, Jamie and Michelle kiss on a picturesque mountaintop. “This is the best first date I’ve ever had,” the biotech CEO says in a voiceover. But there could be drama ahead too.  On Tuesday show, Jamie told Michelle that the other men are questioning if she knew another contestant (Joe Coleman) before coming on the show, which upset Michelle so she cancelled the cocktail party. 

Are Gunna and Chloe A New Couple?  BOSSIP reports…It looks like whatever Gunna said to Chloe via Instagram a few weeks ago kept the “Have Mercy” singer interested. This week,  the Atlanta rapper and buzzing singer were spotted sitting next to each other courtside to see the Hawks and Mavericks play in Atlanta’s State Farm arena, sending social media into a frenzy. Fans believe it was more than a coincidence that Chloe and Gunna were sitting so close and assumed it was a friendly date between the two, although from photos there were no signs of affection being exchanged between them. Maybe this was their first time linking up??? It’s possible. Just a few weeks ago, Gunna had given Chloe a flirtatious shout-out after she made her debut solo performance for her booty-glorifying jam “Have Mercy.”What’s most interesting about this link up is that Chlöe and Gunna might actually be cousins according to loud whispers across social media.

Floyd Mayweather’s Daughter Facing 20 Years In Prison For Allegedly Stabbing NBA Youngboy’s Baby Mother. BOSSIP reportsIyanna “Yaya” Mayweather, daughter of boxing champ Floyd Mayweather could spend serious time behind bars. She was arrested in April of 2020 for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Mayweather allegedly stabbed Lapattra Lashai Jacobs, one of NBA YoungBoy’s baby mamas, at the rapper’s Houston home. The Jasmine Brand reports that Yaya is facing up to 20 years on the felony charge. That’s a major improvement from earlier reports of a possible 99 years in prison, but it still sounds like a lifetime for the 21-year-old. Fortunately, Jacobs survived the stabbing, but she sustained serious injuries to her right arm and hand. In the year and a half since the incident, Jacobs is still suffering from her injuries.

Another Child Comes Forward In DMX Estate Battle, Bringing Total To 15. Another woman has come forward claiming to be the child of legendary late hip-hop artist DMX — bringing the total of children he allegedly fathered to 15. Page Six has exclusively learned that a Georgia woman named Raven Barmer-Simmons contacted DMX’s other adult children in the past few weeks. She and the fellow 14 alleged children of the late rapper will all be DNA tested to confirm their paternity DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, died in April at age 50 following a cocaine-induced heart attack, leaving no will and few liquid assets.  The development comes as the battle over DMX’s estate and all future earnings from his music takes a new turn.   On Friday, Judge Helen Blackwood appointed DMX’s three sons Xavier, Tacoma and Sean Simmons from his 16-year marriage to Tashera Simmons as the temporary administrators of the estate of their late father.

The late rapper’s fiancée` Desiree Lindstrom, who is the mother to his 5 year old son, Exodus had applied to the court to be legally declared his “common-law wife,” but the judge shot her down. Lindstrom had also petitioned the court to be an administrator of his estate — estimated to be worth around $1 million — as had the late rapper’s older daughters, Sasha Simmons and Jada Oden.  Herbert Nass, the trusts and and estates attorney for Xavier, Tacoma and Sean Simmons, said, “Judge Blackwood appointed Xavier, Tacoma and Sean as the temporary administrators of the estate.   The next big thing is to determine who are the rightful heirs. The estate is going to ask everyone to prove paternity through DNA testing. All the legal children of DMX will be entitled to an equal share of his estate.”  Unfortunately, despite selling more than 74 million albums and building a successful career in both music and movies, DMX left behind an estate estimated to be in debt.

Single Sketches

Xavier: “I can always tell when I’m on a date with a woman who sees me as a substitute.  Though she’s with me, I can tell by the way she eyes other men, that she’s open for something more.  The look in her eyes says loudly, though I’m with this guy, he’s no one special and I AM available.’  When I recognize that look, I end the evening quickly.”  Jon: “When a woman likes you, she won’t let nothing stand in the way of being with you. I was dating this woman who told me she was too busy to see me because she was taking night classes.   I knew she was no longer interested, and I stopped calling.”   MORE   

The Dating Chronicles
The Guessing Game

Jeff was a very handsome man and few men had his charisma. His impact on women was legend. The handwritten notes and inviting phone calls at work were a daily occurrence in his fast-paced life. But he was surprised when he received a note from Peggy, his assistant, asking him to meet with her over dinner. He had guessed long ago that she liked him, but he would have never imagined that she’d have the guts to ask him out. It was just not her style,  MORE


Dating Data
Women And Their
Costly Choices

Joan was a real estate developer with property everywhere.  She was determined to be married by the age of 40.  Therefore, when she turned 39 and met a man who was “between jobs,” handsome and very interested in her, she literally took him in.  She dressed him up, bought him a car, and moved him into her 10 room condominium.  Six months later, she did a prenup, married him, and put him on her bank account.  Two months later, she came home from an overnight business trip and he had moved out.   He took all the furniture from one of her five bedrooms and didn’t leave a note.  She later found out that they weren’t legally married because he was still married to another woman in another city.  MORE   


You Can Tell
The Spark Is 
Gone When ...

Men: “…it only takes 2 minutes to say goodnight at the end of a date.” “…kissing “hello” is no longer a natural gesture.” “…you see physical flaws you didn’t notice before.” “…you’d rather watch Wrestling than take her out.” “…I keep stealing glances at my watch when we’re together.” MORE


12 Signs You
Might Be

by Jan Pitts

Depression is a disease that strikes one out of four women, and it’s becoming more prevalent among women of color.  Many are depressed and are unaware because they are functioning in a state that others deem as normal.  But studies show that there are signs that may signal that you or a loved one is suffering from depression. ***Your television or radio is never off.  You wake up to it, and you go to sleep by it.  Sounds of life must be ever-present for the person who is functionally depressed.  They are usually afraid to be in silence or alone with their own thoughts. Something must always be on…even in the car. MORE


More Disaster Dates

by Cheryl Lakes

When you’re single and dating, there are moments that happen during the course of time you wish to forget.  Here are a few moments these singles wish they could forget. Candy – “On the first date with a very exciting guy that I had been working hard to impress all night, I removed my eyeglasses for vanity purposes.  Forgetting that I could barely see without them, I struggled ordering from the menu and got lost coming back to the table from the ladies’ room.  But the worst happened when I ended up getting in the wrong car, with the wrong guy, when my date pulled up to retrieve me in front of the restaurant.  My excuse was that the two cars were the same color. But apparently, he didn’t buy it, because he never asked me out again.” MORE


Point Of View
7 Things I’ll
Never Do Again…

by M.K. Allison

Ignore that inner voice.  Listen to your first mind and follow it.  This year, I could have saved myself a lot of grief and heartache, if I heeded that inner voice, which is always pure and practical.  I was stayed in and out of trouble last because that voice was mostly overruled by my desire, which was governed by bad judgment and impatience.  I dated one guy for five months, who I should never have gone out with in the first place.  I didn’t heed the signs. I finally got the message when he showed up for a date with another woman in the car, and asked if I were into threesomes. MORE


The Singles Scene

by Sarah Smart

Q. I have a serious admiration for a co-worker, and he walks around me like he doesn’t know I exist.  I don’t think he’s interested because he won’t even look at me, but my co-workers have convinced me that there’s a strong possibility that he may be interested and afraid to acknowledge his interest.  I’m writing you because I want to invite him to my friend’s party as my date, but I wanted your opinion.  What would you do in my shoes? MORE

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When He Cheats And
You Still Want Him

by Candace Rogers

Be clear! If he cheats with you, he will cheat on you! It took me awhile to understand this poignant fact. I used to think that a woman’s beauty or lack thereof had something to do with whether or not a guy would cheat on her. I assumed that beautiful women stood less a chance of a man being unfaithful, than a woman who was not so physically endowed. But I learned the hard way that though men have a deep appreciation for a woman’s beauty, if he has a cheating heart, it doesn’t matter how pretty she is, he will soon become bored.   MORE  


My 7 Smart Girl Moves

by M.K. Allison

I began this year with a smarter attitude about relationships.  I decided to leave behind the “blisters” and mistakes from last year that still pushed my anger button, and focus on the lessons I learned.  I call them My Smart Girl Moves.  Don’t wait to be approached.  If you see a guy who looks interesting, find a way to get his attention.  This calls for a sliver of imagination and a load of confidence.  However, it will not work if your self-esteem isn’t healthy.  I’ve met tons of men by putting myself in a position to be met.  I met one guy who was walking his dog, by simply asking “what kind of a dog is that?”  Unfortunately, though my options have been many, not one so far has worked to my benefit. MORE

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