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Beyonce Wows In Lion King Video

by Cheryl Lakes

Beyonce’s Lion King Video Shatters The Internet:  The Lion King doesn’t hit theaters until Thursday, but Beyoncé has already blessed fans with new music and an accompanying video that captures the grandeur of the film.  On Tuesday night, the 37-year-old singer, who voices Nala in the Disney movie, released the visuals for “Spirit,” the first single off of a compilation album she produced to complement the movie’s soundtrack, “The Lion King: The Gift.”   Page Six reports…Filmed at Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon and styled by Zerina Akers, the video features over-the-top custom and couture fashions sourced from designers around the world and showcased against stunning natural vistas.  Click photo or here to view video.

In total, Beyoncé herself has nearly a dozen outfit changes, while her dancers coordinate in complementary looks of their own. There’s even a special pink gown for Blue Ivy, who matches her mom with a voluminous, curly mane of red hair.   Like the supplemental soundtrack, which Beyoncé told ABC’s Robin Roberts is a “love letter to Africa,” the video includes artists from around the world as well as African themes and styles.   “The concept of the video is to show how God is the painter and natural beauty and nature needs no art direction,” Beyoncé told Roberts. “It’s the beauty of color, the beauty of melanin and  the beauty of tradition.”

Janet Jackson And 50 Cent To Perform At Controversial Show In Saudi Arabia:  Janet Jackson and rappers 50 Cent and Future have been added to the lineup for the Jeddah World Fest, the concert in Saudi Arabia that Nicki Minaj pulled out of after human rights organizations urged the rapper to cancel her appearance. The Human Rights Foundation and other organizations have asked artists not to perform in Saudi Arabia, where gender segregation between single men and women is enforced in many restaurants, coffee shops, public schools and universities.

Other rules have loosened in the kingdom with women now allowed to drive and attend events at sports stadiums. Thor Halvorssen, president of the Human Rights Foundation, criticized the entertainers in a statement Thursday to The Associated Press, saying it was “profoundly distressing that they have chosen money over morals.”   He added: “These individuals constantly make public statements of support for LGBT rights and women’s rights, except, apparently, when a seven-figure check is attached. The hypocrisy is breathtaking. Principal apparently matters to them far more than principles.”  Minaj said she pulled out of the concert because she wants to show support for women’s rights, gay rights and freedom of expression. Human rights organizations praised the rapper for her decision.

Nipsey Hustle’s Accused Killer Seeks Evidence Of Police Investigating Nipsey:  According to COMPLEX, Eric Holder, the alleged murderer of Los Angeles rapper Nipsey Hussle, has formally requested the prosecution to provide all evidence of past criminal investigations on Nip, The Blast reports. Holder’s attorney filed the request on Tuesday, hoping that the evidence will help the case of his defendant.   The full list of items also includes “any and all unredacted and unedited police and arrest reports related to his arrest for any criminal offense or suspected criminal conduct,” as well as “any and all investigative reports and their results of the decedent as it relates to any criminal investigations before his death.”

They also requested information regarding any “gang affiliation, gang membership, and participation in gang activities by the decedent.”   It was recently reported by the New York Times that Nip was under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department shortly before his death at the end of March, which likely prompted the request. However, the department refuted the claim, and stated that Nip was “never the target” of an investigation into alleged gang activity at his Marathon Clothing shop and its adjacent strip mall. Eric Holder was indicted for the killing of Nipsey Hussle back in May.

The Game Is Going To Have To Give Up His Royalties:  A judge has ordered that his music royalties be used to pay off the $7 million judgment in his sexual assault case.  According to court documents obtained by The Blast, a Los Angeles judge granted a motion brought by Priscilla Rainey, which will allow her to collect any money that comes in for The Game from his record label or royalties paid to him.


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