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Lisa Bonet And Jason Momoa Are Splitting: Actors Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa have announced their split after five years of marriage and 17 years together. On Wednesday night, Momoa posted a message to Instagram noting: “we have all felt the squeeze and changes of these transformational times … A revolution is unfolding ~and our family is of no exception… feeling and growing from the seismic shifts occurring.” The “Aquaman” actor went on to say that the couple’s marriage was ending but that “the love between us carries on, evolving in ways it wishes to be known and lived. We free each other ~to be who we are learning to become…”

Sterling Shepard Parties With Mary J. Blige Amid Divorce From Chanel Iman.  Page Six reports… Sterling Shepard isn’t letting his divorce from model Chanel Iman prevent him from socializing. The New York Giants wide receiver partied with Mary J. Blige, recently released Tampa Bay Buccaneer Antonio Brown, Justin Combs and more at Harbor NYC Friday to celebrate famed stylist Misa Hylton’s birthday. According to Page Six, Shepard appeared unfazed and was “dripping in bling” at the soirée, where he posed for photos with the “Just Fine” singer and Hylton. Shepard, 28, filed for divorce from Iman, 31, on June 7 after nearly four years of marriage and cited irreconcilable differences as the cause of the split in court documents obtained by Page Six.

The NFL star requested joint legal custody of their two daughters. He also requested his house be their children’s primary residence. Notably, he’s also requesting Iman have “supervised parenting time” with the girls. The estranged couple are currently in mediation and have a case management hearing scheduled for Feb. 23. Neither Shepard nor the Victoria’s Secret model has addressed the divorce. The athlete proposed to Iman in December 2017, two years after they started dating. The pair married in March 2018 at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles. The former couple celebrated with a big party that included famous pals such as Terrence J, Gabrielle Union and Chrissy Teigen.

Sharelle Rosado Responds To DJ Envy’s Comment That ‘Selling Tampa’ Is “Embarrassing To Black Women.” Sharelle had a few things to say to DJ Envy after he insinuated her cast members were selling more drama than homes on “Selling Tampa,” comparing the show to the white women on “Selling Sunset.” “The Breakfast Club” host vented on Instagram earlier this week about the alleged lack of homes sold on the series and dubbed it “kind of embarrassing.” “The same person created both shows. SMH,” DJ Envy captioned a post that included carousel photos of the “Selling Tampa” cast and then the “Selling Sunset” cast of the second slide. 1 show sold no homes….NONE!!! Kind of embarrassing. The other show sells homes. Hmmm….” DJ Envy pointed out. “Anybody else watches these shows??” After making his point, Envy was quickly challenged by several of the cast members who took issue with his comments.,” Most recently, Sharelle Rosado, who leads the cast with her Allure Realty group also disagreed with Envy and  addressed his criticism in an interview with Fox Soul’s “Cocktails With Queens.” She told the hosts that there were homes sold on  “Selling Tampa” although the focus was to really showcase the ladies elevating into luxury real estate — not selling, “if he paid attention.”


DaBaby Has Done It Again! Fan Mounts Rapper On Stage And Humps Him During Performance. Page Six reports..  A fan of DaBaby had the night of her life Tuesday when the rapper invited her onstage for a racy performance in Boston. DaBaby, whose real name is Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, shared a video  on Instagram from his concert that showed an unidentified female fan humping him in front of hundreds of fans at the House of Blues.  The controversial performer, 30, was seen lying on a bed while the woman,  jumped on top of him. A shirtless DaBaby, wearing nothing but a black hat and gold jewelry, grabbed her behind as money rained down from the ceiling. “Had to wait on the kids to go bed to post this one,” the embattled hip-hop star wrote in the caption of the video.  “I love you girl. Just like I told you in person,” he continued. “You and every other fan that don’t give a f–k just like me, WE THEM ONES! The world gone adapt when they ready.” The video didn’t show how the fan made her way onto the stage.

Single Sketches
The Foolery Files”
  • Carli: “In college, I dated and fell under the spell of the most popular guy on campus.  He had big brown eyes that pierced my soul every time he looked at me.  My dorm room was filled with wedding books with glorious gowns that I saw myself wearing, as I anticipated being chosen as his bride.  However, on his graduation night, he informed me after I caught him in the arms of another woman, that he had secretly gotten married the weekend before.  He left on his honeymoon the next day.  I was devastated until he called me while on his honeymoon and said he still loved and wanted to see me when he returned.  Pacified, I rationalized that he had just made a mistake in getting married, and was confused about his feelings.  The honeymoon call was the trick that kept me bound to him for at least two more years until I finally came to my senses.      MORE  

The Dating Chronicles

The Quandry

 It was over.  But Dave had known for a while and had said nothing.  Now, his best friend Carl sat across from him with his head down.  He was confessing that he had been seeing Dave’s girl for the last four months.  His voice quivered as he begged for forgiveness.  He spoke about their friendship and how much it meant to him. Ironically, Diane had confessed the night before, and then, as now, Dave never let on that he knew.  She told him that she had been indiscreet, but that she loved him still and she would pray for his forgiveness. He listened to her in silence and had left in silence.  He was shattered inside, but he had not let on.  He knew his silence would be unnerving and he intended it to be.  MORE


Living It Up!
5 Choice Choices

by Bonita Bennett

If you were to conduct an inventory of your life today, what would it reveal?  Are you stuck in a rut?  Broke?  Going through each day on “automatic pilot” without focus?  Overworked and undervalued?  Looking for love in all the wrong places?  If so, it’s undoubtedly the result of erring in these 5 make or break areas.  Think about this…Who You Love – The Bible cautions us to “guard our hearts,” and with good reason. Romantic relationships are the core of our being.  Who we decide to love can affect everything from our self-image to inner peace, to work productivity… to health.  The qualities we seek in a mate should be no different than those we desire in a friend.    MORE


When Feelings Fade...

There Are 7
Things To Do

by Jaclyn Manerhon

If your guy/girl appears to be losing interest, there could be several factors involved. 1. He/she has met someone who momentarily seems more interesting than you. 2. He/she is running scared because they feel themselves falling too fast, too soon, and/or they’re not ready for a commitment. (Some cannot bear the unloosening of their emotional strings, because it invokes such a feeling of vulnerability). 3. He/she is bored.  Perhaps, you have failed to keep them stimulated and interested through your conversation or lack of imagination. Note: Most people have a problem with rejection, but men seem to have a harder time.  A guy can make a decision to space on a mate until it appears that the mate has similar ideas, at which time, his state of interest can change from a certain lack thereof to undying devotion.  MORE


How To Date In
The Workplace

by Abigail Dye

Romance in the workplace can be very compelling – and dangerous for so many reasons. Forbidden love tugs at the heartstrings of many, from the hopeless romantic to the stone-cold womanizer. It makes sense that people who work together are drawn to one another. The average American works 34.4 hours a week, which is plenty of time to get to know co-workers. 38 percent of American workers admit that they have dated a co-worker during their career, according to a survey conducted by careerbuilder.com. So, if you’re feeling a little heat in the workplace, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Keep in mind these six simple rules to keep you, your love interest, and your human resources department happy. MORE


Story Of The Week
For Those Who
Don’t Mind Waiting

by Dana Sinclair

One morning after a wild night of passion-less sex with an inattentive boyfriend, I realized that I wasn’t sure how he felt about me because there was no real evidence that he really cared.  Suddenly, I knew I was just another sex partner to him and though I wished it were different, in my heart, I knew it wasn’t.  I somersaulted in bed to rule out the unseen competition.  However, too many times I’d catch him whispering to other women on the phone when he thought I was asleep.  Therefore, I decided that day to reserve my body and my heart for the man who would treasure it from that day forth. MORE


From The Male Room
What Makes
A Woman

Jake, 34 – “Women who are smart, (a good combination of book sense and common sense) know that before she can be of worth to a man, she must be of worth to herself, and let it be known.  Guys are turned on by women who check them and are smart enough to do it with style and grace.”  Larry, 33 – “The woman who is self-assured is very appealing to a man because she challenges him to want to learn from her.  Men inadvertently search for a woman who is smart enough to handle our egos, keep us on our toes, and stimulate us mentally.  With me, a woman’s confidence quotient determines her longevity.  It’s called spunk.”    MORE


The Singles Scene

by Sarah Smart

Q. A year ago, my boyfriend finally proposed to me, but he didn’t have the money to buy me a ring, so he asked me to buy my own ring, and he would reimburse me later. Out of excitement and against my better judgment, I went out and bought a ring that I couldn’t really afford. Since that time, he called off the engagement and is refusing to reimburse me for the purchase of the ring. I want to take him to court and try to get my money back, but everyone says I don’t have a case, and that I would look ridiculous. What do you say? MORE

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This Year’s Journey …
8 Rules For “Your Road.”

by Bonita Bennett

I’m sure most would agree that life is a journey, and most of us are hoping and striving for a successful “ride” on our individual paths.  In view of this, here are some points to think about as you ease on down your road.

  • Tend To Your Mind – The Bible says, bring your thoughts into captivity meaning you must carefully watch over what you think.  Your thoughts need to be guarded as if your life depended on it.  It does.  The battle is usually against the ugly intrusions of self-doubt, fear, and anxiety.
  • Seek Direction – Augment your decision-making process by praying for guidance in everything on a daily basis.
  • Your Character Strength – Strive for a spirit of excellence that distinguishes you through what you say and how you say it coupled with what you do and how you do it.  Note: Few doors are closed to those who are genuine, straightforward, and kind. MORE

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