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Feds Seek Additional Charges Against R. Kelly For Sexual Assault And Bribery: Page Six reports that the criminal charges against disgraced singer R. Kelly could be stacked even higher Federal prosecutors in New York add new evidence and accusations to his ongoing trial. He is currently facing federal charges in both Chicago and in New York since he was arrested in the summer of 2019 for several charges including racketeering, sex trafficking, kidnapping, and child pornography. On Friday, prosecutors petitioned the court to admit new evidence of vile acts not yet included in his criminal charges.  In 2006, Kelly allegedly met a 17-year-old boy, identified as John Doe #1, at a Chicago McDonald’s and sexually abused him after asking what he would do to succeed in the music business.  The filing claims that John Doe #1 introduced Kelly to another teenaged boy, John Doe #2, whom Kelly allegedly had a sexual relationship with and forced his girlfriends to have sex with on camera.

The filing references at least 19 John Does.  In addition to new victims of abuse, prosecutors want the court to consider Kelly’s marriage to the late R&B superstar Aaliyah when she was only 15 years old and using a fake ID to obtain a marriage license in her name so she could not be forced to testify against him. The new evidence also includes a recording recovered from Kelly’s phone that reportedly captured the singer and his crisis team.  Following the  Surviving R. Kelly  docuseries, Kelly and his team were said to offer money in exchange for insider information about pending legal consequences from dozens of victims coming forward with stories of sex trafficking and abuse. While awaiting trial at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, Kelly has repeatedly tried to secure bail, but was denied each time because he was considered a substantial flight risk.

Meanwhile, Tyra Banks Interviewed Megan Thee Stallion In Hot Tub While Fully Clothed: While interviewing Megan Thee Stallion in a hot tub for Sports Illustrated, Tyra Banks skipped swimwear, instead puzzling fans with her less-than-waterproof wardrobe choice. Page Six reports…While the first-ever rapper to cover the SI Swimsuit Issue was dressed for the occasion in a colorful cut-out bathing suit, 47-year-old Banks — who in 1997 became the first black woman to cover the bikini bible solo — went with a PatBo bodysuit ($475) so glamorous that many mistook it for a ballgown. Tyra’s sparkly style made a splash on Twitter, as many felt its formalwear-inspired shoulder pads, bell sleeves and plunging neckline took a minute to soak in.“Why do Tyra Banks got on that hot and heavy dress in that hot [tub],” one tweeted, while another chimed in with, “Why Tyra look like she’s about to baptize Megan?”

Kanye West Receives His Own Day In Atlanta Amnd Honors For His Mother Donda: Kanye West received his own day in the City of Atlanta this week before his sold-out stadium event, along with receiving honors for his late mother, Dr. Donda West. BOSSIP reports…Last night, Kanye West held his DONDA listening event at the Mercedes Benz Dome in Atlanta in front of over 55,000 people. The album’s focus was his mother, the late Dr. Donda West. Dr West began her teaching career in Atlanta in the 70s, where she also gave birth to Kanye. Her work in Atlanta is still widely praised in the city and continues to be honored to this day. Though he’s widely associated with his Chicago roots, he was born in ATL, so last night was a homecoming of sorts and the City of Atlanta welcomed Kanye in a big way, according to TMZ. According to our sources … the City of Atlanta presented the rapper a plaque backstage after his performance.

The city officially proclaimed July 22, Kanye West Day. On top of that, and perhaps more importantly to Kanye … Kevin James — President of ATL’s HBCU, Morris Brown College — was also on hand to give Ye a token of appreciation on behalf of his mom, Donda West, who taught at the school for nearly 2 decades and was Chair of the English Department. Kanye’s album is yet to be released, but fans and critics believe this one will is better than his last two efforts. The big moment of the night was Jay-Z’s verse on the album that put everyone on notice that The Throne is back together.

George Clinton Celebrated His 80th Birthday This Week With Celeb Friends In LA:  The Godfather of Funk and Parliament-Funkadelic band leader partied with a “small intimate crowd of friends and family” including some of his bandmembers, plus Snoop Dogg, Craig Robinson, civil rights attorney Ben Crump, New York nightlife mayor Ariel Palitz and pop star Kesha. “It was so unexpected to see Kesha. She had a huge oversized fedora and was rocking on the dance floor with everybody,” a source told Page Six.  “It was at some outdoor, almost backyard vibe — very George. It was a very eclectic, diverse crowd, ‘one nation under a groove,’” the source added.  Clinton and Crump arrived at the grounds near Culver City on a private jet from Florida. Family members introduced him to DJ Cassidy, who spun tunes for the bash as Snoop arrived. Snoop called him his “hero” and thanked the funk legend, “for always picking up my FaceTime call when I want to show friends I can FaceTime with George Clinton,” the source told Page Six.  After Snoop’s speech, Cassidy spun “Atomic Dog” and everyone started singing along as Snoop and Clinton danced.

Episodes VI

Regina: “A few years ago, my boyfriend of six years suddenly asked for his engagement ring back. We were on a ferry, and he told me that he had changed his mind because he was torn between me and a woman he had just met.  I took his ring off and dropped it in the river, to his dismay.  Three months later, (after not hearing from him since that day) he showed up at my door begging for forgiveness with a brand new ring.  I slammed the door in his face, and told him to give the new ring to the new woman.”     MORE

The Dating Chronicles

It was over.  But Dave had known for awhile and had kept silent.  Now, his best friend Carl sat across from him with his head down.  He was confessing that he had been seeing Dave’s girl for the last four months.  His voice quivered as he begged for forgiveness.  He spoke about their friendship and how much it meant to him. Ironically, Diane had confessed the night before, and then, as now, Dave never let on that he knew.  She told him that she had been indiscreet but that she loved him still and she would pray for his forgiveness.    MORE


THe Draw Of
The Drama Dude

by Sierra Silverspoon

Some years ago, I was quite taken by a guy I met at a Super Bowl party. He was tall, fine, and aloof. Therefore, when he chose me out of the crowd of beautiful people, I was very flattered. (Later, I learned that you should never begin a relationship feeling flattered by the attention of your partner.) We began dating and he started out as a bad boy, by not showing up when he said he would, and being evasive about his behavior. But I plodded along, treasuring every moment that hinted of real interest until he became bored and disappeared. What’s the fascination? Are we drawn to the drama dude out of some need to straighten him out? I don’t think so. I believe some of us are just fascinated with scraps of affection by the guy we can’t figure out.    MORE


Point Of View
How I Cured Myself
Of Dating Despair

by Lisa Monclair

The setting was romantic. The lights were low and the music was soft, as I sat across the table from a man who had taken my appetite away.  He was perfect.  He was tall, handsome, resplendently dressed, articulate, funny, and respectfully employed.  I liked his hair, his eyes, his shoulders, and the way he pronounced my name. This was our fifth date, in less than a month and I was convinced he really liked me.  As usual, I was excited about being out with him again…but this night something wasn’t quite right.  I couldn’t put my finger on it and neither did I want to.  There had been some strange aura coming from him since the beginning of the evening. MORE


Story Of The Week
“How I Became Monogamous”

by John Andes

I had vowed to never marry.  I wasn’t interested in marriage and had never been.  I watched my parents suffer through a miserable marriage until they couldn’t take it anymore.  For me, women were toys.  When I felt like it, I played with one.  But only until I got bored. My passion for romance had dissipated some years before when my college sweetheart broke off our engagement because she wasn’t ready “to be tied down,” and later married my football coach. MORE


7 Great Boredom Busters

The Reminisce Round-Up

Essentials: Your best or favorite music, prepared jerk chicken; favorite island lounge-wear; scented, blue-tinted bathwater; an audiotape of nature sounds; water rushing against the shore accompanied by birds calling, a frosted goblet of Pina Colada, or your favorite tropical drink or wine, a scented candle: and old photo albums. Go Treasure Hunting: If you’ve never spent a Saturday roaming the thrift shops of your city, you haven’t lived.  Take a friend along and discover unique treasures beyond your imagination at unimaginable prices. MORE


  • Single Scenarios
    “Things I Now Know…”

    Will:  “I often go back and date ex-girlfriends when I get bored, but it’s not the smart thing to do. Sometimes it lifts hopes, where there is none. Noah: “When I found a woman I wanted to tell my secrets to, I proposed.” Jim:  “When a woman has more money that a man, she often uses it as a vital part of his benefits package.”  Marisol:  “In a relationship, I never accept what I don’t want, or less than what I think I deserve, because I learned that you get no points or respect for going against what pleases you, to accommodate your partner.  MORE


The Singles Scene

by Sarah Smart

Q. .Against my better judgment, I am dating a guy with two children.  The problem is that I don’t like his kids.  They are spoiled and disrespectful.  He has asked me to marry him, and I suspect he’s also looking for a mother for his kids because he has custody.  I love him, but I don’t want to raise his kids.  I can’t make up my mind.  My family says I shouldn’t and my friends say I’m being selfish.  What do you say? MORE

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Points Of View
How To Tell
He’s Cheating…

Carla:  “I believe strongly that a woman should always follow her intuition or that sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach, when she feels her man may be cheating on her.  I made the mistake of ignoring that feeling when I was married, and it turned out that my ex-husband was heavily involved with a co-worker, who visited my home regularly.” MORE


Are You Among The Best?

We Dare You To Take Our Quiz

by Jan Pitts

John and Greg were best friends, but when John was asked at a company retreat to fill in the blanks and name five people of outstanding character,  he didn’t name his best friend Greg.  When asked why, he explained that he liked Greg, and accepted him, but he didn’t qualify in that category.  I’m not surprised.  The theory has it that every human being, who is socially active or exposed to the public in any fashion or form would like to be viewed as the type who would not be left out if the best were being pulled from a crowd.   How about you?  Could someone fill in your name in the blank space? Take our quiz to find out.  Please note the answer that best applies to you. MORE

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