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Porsha Williams Throws Her Bachelorette Party In Miami. The soon-to-be Mrs. Guobadia posted videos and pictures on Instagram of her having a ball with her bridesmaids. She flew the bridal squad on a private jet to Miami. The festivities continued at the W South Beach hotel and resort, where some of her girls stopped to take a stunning photo.  Porsha’s bridesmaids include her sister, Lauren Williams, Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Yandy Smith, her bestie Shamea Morton, and cousin Keyanna Wilson.

During the festivities, Williams gifted all her bridesmaids’ beach bags with jewelry, silk pillowcases, and Warmies—microwavable soft animals that help with sleep and anxiety.  Williams hasn’t disclosed her wedding date, but all signs point to it happening before the year ends. The pair announced their engagement in May 2021. They don’t share any children together, but Williams has a daughter, Pilar, from a previous relationship, and the businessman has five children from past relationships. 

‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Star Victoria Fuller Reveals What Johnny D. Allegedly Called Her. The “Bachelor in Paradise” star took to her Instagram Stories late Tuesday night to reveal what her ex-fiancé Johnny DePhillipo allegedly called her before their breakup after it was censored in the finale this week. “When you get called a ‘f–king c–t’ in your relationship it’s time to move on,” she wrote.  Fuller, 29, elicited gasps from the “Paradise” live audience when she claimed on stage that DePhillipo, 26, had called her an expletive as their brief engagement began to fall apart.   Three weeks after getting engaged, they were done, and she was dating former contestant Greg Grippo.

Blair Underwood Announces His Engagement To His Friend Of 41 Years. The actor, 58, announced on Instagram Tuesday that he popped the question to his longtime friend-turned-lover, Josie Hart.  “My personal highlight was walking the red carpet with my new fiancée Josie Hart,” he captioned a photo of him and Hart on the red carpet. “The most amazing, brilliant, beautiful, hilarious, thought-provoking & insightful person I know who continuously lives life out loud. The future is crazy-bright Girl!

None of us ever know where God will guide our paths.”  Underwood continued, “She’s had my back since before I even became an actor. When a 41-year friendship slaps you in the back of the head & blossoms into romance, you stand up, pay attention & step forward in gratitude. Gently forward. It begins. Before Underwood began dating Hart, he was married to Desiree DaCosta. They announced their split in a joint statement in May 2021.


Single Sketches

Thea: “I broke it off with him after an incident occurred where he didn’t act on my behalf in a protective way.  We were shopping together in a department store, and the sales clerk (male) was very rude to me when I asked him a question about some discounted items.  An argument ensued, and all my boyfriend did was stand there in silence.  When I later confronted him about it, he told me that he made it a practice not to get involved in other people’s arguments. For me, he quickly assumed wimp status!”  Nate: “I was so bored with the relationship and I just didn’t want to be with her anymore, but I couldn’t tell her that. So I told her I was depressed about some conflict on my job and  I just wanted to be alone for a while.”  MORE


The Dating Chronicles
The Outing

It was loud and noisy as they pushed through the crowd at the popular club.  Val held tight to Don’s hand as they looked for a table.  She didn’t see Johnny until she sat down. There he was, out on the dance floor oblivious to her and his surroundings – enjoying himself as only Johnny could…happy, carefree, and at peace with the world.  At first, she was embarrassed, because she was out with another guy after having canceled their date due to a “sudden headache.” But as she watched him dance in his usual awkward style, she suddenly felt relieved.    MORE


Want To Be Rich?

Change The Way You Think

by Brian Tracy

The starting point of all riches is the development of what Napoleon Hill called prosperity consciousness.  You must become a financial success in your thinking long before you achieve it in your reality.  Both poverty and riches are the results of a state of mind.  The most important single step you take on the road to wealth and financial independence is the decision to change your thinking and to impress into your mind an unshakable belief that you can and will achieve your financial goals.  This must happen before anything else happens.     MORE


How To Hook Up
After A Breakup

by Lisa Lombardi

Now that you’re single again, I’m sure all of your friends are clamoring for your fabulous company. But if you’re hoping to meet someone special, which pals will prove most helpful—single friends? Couples, perhaps? Or are you better off hitting the town alone?  While any friend who makes you feel good about yourself belongs on your speed dial, there are distinctive pros and cons to socializing with single people and marrieds, says Karen Gail Lewis, author of With or Without a Man: Single Women Taking Control of Their Lives. And yes, there are even plusses to being the mysterious woman eating alone at the bar. So read on for the real deal about which method will work best for you. MORE


Finding Mr. Perfect

by Cheryl Lakes

When my match-making friend Beth first pointed Don out across the room and told me she wanted me to meet him, I balked.  I could tell long distance that he was not my type. He was too tall for me and I could hear his laughter from across the room. He seemed boisterous and I preferred guys who were low-key with a cool exterior.  “He’s not my type!”  I told her dismissively.  “What about the guy standing next to him on the right?”  I asked with a wink.  He was more my type. MORE


Dating Data

Those Hits & Misses
  • A MISS – Melinda – “For our first date, this handsome charmer invited me to a function at his church, which I was super impressed with, and introduced me to his pastor as his future wife.  I married him two months later, and had the marriage annulled a month later after I learned he was a registered sex offender.” A HIT – Tonia – “He was a blind date and when I first saw him I was very disappointed.  I viewed him as very unattractive, but as the evening wore on, his sense of humor and intellect completely won me over.   By the end of the night, I was fascinated with him, and his looks were no longer relevant, and they’re still not.  He became my soulmate first and my husband four months later. ” MORE


10 Keys To Living
Your Best Life

by M.K. Allison

Several months ago, I came across some great tips by the motivational speaker, Anthony Robbins, which offered a new perspective on living your best life that I found transforming in my own life.  1. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.  Last year, at Christmas time, when I pulled the name of a longtime enemy out of the grab bag at work, I decided to exceed the $15.00 gift rule and gave her a $25 cash card.  When she opened the card, and came over and hugged me, I knew our feuding days were over, and I felt wonderful.   Later, she became my best ally at work.    MORE


The Singles Scene

by Sarah Smart

Q. My boyfriend has asked me to marry him, and I’ve said yes. I agreed to marry him because he’s mainly financially solvent, he’s good to me, and he loves my children, but I’m burdened by the fact that I’m still in love with the father of my children, (though there’s no hope there. ) I love him, but I’m not in love. Should I tell him the truth about my feelings and give him back his ring…or should I do what’s best for my family and try to make the best of it? What would you do? MORE


Story Of The Week
Ever After…

by Dani Stone

Glenn was a handsome high-powered attorney, moving in the fast lane of life when he first spotted Rachel in his favorite restaurant. Since his divorce, Glenn was seen regularly with beautiful accomplished women on his arm whenever he strolled into the popular parties where the who’s who gathered regularly. Rachel was a waitress who worked in the local coffee shop where Glenn stopped every morning for breakfast.  As he watched Rachel saunter between tables with a radiant smile, he was a reluctant admirer. MORE


The Triangle Tryst
When Three Is
Not A Crowd

by Dani Stone

My friend Tori has been in an open triangle relationship for over a year, and she claims to be satisfied with the arrangement.  In other words, her guy has another girlfriend that she knew about upfront, and she’s cool with it.  He divides his time and she accepts it.  Her rationale is that she’s not interested in getting married, and this scenario works well for her lifestyle.  Tori informed me that more and more single women are opting secretly to be the third wheel in a relationship, but are not necessarily open about discussing it.  However, I found three women who were. These women were quite candid about their relationships.  MORE

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