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I was happily involved with this guy for three months who suddenly dumped me for no apparent reason.

by Sarah Smart

December 9, 2018

Q.  I was involved happily with a guy for three months.  We went on a cruise together and I thought we’d become very close.  Then all of a sudden, he stepped away without one word of explanation.  After a week, I called him and asked what was the problem?  He told me only that he thought I should see other people because he wanted to see others and that we should move on with our lives.  I am so hurt and immobilized by his actions and comments that I cannot function.  I can’t eat or sleep, because I don’t know what happened…..what’s wrong with me…..or why he suddenly doesn’t want me anymore. He won’t talk to me and refuses my calls.  What can I do?

A.  You can give him up emotionally and stop worrying about what happened. The reason why may be an answer you’ll never get. Stop beating yourself up because he no longer wants you.  Our self-esteem always takes a dive, whenever a relationship ends before we’re ready for it to.  But it doesn’t always mean that there’s something wrong with you.  The key thing is…..what could be one man’s pain can be another man’s joy.  Or…..if one man prefers chocolate ice cream over strawberry, it doesn’t mean that strawberry isn’t good.  It’s a matter of preference. You may want to seek counseling regarding this matter, because the right answer lies within you. Stay up!

Q.  I am on my way to the altar with one man and I’m in love with his brother. Our wedding is four weeks away and each day I realize more and more that I settled for this guy because I couldn’t have his brother. His brother is very involved with someone else and not remotely interested in me.  However, I’ve come to realize that I cannot go on with this farce. My mother told me to go through with the wedding because my fiancé is such a good guy, that I’ll eventually fall in love with him.  My family is also very concerned about the embarrassment.

A.  I would not take my mother’s advice. If you haven’t fallen in love yet, it is most likely you won’t.  But you need to tell your fiance that you have thought about it a long time and that you are not ready to be married.  There is no point in telling him the truth.  It will serve no purpose.  The sooner you tell him…the sooner he can get started getting over you. It’s good you came to this realization before the marriage.

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