8 Ways To Blow The Interview

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8 Ways To

Blow The

Job Interview

by John Andes

You put down the phone and sink down in disappointment.  You have just been told that you didn’t get the job and you don’t understand why.  As far as you’re concerned, it was a job that was meant for you.  It had your name on it…The interview went well and the interviewer had smiled when he said he’d call you.  What could have gone wrong?

According to twelve interviewers who hire for major companies across the country, a hiring decision is based on many factors and plain old intuition.  Here are some top reasons why some applicants are passed over after a job interview.

  1. Overselling yourself. The applicant should not go overboard in trying to convince the interviewer that they can do the job.  Bragging about past performances is a no-no.  All achievements should be stated humbly and as a matter of fact.
  2. Talking too much. The interviewer should do most of the talking in an interview.  Applicants should only be verbose if invited to talk about themselves.  Questions should be answered honestly and exaggerations regarding skill should be kept to a minimum.
  3. Inappropriate attire. Many interviewers consider a person’s judgment by the way they’re dressed.  If a person is overdressed, it can suggest an exaggerated sense of self and perhaps indicate that the person is not a team player, but a show off.  Inappropriate entire is considered any attire that does not evoke a favorable impression.  When you seek out a job, you should dress to make a statement that declares that you are a desirable person who would be an asset to any business.  Clothes should be neat and relative to the image of the company.  If you go to apply for a job at an office and you’re wearing a sweater because you don’t have a jacket, tell the interviewer the truth.  He/she will be impressed with your knowledge (that you know what you should have worn) and your candor.
  4. Poor Presentation Skills. Speech is a very important part of stating who you are, how well you communicate and how likable you are as a person.  Manners are also vital in an interview.  An interviewer should never be cut off when he/she is talking or asking a question.  Good manners should be on display along with your credentials.
  5. Never Speak Negative About Your Past Boss Or The Job. Project a positive attitude about working.  Earnestness and ability are two major factors that get people hired.  Most interviewers want to feel that you are interested in working.
  6. Don’t be a know it all. Show your intelligence, but don’t be overbearing in an attitude that shouts, “I am the most qualified person you could ever interview for this job.”  One should speak of his/her skills and their knowledge of the job with obvious comfort in heir ability to perform all duties required, but never as if the company is about to be “blessed” with their presence.
  7. Conflicting answers. If an applicant sticks to the truth in an interview, he/she won’t have to be concerned with contradictory statements that give the impression that an applicant is not telling the truth.  In addition, never evade a question.  Answer honestly and directly.
  8. Lack of eye contact. Those interviewed for this article felt that usually an avoidance of eye contact indicated a lack of good interpersonal skills.  Every interviewer wanted to hire someone that he/she felt would fit well within the people atmosphere of the work environment.

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