7 Things To Do When You Meet Someone New

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7 Things To Do

When You Meet

Someone New

Relax.  Remember the other person is no more of a human being than you are.  He/She just brings a different experience to the table.

2.  Restrain Yourself.  Don’t ask too many prying questions.  But don’t skip the basics, like “are you married?”…”are you involved with anyone?”…”do you do drugs?”…”have you ever been arrested?”

3.  Be Authentic.  Don’t say you’re going to call if you have no intentions.  It sets off bad karma.  If you do it, somewhere down the road, someone will do it to you and it’ll happen at a time when the promise made will be of great value to you.

4.  Watch what you say.  Remember you will be totally judged on what comes out of your mouth.  If you don’t know what to say.  Say nothing.  It’s best to be considered a fool, then to open your mouth and prove it.

5.   Don’t be phony.  If you’ve never been to Paris, say so.  Don’t pretend to know the shrimp fork if you don’t.  Ask.  It shows confidence and self-assurance to admit what you don’t know, and to show grace and humility with what you do know makes you a class act.

6.   Don’t get too excited and overdress. Dress to project your personality and what’s comfortable for you.  If you’re a designer outlet and he wears a baseball cap with a trench coat, it could intimidate.  Get a feel for the other person’s style before you come out in full regalia.  The rule is, to always be simple, but stunning.

7.    Be alert.  For the first visit to their home, try not to overstay your welcome. Be sure to keep your social antenna on, so you can be cognizant of the often unspoken language that signals it’s time to leave.