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The Dangers Of

Distracted Driving

The use of a cell phone while driving increases your chance of getting into a crash by 400%!  MORE

Fathers For Keep

by Dr. Christopher Bacorn

I had seen a hundred like him. He sat back on the couch, silently staring out the window, an unmistakable air of sullen anger about him. He was 15 and big for his age. His mother, a woman in her mid 30’s sat forward on the couch on the edge of tears, described the boy’s heartbreaking descent into alcohol, gang membership, falling grades and violence. She was thin and worn from frantic nights of worry and lost sleep waiting for him to come home. She had lost control of him, she admittedly freely. Ever since his father left four years ago, she’d had trouble with him. He had become more and more unmanageable and recently, had hurt someone in a fight. Charges had been filled, counseling recommended.    MORE

Will I Ever Marry?

by Nancy Strickster

I was thirty five years old and had never married, when my oldest sister invited me to come over for an “important talk.”  When she sat me down on the couch and poured tea, I knew she was getting ready to state some truths that she felt needed to be said, but I had no idea what the subject matter was.  She got right to the point.  “Nancy, I know you are dying to get married and be a mother, but you’re really not putting forth a great effort to achieve that goal.  You want respect, but you accept disrespect.  You want to be a wife, but you have grown into the label girlfriend.”    MORE

Why Some Guys
Find It Hard
To Commit

by Theo McNee

I had heard the speech before from other women in my past, who felt I was distant and expressionless.  As I sat listening quietly to the current woman in my life and the airing of her frustration, I did what I usually do when I’m in this position.  I gave the excuse of being professionally overworked.  We had been dating for over three months, and I was not meeting her expectations. She was complaining that I wasn’t attentive enough or available enough, and when we hung up, I was fatigued from the whole effort of trying to be most of what women want.  MORE


This Could

Happen To You!

by Lisa Laird

I was on a first date one night with a guy driving a fancy sports car.  We were having such a great time laughing and talking in the car after leaving a restaurant that I didn’t even hear the police siren behind us.  When we realized that the police were pulling us over, we thought it was a mistake, but it turned out  he had gone through a red light and hadn’t noticed.  Consequently, they ran his plate and discovered a warrant had been issued for his arrest for non-payment of child support.  They made him get out of the car, handcuffed him and drove him to the police station.  I had to drive his car to the station, and he was later able to bond out, but he was so embarrassed, he never called me again.    MORE

If He Leaves
His Wife For You…
Can It Work? 

by Lyn Cardin

January 16, 2019

There are so many single women out here hooked up with married men who are promising to leave their wives.  But they never do…really.  I ought to know.  When I first met Clyde, he was charming, handsome, and immediately upfront.  He had a wife and three children.  I was very lonely at the time and tired of looking for love.  So, what originally began as an alternative to a hermit-like existence, evolved into a torrid love affair, as a secret meet became a way of life for me.  MORE

In Search Of
The Perfect Guy

Profiles In Courage

January 16, 2019

Sarah married the same man twice because she was unable to “luck up on anything better.”  She is currently divorced. She had been in and out of several relationships with guys that were unfulfilling and extremely disappointing.  Her words…”I am thirty-six years old, and I often wonder will I ever come across a relationship where I will feel loved, trusting, and comfortable.  I am a school teacher and I prefer men who are ambitious, exposed, and intellectually compatible.  But lately, I’ve been trying to expand my horizons by being more open to dating guys who are not necessarily on my social plane.  But that has not worked either.  I’ve found that men from different social strata have a tendency to be overly sensitive about our differences as it relates to taste, friends, and social pursuits.   MORE

What Your
Place Reveals
About You

by Darla Martin

December 22, 2018

Most people don’t realize that when they invite others to their home, their personality, taste, spirit, and imagination are on display.  Example:  If a man has an untidy place, it’s likely that if he doesn’t care about his own environment, he won’t care about you.  On the other hand, if a woman is a neat-freak, who believes in absolute order in her home, she’s more than likely a control freak.  Studies show the following…MORE

Rage: The
Of Love Gone Bad

by CoCo Diong

December 19, 2018

As I walked toward the prison gates, my legs felt numb.  I couldn’t believe I had driven over seventy-five miles to visit one of my best friends, who had been sentenced to five years in prison for attempted murder.   I also couldn’t believe the sight of her when she entered the visitor’s room.  All of the evidence of her former diva existence was gone. Her hair was so unkempt I almost didn’t recognize her, and all of her treasured long fingernails were broken off.  She smiled when she saw me and I burst into tears.  I was still in shock over all that had happened, and seeing her in that condition didn’t help.  As she spoke sadly about her life behind bars, it was difficult to fathom that she could go from being a six-figure corporate executive to being a prison inmate…but then again it wasn’t.  MORE

What Smart
Shoppers Do
For Christmas

by Susan Freedman

December 11, 2018

The time is upon us and shopping for gifts and personal items is part of the tradition and fun of the holiday season.  Those who are smart shoppers will use their credit cards for substantive financing and not convenience.  They will not pay full price for anything unless they don’t have time to shop around.   They will do the following:    MORE

Holiday Hints
6 Steps To
Enjoying The
Next Party!

by M.K. Allison

December 10, 2018

At a party recently, I noticed several women sitting alone waiting for someone to notice them and give purpose to their being there.  Most stared off into space, while others complained loudly that the men in the room were backward because of their failure to approach.  I watched from a position of comfort as I stood in the midst of three guys I’d enticed into a debate about a controversial current event while trying to decide who was the most interesting.   MORE

How I
Doubled My
Salary In 10 Weeks

by Debra Hill

December 9, 2018

Last year, I started a new job with eagerness and readiness.  I was recently divorced and recuperating from financial ruin. In ten short weeks, I went from a clerk making $9.50 an hour to an administrative assistant making $28.50 an hour.  Here’s how I did it.  1.  I became known for my flexibility. My duties changed four times in one month and I never complained.  2. I showed a dedication to duty that went above and beyond the paycheck.  I wasn’t in a hurry to rush out the door, and I pitched in eagerly whenever I saw the need.    MORE

Chic Or Clone?
What’s Your
Fashion Style?

by Coco Diong

December 1, 2018

“I’ve dated beautiful women all my life, but I never found one who had the imagination and the freedom of spirit and expression I needed until I met Lisa. The most exciting thing about her is that I never know how she’s going to look from one day to the next.  She puts all her fashion fantasies to work and it’s exciting to watch her imagination in action.  Her sense of personal style puts her in a class by herself.”  I heard this while I was watching a daytime soap opera star being interviewed on a talk show.  After the show went off, I sat there thinking about my sisters, my girlfriends, and myself.   MORE

Are Rash
On The Rise?

by Dana Collier

December 1, 2018

Pat was sitting outside her client’s office waiting to see him when he walked out with a guy who was extremely attractive. They were introduced and exchanged business cards at the urging of her client. He called the next day and invited her to dinner. They married one-month later…Anne had to go to the police station to get a police report after a guy ran into the back of her car.  She looked at the sergeant sitting behind the desk and he looked at her and it was love at first sight. They exchanged numbers, began dating, and married four weeks later.  MORE

Those Eerie
The Kind You Never Forget

by M.K. Allison

November 29, 2018

The lights are low, and the music is soft.  And you…you’re dazzling in an outfit that costs almost as much as your son’s tuition last year.  At the moment, you’re sitting across the table from a man who seems like he was catalog ordered, especially for you, from the Master Matchmaker.  He is tall, your kind of cute, resplendently dressed, articulate and available…or so you think.   Samantha met her dreamboat and married him three months later.  They moved into her home, she’d purchased the year before.  Three days after the wedding, however, she came home and found her house empty of all, but an old chair that belonged to her late grandfather.  MORE

An Annual Report

by Vera Anderson and Isaac Salem

November 28, 2018

Would you believe…

<  More and more single women across the country are vacating those chic apartment high rises for single-family dwellings.  < Singles across the country are getting married more than ever, and they are still waiting in line in Las Vegas to do so. < There is not one night club frequented by blacks in any major city in the U.S., that is designated label-wise for singles, though most bars/clubs who have their doors open are primarily in business to be a social catalyst for people to meet and hook up.     MORE

Our Annual
Sex Survey
Attitudes, Actions, Etc…

by Vern Anderson & Isaac Salem

November 13, 2018

Confession:  “I find the competition out here to land a committed relationship is so tough that a woman almost has to settle for a casual encounter to feel like a woman.  In most relationships I’ve experienced, where the sex was emotional for me, it was seldom mutual.” We had questions about your sex life and we got some answers.  Over 475 single men and women responded to this survey.  They ranged in ages from 21-39.  We wanted to know if the attitudes among singles had changed since sexually transmitted diseases are more prevalent than ever among singles, especially women.  We asked about their lifestyles, as it related to casual sex, one night stands, the “friends with benefits” package, abstinence, etc.  Here’s what we found out:    MORE

 The Date Quest

 What Happens
When Women
Make The First Move

November 1, 2018

Kerry – 37 – “I wouldn’t mind a woman asking me out if she were attractive.  But, I’ve only been approached by unattractive women.  It’s a tough question because a guy finds it hard to reject a woman outright.  And I think most men are taken aback a bit when a woman makes that kind of move.”       MORE

I Dream
Of Being A
Bride… But

by Selene Holston

September 30, 2018

It’s my dream to one day marry a man (providing he is all that I am hoping for) who shall adapt quickly to my abstract philosophy that marriages would fare better if the couple lived across town from one another.  In other words, after the honeymoon, he would maintain his abode and I would maintain mine.  Therefore, though we would be together as man and wife, we would live apart to stave off the inevitability of boredom and monotony that accompanies marriage when two people are on top of each other every day.  MORE

Safe Driving:
Life Or Death
2015 Illinois Crash Facts and Statistics
This report was compiled May, 2017 by The Illinois Department Of Transportation

September 27, 2018

One of the guiding principles of The Illinois Department Of Transportation is safety. We must use the lessons these crash statistics teach us to prevent injuries and fatalities from occurring on Illinois roadways.   In 2015, Illinois experienced 914 fatal crashes on public roadways that resulted in 998 deaths. This is a 7 percent increase over the prior year.  Additionally,  the department saw increases in the number of total crashes (5.5 percent) and total injuries (7.6 percent). We are more determined than ever to address these rising statistics.  One life lost is one too many. Under IDOT’s leadership, several statewide programs help spread the message for safe driving behavior. Click It or Ticket, Start Seeing Motorcycles, and Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over are just a few initiatives intended to educate the public to help make them safe users of our transportation system.   MORE

When It’s Over
Can You Take
The Truth?

 by Coco Diong

August 1, 2018

I find it interesting that everyone claims to want the truth when they’re in a relationship, but few are brave enough to hear it or say it.  Personally, I think that if you genuinely care about the person and you want out, you feel compelled to be honest, to help them be better…even if it’s for someone else.  Yet, that same honesty should reflect your creativity such as, “I no longer feel we have a chemistry match, which I feel is important to the relationship.”  However, the people I interviewed for this article felt honesty in ending a relationship is an impossible route to take.  Meet them…  MORE

Where Are
The Fathers?

by Theo McNee

July 23, 2018

Last month, I attended a Father & Daughter banquet with my eleven-year-old daughter at her school and I was amazed at the number of African-American girls who were there without their dads and were accompanied by their grandfathers or uncles.  My daughter later told me that many of her classmates didn’t have fathers at home.  After we talked, I recalled my own childhood, and how my brother and I and another kid on my block were the only three boys in the entire neighborhood who had a visible connection with their fathers.  Everyone else was either being raised by their mother, who was a single parent or a grandmother.   MORE

Money Matching
Should He Make
More Than You?

by Sierra Silverspoon

June 1, 2018

Studies show that one of the biggest challenges in marital relationships is money.  My mother used to say that “marriage usually begins with love, and ends with money.”  This month, marriages will be taking place all over the country, and money is probably not at the top of the concern list based on data gathered by The Marriage Institute of America.  I talked to several people who shared some interesting insight into the relevance of money when it comes to marriage, and the role it played in their marriage.   MORE

The Adventure
Of Traveling Alone

by Mandy Acliffe

May 15, 2018

I work in a large office, where at least eight women traveled last year to dream places alone.  One woman had always wanted to go to The Grand Canyon, and when none of her friends could afford to go, she decided to go alone, and she had the adventure of her life.   More and more, single women are making travel plans for vacations and finding love and adventure along the way.  Therefore, I decided to try it for myself.  I always wanted to go to Spain and cross over the Gibraltar Strait to Tangiers, which is in North Africa.  I had read about it and for three years I tried, but I could find no one to go with me.  Reluctant and against the advice of others, I boarded a plane to Costa Del Sol, Spain alone.    MORE

Disaster Dates
Ever Had One?

by Coco Diong

May 12, 2018

These are the dates that are seldom talked about.  They’re the ones where maybe you started out with a lot of hope and your hope died before the evening was over because something bizarre and unexpected happened.  For me, it was my first date with a guy I’d met at a party.  We had gone to dinner and at the end of the evening, he charmed me into going by his apartment.  However, when we got on the elevator, he dropped his keys, which fell down the elevator shaft.  Since it was midnight, there was no way for him to retrieve his keys, so he ended up talking me into letting him spend the night on my couch.    MORE

Inside The
Life Of
Mr. Right…

by G.G. Faulkner

Two days before my birthday, and the first time since my divorce, I was faced with a crisis. The one thing about being married is that you never have to worry about who you’re spending a special day with.  Dana called and wanted to know what I wanted for my birthday.  I knew it was her subtle way of letting me know she expected to spend the day with me.  Then, Lisa called later to remind me that “we” were invited to a dinner party.   MORE

The Job Interview:
12 Landing Tips

by Candace Corner

May 7, 2018

Your heart feels ready to leap out of your chest. Beads of sweat build on your forehead.  Your mind is racing.  It’s not a full-blown interrogation — although it may feel like it.  It’s just a job interview.  While it’s no secret that job interviews can be nerve-racking, a lot of job candidates spend a significant amount of time worrying about what they will say during their interview, only to blow it all with their body language.  The old adage, “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it,” still holds meaning, even if you’re not talking. You need to effectively communicate your professionalism both verbally and non-verbally, because delivering concise answers and expressing your enthusiasm at once can be difficult when you’re nervous, here’s a guide to walk you through it:  MORE

Real Talk
10  More
Things Guys
Wish Girls Knew

by Jake Wright

May 7, 2018

1.  The Whole Romantic Thing:  When a guy doesn’t display romance, it isn’t because he doesn’t know-how.  Many guys aren’t romantic because they choose not to be.  Every man has the ability to be romantic if he is motivated from within.  When a man is really in love with a woman, he wants to see her smile and he will do everything in his power to keep a smile on her face.   MORE

The Runaway
Bride To Be…
 We Met Three

By Coco Diong

April 21, 2018

Some years ago, a runaway bride from Georgia gotten her fifteen minutes of fame because she did something that is almost unheard of regarding prospective brides.  She got cold feet at the altar and it made headlines in papers around the world.  But this act is not nearly as phenomenal as one might think.  We found three women, who ran away from the altar and left the prospective groom perplexed.  Here are their stories:   MORE

  • “I can always tell when I take a woman out and she’s a “scoper.”  Though she’s with me, I can tell by the way she eyes other men, that she’s open for something else.  The look in her eyes says loudly, though I’m with this guy, he’s no one special and I AM available.’  When I recognize that look,    I end the evening quickly.”


10 Ways
To Live
Your Best Life!

by M.K. Allison

April 18, 2018

Recently, I came across some great life tips by the motivational speaker, Anthony Robbins, which offered a new perspective on living that I found life-changing.  Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.  Last year, at Christmas time, when I pulled the name of a longtime enemy out of the grab bag at work, I decided to exceed the $15.00 gift rule and gave her a $25 cash card.  When she opened the card, and came over and hugged me, I knew our feuding days were over, and I felt wonderful.   Later, she became my best ally at work.  MORE

How Much

Fun Are

You Having?

by M.K. Allison

A few years ago a co-worker who pointed out that I was a ridiculous workaholic trapped in a rut, who didn’t know how to have fun.   After our talk, I realized I was one of those women who felt like real fun couldn’t be had unless I was in the company of a man.    I was 30 years old, and had never been on a vacation.  For me, my pattern for fun if I wasn’t dating anyone, was TV and shopping.   If I worked hard all week, I looked forward to a movie on Friday night, shopping all day on Saturday, and shopping some more on Sunday after church.     MORE


Deal Breakers, Etc.

April 8, 2018

Carol:  “After going on three dates with this one guy, I discovered he wasn’t a gentleman.  Though he was absolutely beautiful to look at, and I hadn’t met anyone so interesting in awhile, I knew he wasn’t the one for me.  He didn’t hold doors, and he didn’t introduce me to anyone when we encountered others he knew.  I refused to go out with him again after he drove off one night after letting me out in front of my home without even waiting for me to get in the door.”      MORE

The Art Of


Ever Been Fooled?

For those who have been deceived, tricked and bamboozled by the outward appearances of lovers, potentially or otherwise…know that you are not alone.  Dana:  “When I met my husband-to-be, he was in church singing in the choir, and was the most eligible bachelor in the church.  He had what everyone called “a holy nature,” and I was certain that God had finally smiled on me.  However, two weeks after we “cut the cake” in front of hundreds of well wishers, I caught him in our bed with one of the choir members, when I came home from work unexpectedly.”    MORE


Profiles In


March 25, 2018

Carin was frustrated and angry.  But she didn’t know what to do about it.  Her friend Joan was again asking for favors that Carin felt were over the edge of their friendship.  She didn’t want to hurt her feelings, or incur her sharp tongue.  Joan had a hot temper and Carin didn’t want to confront her or say something that could be upsetting.  But the more she thought about it, the more she realized she was putting Joan’s feelings above her own.  Joan wanted to borrow $300.00 AGAIN and Carin didn’t want to loan it to her.



March 23, 2018

    • “I no longer go out with girlfriends who are ready to go when I’m having fun, and are immovable when I’m not and they are.”
    • “A girl at work asked me out to help celebrate her birthday.  She picked me up in a limo, massaged my feet before we got to the restaurant and picked up the tab.  If this is the new dating trend, I’m loving it.”.  MORE

The Top

10 Social


by Jan Pitts

March 19, 2018

Are You One Of Those People…

Who’s been introducing the same guy/girl as your fiancé for the last four years?

Just so you’ll know, no one is impressed, and you sound silly.  If you’ve been engaged longer than a year and your circle hasn’t changed, his/her title should be changed to “significant other” or friend.  MORE


Love In

An Instant!

It Can Happen! 

by Jovan Tahale

March 16, 2018

Never get discouraged Ladies!  Though sometimes the date prospects may look slim,  believe it or not, there are a lot interesting guys out there looking to make a real match.  You’ve just got to be in the right place at the right time…and you never know where that place may be.  I met my honey pumping my own gas, and he offered to do it for me.  He spoke to me and said, “a woman as pretty as you shouldn’t be pumping her own gas.”   And he’s been pumping mine ever since.  I talked to several women who described how they met the man of their dreams.     MORE

How I Stopped

A Stalker

by C. Mayfield

March 12, 2018

I was sick in bed with the flu when my friend Janie called me crying.  Our friend Cheryl had just been murdered by her boyfriend.  He had been stalking her for months, and our greatest fears were realized when he went to her job and shot her four times as her co-workers stood and watched helplessly.  For me, it was the second time I had personally experienced such horror.  MORE

How Street

Savvy Are You?

10 Things To Know

 by Jovan Tahale

February 28, 2018

You read the newspapers, watch the news daily and record mentally what’s going on out there in the streets.  But do you see yourself as a potential victim?  Crime is everywhere in all neighborhoods across the country and if you’re scared to be out alone, you should be.    MORE

Memorable Moments

“Best Time Ever On A Date.”

February 19, 2018

Charron – “A group of couples joined my boyfriend and I when we rented a cabin for a weekend in the country, where there was a fireplace and plenty of snow.  We played in the snow, told stories, played games, danced and listened to great music.  I haven’t had that much fun since I was a teenager.”     MORE

“The Worst Advice

I Ever Took”

February 15, 2018


  • “I walked up to a handsome guy at a party and asked him to dance, after being urged on by my girlfriends, and he told me in a very condescending tone that he didn’t dance with women.”
  • “After discovering my husband in an indiscreet position with my best friend, my mother and sister advised me to hang on for dear life, because I would lose too much if I divorced him.  I forgave him and hung on and nine months later, he divorced me and married her.”  .MORE

18 Ways

To Tell

He’s In Love

by M.K. Allison

February 12, 2018

We are constantly in a pickle when we’re emotionally attached to the opposite sex.  We spend our nights, days and weekends wondering if he cares…feels what we feel…feel what we want him to feel, etc.  We spend breathless moments interpreting, misinterpreting, rationalizing, guessing and hoping the love we want so badly is finally here.  But is it?  MORE

Just In Case…

You Can Be

Your Own


 by Abigail Dye

St. Valentine was beaten with clubs and beheaded on Feb. 14, 278 A.D., according to legend – and History.com. Some say this is the reason we celebrate Valentine’s Day. Some say it’s because of a capitalist scheme to increase consumer spending, some say it’s the day birds choose their mates.  No matter the original reason we buy boxed chocolates and flowers, Valentine’s day is unavoidable…even for singles. Every store you walk into and every post that you see will be promoting V-Day, so it seems singles have two options. MORE

When He/She
Wants Out…
And You Don’t

by Camille Jaden

The two people sat in from of me and refused to look at one another.  The woman was antsy and couldn’t sit still as tears glistened, without dropping from her eyes.  In her hand, she held a photo of the two of them laughing as they hugged one another.  He spoke first.  “I just don’t want to be with her no more,” he said as he stared at the wall.  “To be honest, I no longer love her.  And I haven’t for a long time.  We just don’t share a common ground.  I don’t like what she likes and she insists that I be this person she wants me to be.”   MORE

How To

Date A


By Abigail Dye

January 24, 2018

Romance in the workplace can be very compelling – and dangerous for so many reasons. Forbidden love tugs at the heartstrings of many, from the hopeless romantic to the stone-cold womanizer. It makes sense that people who work together are drawn to one another. The average American works 34.4 hours a week, which is plenty of time to get to know co-workers. 38 percent of American workers admit that they have dated a co-worker during their career, according to a survey conducted by careerbuilder.com. So, if you’re feeling a little heat in the workplace, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Keep in mind these six simple rules to keep you, your love interest and your human resources department happy.  MORE

The Bachelor

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Week 4

By Jakub Dulak

January 23, 2018

This week’s show begins The Bachelor’s World Tour, meaning Arie and the ladies will be traveling all over the globe on dates.  First stop, Nevada. How exotic.   OK, the location wasn’t the most exciting thing ever, but it did allow us to get to know more about one of the contestants that I’ve favored since the season premiere…that being Kendall. The quirky, creative taxidermy nut is one of the most colorful characters we’ve seen this season, and it was great watching her practically turn a group date into a solo date simply by being so comfortable in the outdoor element.      MORE

Dating & The

Money Issue 

Who Should Spend What?

by Jake Kyles

January 18, 2018

For the last two months, I had been going out with a woman who chose me on a day when I felt like being chosen.     I was sitting in a club nursing a drink after a heated breakup with a girlfriend, when this statuesque woman with long flowing hair, came over and asked me to dance with her.  She claimed it was to win a bet with her friends.  But I didn’t believe her because women hit me on all the time, and the gleam of interest in their eyes is always the same.      MORE

You Can

Land That

Dream Job…

by Jennie Wilson

January 11, 2018

I have always imagined myself as a chef.  While I was taking calls at the insurance agency I worked for, I was thinking about my next recipe for shrimp scampi.  Ever fantasize about quitting your job and going after your dream career?  Do you spend too much time at work on tasks you hate?  It may be time to switch.  Most of us don’t stick with the same occupation forever.   How can you maximize your chances of success?  Here’s advice from those who’ve done it and those who’ve helped them through.      MORE

What To Do

When He’s

Not Your Type

by Theo McNee

December 28, 2017

It has been my experience that most men and women have a hard time expressing their lack of interest to the opposite sex, when they cannot return the sentiment.  Instead of being frank, or diplomatic (this word only applies when one is pressed for “the proper response”) most of us stutter, stammer or lie.   Example:  A guy approaches a woman whom he finds attractive, and after making his interest known, makes the common request for a way to have future dialogue.  (By the way, this example is in a social setting)  He asks for the phone number.  She, however, is not at all interested for whatever reason.     MORE

Nice Guys: 

How Nice Is Too Nice?

November 30, 2017

Voices On The Subject…

Jim:   “I am a single man and I have suffered greatly at the hands of unappreciative women!  I married a woman with three children and she divorced me because she said I was a good provider, but too boring. MORE

12 Things

Guys Wish

Girls Knew…

by Theo McNee

November 30, 2017

After the first date and no communication…never call and ask why we haven’t called you.  You might not want to hear the answer.

2.  We don’t always want to do what you want to do.  It has nothing to do with how we feel about you.  There are just times when we prefer to be in our own little world. Sometimes, we’re not thinking about you.  Live with it.  We cannot behave, feel, think or talk the way you think we should.  Believe it or not, we are not the same.  Allow for our differences, and give us breathing room . MORE

sad black couple

How To Tell When The 

“Spark” Is Gone…

November 25, 2017

The Men:

“…it only takes 5 minutes to say goodnight at the end of a date.”

“…kissing “hello” is no longer a natural gesture.”

“…you see physical flaws you didn’t notice before.”  MORE

Men & Their Feelings

The Truth

by Jake McNee

November 1, 2017

I think it would help if women understood that they really don’t have too many clues about what really turns a guy on and what doesn’t.  Most women think that sex is the ultimate for us, but few understand that it’s not the end-all.      MORE

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