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Our Annual

Sex Survey

Attitudes, Actions, Etc…

by Vern Anderson & Isaac Salem

November 13, 2018

Confession:  “I find the competition out here to land a committed relationship is so tough that a woman almost has to settle for a casual encounter to feel like a woman.  In most relationships I’ve experienced, where the sex was emotional for me, it was seldom mutual.”

We had questions about your sex life and we got some answers.  Over 875 single men and women responded to this survey.  They ranged in ages from 21-39.  We wanted to know if the attitudes among singles had changed since sexually transmitted diseases are more prevalent than ever among singles, especially women.  We asked about their lifestyles, as it related to casual sex, one night stands, the “friends with benefits” package, abstinence, etc.  Here’s what we found out:  400 singles responded to this survey.


Casual Sex73% engaged in casual sex, 37% used protection at all times. 11% had two partners or more in one day.  7% had at least two different partners in one month.  (Casual was defined as…no stated strings attached, sex outside a committed relationship, and no expectations expressed.)

One Night Stands – 14% admitted to at least one in the last six months.  One night stands were defined as…first and last encounter usually with a stranger or impromptu sex with an unexpected partner.   Confession:   “After it was over, I kept thinking about a girlfriend who married a one night stand a year later, and I waited breathlessly for the phone to ring.  But it never did.”

Dangerous Encounters6% of the women had either experienced attempted date rape, or had been date raped.  Two women admitted to having been subjected to a date drug in their drink on a first date, but escaped harm.  9% of the men had been threatened with bodily harm or experienced property damage by ex-girlfriends. 16% of the women had experienced sexual abuse in a relationship.  Confession:  “I was date raped on a second date with a guy who seemed like the perfect gentleman until we got inside his apartment.  Once inside, he turned into a monster, and threatened me with a knife when I refused to have sex with him.  After slapping me for refusing, he finally allowed me to leave.  When I got my coat out of his closet, I set his clothes on fire with a cigarette lighter I had in my pocket, and ran out the door.  When I later filed a police report for attempted rape, he claimed it was consensual sex and I was lying and acting out of rejection.”

Abstinence  – 16% of the women were practicing abstinence.  9% were abstaining for religious reasons.  7% were abstaining because they were fed up with casual sex with no commitment.  11% had practiced abstinence in the past.  None of the men were practicing abstinence.   Confession: “It seems guys treat me better now that I’m abstaining, and am no longer a fool for any form of affection.”

“Friends With Benefits”8% of the women admitted to having had a sexual relationship with a male “friend,” whose only role was to satisfy a sexual need, and nothing else.  29% of the men admitted to having several “friends with benefits.”  Confession:  “I believe my “friend” has some appeal for me to become involved with him on this level, but I understand he is committed to someone else, and that I couldn’t come between them.  So I take what I can get while I wait for Mr. Right.”

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