The Top 10 Dating Don’ts

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10 Dating


by Lisa Laird

 Here’s What Our Experts Say…

  • Sarah Smart – Be careful who you sleep with. “A smart woman treats her body like a sacred temple or an encrusted jewel box with precious gems inside.  In other words, she holds it in the highest regard, realizing that her womanhood is the doorway to her soul.  She knows that sex cannot get a man or keep him and that the real way to his heart is the seduction of his mind, which is totally governed by what intrigues him.”
  • Wise Willie – “Today’s single woman needs to learn that sex is the most intimate mystery that two people could share and that it should be engaged in for love’s sake and for love’s sake only A woman should never sleep with a man if she’s uncertain of his feelings and she wants more.”
  • Sarah Smart – Never forfeit yourself. “A woman’s attitude is assisted by her perception of herself.  Does she feel her femininity?  Is it fun being a girl?  It’s a high privilege to be a woman, and a woman should relish the opportunity to enhance whatever space she happens to be in, with all that makes her what she is.  This should never be suppressed to get along with others.”
  • Sarah Smart – Censor yourself. “A woman should never give up her love history unless the dating relationship has moved to a serious state of existence.”
  • Wise Willie – Never share knowingly. “When a woman decides to share the affection of a man with another woman, she is usually the least respected, held in the lowest regard, and easily dispensable.  When a woman accepts this low position, she must be clear that it has no benefits and no rewards.”
  • Sarah Smart – Never accept less than what you want. “It’s best to be alone, with a heart that sometimes aches with loneliness, than to be occasionally occupied in an relationship, with a heart that’s hurts  from the pain of its existence.  Hold out and hold up for the guy who will treat how you wish to be treated.”
  • Wise Willie – Never place beauty over character. “I believe that when a man gets ready to thoughtfully choose that soul mate for life, he considers most of all, her character, which overrules all aspects of her ‘aura’. A woman with character is a distinguished sister.  A pretty woman with character is a magnificent sister, but an attractive woman with character and love in her heart is an awesome sister.  Character is that dimension of your personality that distinguishes you from others.  It is that pure element that sets you apart.”
  • Sarah Smart – Watch what you say. “Never use words on a date that don’t belong to you. A person’s real appeal comes out of their mouth, and their words are usually a result of what’s going on in their heads.  It’s easy to meet attractive men and women, but it’s hard to meet those who are confident, wholesome and in touch with who they really are.  There are too many people who are lost in the dark closets of their minds, and can’t find their way out.”
  • Wise Willie – “Good conversation should be measured by a sense of good taste, sensitivity and interesting dialogue.  It should also be uninhibited by a free spirit.”
  • Wise Willie – “When a man no longer has a need to lie about who he is, what he does, or who he does what with, he gains the respect of all who knows him, and the single women of today needs to put integrity and sincerity at the top of their search list, above fine car and big bank account.”


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