10 Things Girls Think Guys Should Know

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10 Things

Girls Think

Guys Should Know…

by Jovan Tahale


  1. Never compliment our attractive friends or relatives in any way concerning their physical appearance. Comments such as these are acceptable only when solicited by us to back up our commentary.


  1. When we’re out together, we want all of your attention unless we’re at a game concert or theater. We hate it when you spend ten minutes or more talking to someone we don’t know while we pretend to look un-bothered or unfazed.


  1. If we’ve been dating two weeks or more, we expect flowers or some significant display of praise if we make a major accomplishment.


  1. When we have a problem, we want your undivided attention and help in discovering a solution. Distracted grunts are totally unacceptable.


  1. We love surprises, and we especially appreciate guys who enjoy surprising us.


6. We have absolutely no interest, nor do we wish to hear about the skills, accomplishments and good qualities of ex-wives, girlfriends, brief encounters or any other romantic “stops” in your previous life.


  1. When we ask you a question, we want a straight answer. There is nothing sexier than a guy who has the inner strength to avoid lying, deceit, and trickery in a relationship.  We truly respect and revere men who tell it like it is whether it’s good or bad.  If you like her more, we prefer to hear it from you, but in gentle and sensitive language.


  1. If we just started dating, we expect you to express concern and offer help at the slightest sign of distress on our parts. If we’re been dating over a month, we expect you to drop everything and run to our sides for support.  This is your role as the man in our lives and your actions during crucial times reflects greatly your feelings, your respect and your level of regard for a woman.


  1. Most of us prefer jewelry, clothes, flowers and trips over any other gift you can come up with. Don’t spend another perplexed moment on what to get us…this covers it all.


  1. When we’re out dining in a restaurant, we want you to be in charge. At the least, we prefer to give you our drink or food order and you give it to the waiter.  We also expect to be the only one taking home a doggie bag.


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