17 Things Popular People Never Do

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17 Things

Popular People

Would Never Do…

by Bonita Bennett

1.     When a man is out to dinner with a woman, whether she’s a romantic interest, business contact, co-worker, or friend…..he finds out what the woman wishes to order, and then gives that order to whomever is waiting the table.  He knows that all food orders and requests for drinks should come from the man seated at the table.  A woman should never order for herself unless she’s alone, or with other women. 

2.     It is never appropriate to feel that it is ever acceptable to drop by someone’s home unannounced,  romantic interest or not.  This is the granddaddy of social bumbling.

3.      When you’re out with a man or woman (meaning that person is standing by your side) and you engage a passing acquaintance in dialogue of any kind past two minutes, you should always introduce your companion.  This act of courtesy keeps the companion from feeling left out, awkward or overlooked.  It also succeeds in making that person feel regarded and solidifies you as a class act.

?4.       Always keep in mind that you are revered or avoided by what comes out of your mouth.  Therefore, choose what you say carefully.  Make sure your words are quality, sensitive, intelligent, tasteful, respectful, noble and honorable…and be sure that your words are manifested or realized in your deeds.

5.      ?Whenever a man of quality is seated with a woman at a table, and she leaves for any reason, he stands when she leaves and stands when she returns, until she is seated again. 

?6.       A woman should never ever invite herself over to a guy’s apartment.  A woman of distinction waits for an invitation. 

7.  ?     No one should ever judge, criticize or condemn in spoken terms.  You never know who’s listening and your words could come back to haunt you.  What you think is a private matter.

?8.         Never chastise someone else’s child without permission…or call out to a stranger by using the “Hey” word.  Always use “Miss” or “Sir.” Always  greet and acknowledge others the way  you wish to be greeted and acknowledged. 

9.?        If   you wish not to answer a question for any reason, say…”I don’t wish to answer that question?”  Never sacrifice your comfort level to satisfy someone else’s curiosity. 

10.?     Never agree to go anywhere, or do anything you really don’t want to do.  Express your true feelings.  Never dance or move to the tune of someone whose music you know you shouldn’t be listening to.

11.?      Never assume anything and let it consume your thoughts…or influence your actions.  Hold out for the facts before reaching a conclusion on any matter. 

12.?   Never mention your accomplishments, achievements, or honors, unless you’re filling out an application or doing a resume.  Humility is very attractive.  Let others discover how great you are from a source other than you. 

13.     Never spend time, energy or money with someone who does not make you feel special. 

?14.   Never pretend to be where you are not on the social ladder.  If you are on a high rung, don’t mention it.  Success and social standing speaks for itself without the use of a microphone.

15.     If you need to say no…say it graciously.  If said appropriately, a no can sound like a  sincere regret with future possibilities.

16.    Your past, personal and romantic history should only be revealed after the engagement…if then.  This information is only pertinent when it’s deemed as such by the “confessing” party.  Private secure brain data should be reserved for worthy ears only. 

17.    It is always important to look good and smell good.  But all of this is a blur, if your manners and actions are not in sync with the rest of the picture.  Example:  An expensive suit does not go well with a filthy mouth or an unclean body odor.

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