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The Adventure

Of Traveling Alone

by Mandy Acliffe

May 15, 2018

I work in a large office, where at least eight women traveled last year to dream places alone.  One woman had always wanted to go to The Grand Canyon, and when none of her friends could afford to go, she decided to go alone, and she had the adventure of her life.   More and more, single women are making travel plans for vacations and finding love and adventure along the way.  Therefore, I decided to try it for myself.

I always wanted to go to Spain and cross over the Gibraltar Strait to Tangiers, which is in North Africa.  I had read about it and for three years I tried, but I could find no one to go with me.  Reluctant and against the advice of others, I boarded a plane to Costa Del Sol, Spain alone.  Fortunately, my adventure began on the plane.  I sat next to a mature Italian businessman on his way to Madrid on business.  Since the flight was eight hours long, we got to laughing and talking, and I ended up teaching him how to play a favorite game from college…two hand bid whist.

He fell in love with the game, and became extremely delighted every time he won a hand. After I beat him a four times in a row, on a whim, he promised to give me a week-long stay at the fanciest hotel in Malaga if I won again.  For him, the bet added even more challenge to the game as he tried his best to win.  Fortunately, I won.  And thanks to his sportsmanship, when we arrived in Spain, I was put up in a magnificent suite in a small exquisite hotel that sat quietly and elegantly on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea.

He also arranged for me to get a refund on the hotel I’d booked.  I couldn’t believe it when he threw in a private car with an English chauffeur, who was available daily to take me wherever I wanted to go.  It was the most incredible time of my life, and it ended with me taking a tour that was an hour’s ride across the Strait of Gibraltar in a hydrofoil boat to the continent of Africa.   When I stepped foot on the soil of my forefathers, I experienced a spiritual connection with the land that I will never forget.  On the tour, I met a handsome soldier from Egypt, who was traveling with his parents, and we’ve been corresponding ever since,  He has invited me to come visit Egypt on an all-expense paid trip, and I’m seriously considering going.”

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