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 The Date Quest

 What Happens

When Women

Make The First Move

November 1, 2018

Kerry – 37 – “I wouldn’t mind a woman asking me out if she were attractive.  But, I’ve only been approached by unattractive women.  It’s a tough question, because a guy finds it hard to reject a woman outright.  And I think most men are taken aback a bit, when a woman makes that kind of move.”

Cherrie – 29 – “I asked one guy at work to go with me to a basketball game once. I liked him, but he didn’t seem to notice me.  I’ll never do it again, because I was uncomfortable all evening.  He knew I liked him, but he pretended he was being invited under the banner of friendship. All evening, he avoided my eyes and my getting to know you questions.  After that, he distanced himself from me at work.  Now, I know how a guy feels when he asks a woman out and they don’t click.   I have never felt so rejected in my life.”

Carl – 33 – “I like it when a woman has enough confidence to approach me first.  And I have been asked out quite often.  But I must admit that I have never developed a serious relationship with a woman who made the first move.  I don’ think it’s psychological.  I think it’s just coincidental.”

Amy – 26 -“I asked my husband out for the first time.  I had to gather up the nerve because he was the finest guy in school and women were throwing moves at him everywhere he went.  So I sat up all night and came up with a creative idea to ask him out. I knew if I were going to get his attention, it had to be through his mind.  I bought some play money and put a $100.00 bill in a note that read, ‘If you’ll be my escort at Homecoming and help me make a good impression, there’s more where this came from.’  He consented to go with an approving grin on his face and the rest is history.”

Martin – 28 – “I like it when a woman approaches me first.  It’s an ego booster, and it doesn’t require any effort on my part.  But I have to confess that I prefer to head the chase.  I am not comfortable switching roles with a woman socially.”

Clara – 32 – “I invited a gorgeous co-worker over for drinks, who seemed genuinely flattered.  But he turned me down, saying he had a girlfriend who would not approve of him being out with another woman. I was so embarrassed that I almost fell backing down a flight of stairs.  That was my first and last time making the first move.”

Kyle – 42 – “I had an unusual experience with a beautiful woman who asked me out to dinner one night while sitting in my favorite bar.  I accepted the invitation and bragged to my buddies about the date.  She picked me up in a limo and had roses for me when I got in the car. For me, it was love at first sight.  But for her, as she later confessed, it was to win a bet and to win a bet only.  I never saw her again and I’ve haven’t said yes since.”

Sandy – 31 -” Nowadays, a woman can’t wait for a guy to ask her out.  There is just too much competition out here.  I ask guys out all the time and I have never been turned down.  My ego is in check before I broach the subject.  I have found that some men are very intimidated by attractive women.  They often feel that we have so many men after us, that they fear rejection.  I find that my approach makes it easier for us to get together.  However, once I initiate the date, I let him initiate everything else.”

Jack – 30 -“I personally am not comfortable with a woman approaching me and asking me out.  I’ve had two experiences with women at work.  One was apparently very lonely and very desperate and the other one asked me if I would be her date at a formal affair.  I turned both of them down, because I didn’t want my consent to go, to be misinterpreted.  It’s a tough position for a guy to be in, to say no to a request to be in his company.  I think women should let guys do the asking.”

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